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Rudy 10/29/02



Rudy's Foster Journey - Adopted 11/25/02



Pertinent Information
51 lb. 10 month old flashy brindle male
Neutered and UTD on Vaccinations
Owner Surrender
Being Fostered in Central CT
Adoption Donation $200

12/16/14: Rudy was always daddy’s boy! He would do everything together… and boy did he love to run! How amazing he was! He loved riding with daddy and camping. He was on that last camping trip with Mack and boy how saddened he was when he lost his brother. But sadly, his back legs and hips were getting worse and worse. One day I got the call from my husband that I was dreading; Rudy could no longer get up. When touched he would cry. No matter what medications we tried it was time, he was in so much pain! I cannot believe my boy is gone! The vet came to my home on 12/16/14 because of just how bad Rudy was. He helped him out of this painful world and now he runs pain free. Until we meet again Ru-man! We love and miss you!

4/4/11 - Rudy is really showing signs of aging!  He is having a lot of difficulty from a previous injury (running and jumping and twisting in the deep snow).  He has trouble going to a standing position and can not sit only lay down.  He is on Rymadil (and anyone that has ever bought that for their boxers knows it is almost 90.00 for a months supply!!!  But in our opinion he is worth every penny to try to minimalize his pain!  He is so loving, and still playful at times (when he does not have as much pain).  He is one wonderful boy!!!

12/28/10 - So, its has been many months since I have updated everyone on Rudy.  Rudy is a great old boy who is beginning to show signs of his age (though he tries not to let it hold him back).  He is the "ruler of the roost", so to speak.  He has always been a wonderful boy, from the time we got him to now there have been many changes.  He used to be this rowdy boy that could jump as high as as our roof, but the time has definately taken its toll on his hips.  He has begun to have a little difficulty with standing up, and the cold really seems to bother him.  But with all of that, he is still such a wonderful boy.  He never complains, and he keeps order to our home which is filled with 7 canine kids, 2 feline friends, and 1 caged guinea pig (we call him guinea rat).  He tells us when any of the other dogs need to go outside, and when someone arrives at our door.  He is definately a wonderful boy that we enjoy having as part of our family.,

12/31/09 - Rudy is doing pretty good... just slowing down a bit due to his joints.  Hips are a little achy, but not to the point it stops him from anything!  He is a wonderful boy and loves his one on one attention with his dad!  (Daddy's boy)  He cuddles briefly, but then moves to the end of the bed or on the floor next to the bed.  He does not like laying in bed with his face next to yours for long, in fact he has been known to stand up and turn around!!  Not good when you wake up to boxer bum!  I still would not change anything, as he was a great addition to our family.  He is almost 8 years old, and still can act like a pup at times... at least he is not jumping as high as the roof anymore!!!  He was one ACTIVE dog when he came to us... good thing we liked active :) He fit in perfectly!

5/28/08 - Rudy has been with our family for 5 and 1/2 years!  He has been AWESOME!  He is so funny, and he is so WONDERFUL.  We could never imagine our lives without him.  He is a wonderful part of our family.  He still has energy, but thankfully he is not quite as active as he used to be..I do not think his hips could handle it!  He has had problems with arthritis in his hips, but it does not really keep him down!  He is my husbands pride and joy.  He usually takes up half of the bed(my half).. but I don't mind.  I thank BAR for bringing him into my life.  I could not imagine life without him.  He is definitely one of the family!

1/3/06 - It has been 3 wonderful years with our boy Rudy, and he has been great.  You wouldn't believe at how much he has settled.  Since we have moved he has not had the supersized yard that he had before, but he manages.  Soon we will be in our new house and out of the rental with the small yard.  The new place will offer him a lot of running room and out back is a big creek to play in.  So not bad at all.  We really could not imagine our life without him.  He is a love bug, and did I say how calm.... unbelievable.  You couldn't get this boy to relax for a second, but now he is so relaxed.  And boy all the toys he got for Christmas.. talk about spoiled!!.. But we do love him!!!!!!

4/26/04 - Rudy is doing great. He loves having his large yard to run and play in, and OMG, could it be he is settling down. His energy level has decreased, still can out run any dog here but is definitely wearing down. He is doing really great. He has adjusted to the 2 new felines additions in the house. He loves playing with Angel and Mack outside. We bought him an activity ball, and within 10 minutes he had it popped, turned it into a triangle shape that he could toss and catch then he was happy...go figure. He made it into a toy just for him. I continue to say what a wonderful addition he has been. He is absolutely wonderful. Thank you BAR for bringing this boy into our lives.

12/6/03 - WOW...a whole year with Rudy, the wild child. He has been a great addition to the family. An excellent high jumper, would definitely win the gold at the Olympics! Him and my husband are inseparable. They were definitely made for each other. He loves the play with everyone, kids, cats and of course Mack and Angel!! He is so spoiled, and will always be!! He has truly been a wonderful addition to the family. All the energy for the on the go family! Thanks a bunch!

8/13/03 - Rudy has been with us for 9 months now. What a great member of the family he is. He is just as sassy as ever. He has been the perfect companion for all of us. So good with the kids and definitely my husbands best friend. He loves the other dogs of the house and the resident kitty too. He continues to remain active. We did have a short period a few weeks ago where he decided he was going to lift his leg in the house wherever he wanted. We told him no and bad and kept him in the crate at night for a few nights and he learned that what he was doing was wrong. He is definitely a smart dog. We definitely would not trade him for anything, nor give him up. He is most definitely a permanent part of our family. I just can not say how good he is and how happy we are to have him as a part of our family.

5/26/03 - Rudy has been with us for 6 months and has settled in perfectly. He has gotten into the garbage, but knows it was wrong and when we say his name in the low tone after he does, he goes and lays down in his crate. He loves to run and play and run some more. It is still quite hard to tire him out, but it happens. Him and my husband are extremely close. The bestest of friends. Rudy even gets more attention than me!... but thats ok, cause he is such a sweetheart. Whenever hubby leaves for work, he stays by my side. He loves playing with Mack, the newest addition to our family and our older dog Angel too. My hubby loves playing with them all too. Rudy also seems to know exactly when his daddy has off, he knows when that day arrives each week, and it is Rudy and daddy day. Anyway, he has made our family extremely happy. He loves to play ball with the kids too and is a perfect gentleman.

3/15/03 - Rudy has been with us now for 4 months. He is the best guy anyone could ask for. He sleeps with us now, instead of in his crate. He runs outside with no lead, and even comes when called now. He stays in the yard and is good with commands. He will stop when told to if he looks like he is going too far. He learned his boundaries quickly. He also loves going bye-bye whenever we go just about anywhere. Since Jada has left he has been a little skittish around people, I think he is a little afraid that maybe he will be next. We reassure him he is in his forever home, and make sure he gets loads of attention. We are ready to get him some playmates, as he is a very active guy. He is really funny too; he gets so mouthy at times, but knows when to be serious. He also wakes my husband up every morning with a bath of boxer kisses. He has not had any accidents in the house and has been great. It is like he has been here since he was just a pup, we love him to pieces. He, in our minds and hearts, is our perfect boxer buddy.

12/27/02 - Well, my update is a couple days late. It was due on Christmas day, but boy was that hectic. Santa visited Rudy, boy did he have a ball! He even opened a few presents all on his own! We also went to PA on Christmas morning, and Rudy had a ball. He got to play with my moms jack Russell and my father in laws Shepard mix. They had a great time. Rudy has truly been great. There has been no accidents in the last couple weeks. Though he did have a few before that. I was almost ready to call him wizzer. He gets so busy that he ended up leaving a trail all the way to the door. That hasn't happened lately though. Everyone is really in love with him, and he seems to fit in well. He goes in his crate well for bedtime and wakes us up when he needs to go outside. I am still looking for a obedience class in my area, it is so hard to find this time of year. I will be calling to see if the SPCA will be having one, they do that once in a while. He has been learning a lot here though. We have been working on his sit and stay, and his lay down. They are doing pretty good. Well, will keep you updated as time goes. He is doing great though, and sure seems to be attached to everyone quite well. Thanks again to all the volunteers for bringing him into our lives!

12/02/02 - Rudy's One-Week Update
Rudy arrived at his forever home on November 25th. My current dog Angel met us at the door. Within minutes it was if Angel was a puppy again, and not a 3 year old. They played for hours, four hours straight to be exact. They had the cushions off the couches and blankets strung out over the floor. Only one accident occurred this evening, but it truly was an accident. They were playing so hard that he didn't realize how bad he had to go! My
husband, Rob, arrived home at 11:30. He was greeted as usual by Angel, and by the newest member of the family, Rudy. About 2 barks then it seemed as though they knew each other since the beginning of time. My husband said he was definitely a perfect example of a boxer. That night Rudy had free roam of the house (I didn't have a chance to get a crate yet). I basically closed off the kids rooms and the downstairs (oh, the kids will not be home until Thanksgiving Day). He did well, he asked to go out every hour on the hour that night. He woke my husband up early the next morning with boxer kisses. The next morning, we decided to take both our new addition and "Old Faithful" with us for a ride in the truck. Rudy was perfect. They both stayed calm and laid in the back seat. We went to town so I could by him a crate and his Puppy Pro Plan. When we arrived home, again they started
playing. My husband left for work around noon and at that time I decided to set up the crate (blanket, toys and cookies). I opened the door to see if I could get him used to his new crate by allowing him to walk in and out freely. Boy that didn’t go over well at all! Well he decided he was going to try to take control and run the house. He got down and became very
mouthy and started jumping towards me. Well I stood my ground and Angel stepped in. She knocked him over and looked down at him, just enough to tell him that I was the mom and was to be respected. After this, I sat on the couch and waited for him to come to me. He did, with an expression of guilt. I let him know it was ok, and I knew he had to get used to his new home. He then started walking in and out of his crate freely and was fine with it. More playing went on until my husband arrived home. When we went to bed, we allowed him to stay out of the crate for a while, as I didn’t want to put him in there for a long period of time for the first time. He was put in after one of his bathroom breaks. He went in and slept the rest of the night. Oh, bathroom breaks were on a 2-3 hour interval this night!
The next day started well, but in the afternoon, he vomited. I figured it just might be stress related. So I kept him calmer than he had been to try to settle his nerves. It seemed to work until the next morning. Then he vomited after breakfast and his stomach sounded like cat-fights occurring.  I figured it was time to call my vet. He told me to give him Maalox and
wait a while before he was fed again. I did what was told to me by the vet and it seemed to help him. His stomach settled and he seemed to do fine. It was now time for the family to arrive. He was going to meet his kids for the first time. It went great! It was if he had known everyone since day one. Later that afternoon, I fed him how the vet told me. Just the
hamburger mix, 3/4 cups to allow him stomach to calm. He kept that down well. That night he slept in his crate all night without a problem. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all fun filled play days. He has really become attached to everyone. Monday is here and he is doing great. Playing a lot and really tired too. He is really a perfect match to our family. He has been with us one week, and as far as we are concerned, he has definitely found his forever home. My husband said he could never give him up! Thanks again!

11/25/02 - Rudy has been adopted.

11/24/02 - Rudy is pending adoption.

11/24/02 - Hi, it's me, Rudy Man, boy, what a busy weekend I have had. I went to NY to play with some dogs, got to play hard, I might have made them real tired because I slept all the way home without a peep. My foster Mom wants me to tell everyone how great I am riding in the car. Doesn't matter if I ride all the way in the back of her SUV or in the back seat, I never even try to pilot for her, I just rest nice and quiet as a mouse. I really love going for car rides too, when my foster Mom picks up those keys and puts on my leash I run to the door and sit. Course she does have to hurry up some cause I really really want to get going. But she's learning. And know what else, I heard my foster Mom talking, and I think someone real special is coming for me real soon. Are you?

11/10/02 - Hi, it's me, Rudy. Boy what a busy week I've had, just like I like it best. Playing still is my favorite thing to do, and I have just the friends to play with. I learned to play with Pace, Robi and Ebony each at a different time and know what, play time lasts lots longer that way. I can play for hours and hours that way, and that makes foster Mom the Nana person real happy, cause then I'm just the bestest boy when I get out all my energy. The Nana person has been making me practice my "sit stay" command this week, so she can come and go out the front door without me trying to go with her. She's so smart, and I learned real good too, and I get pieces of cheese for being such a good boy. But as much fun as I'm having here, I really want my own special home. With another dog to play with, and maybe kids to run around the house with, and a big yard with lots of toys. I promise to be very, very good, and love you forever. Me, Rudy

11/3/02 - What a busy week and weekend the Rudy Man has had, and what a great boy he is being as well. It has been a great week for playing outside. Chasing leaves and squirrels has given Rudy a whole other world of playmates as far as he is concerned, except he made it very clear he wanted the squirrels to stay and play rather than run and jump from tree branch to tree branch. If he could have followed, believe me, he would have. Rudy continues to do very well with all dogs that he meets, and just wants to play, play, play. Walking on the leash is slowly getting better, and his attention span has improved as well. He is jumping up on people much less than he was before, and his energy level though still high, he himself is learning to channel it by playing more with toys and playing with my dogs. So stay tuned as the week goes by and watch and read the adventures of Rudy while he dreams of his forever home.

11/01/02 - Hi everyone, boy, had to light a fire under my foster Mom today, she didn't tell everyone how good I've been all week. Geezzee, boy, just got to move these humans sometimes. Boy have I had fun this week, I learned how to play with the Jolly Ball this week. That is the COOLEST toy ever, as the Foster Mom person, hangs it from a rope, in the air, and I can jump, and run, and jump and hit it with my feet, and my nose and my head and back to batting it with my feet again and again. The Nana person who lives here says I got to ask for one for Christmas, just like I gots to ask for a family of my very own. The Nana person is really cool, she gives us cookies, hmmmmmmmmmm, really good cookies too. She likes to hide the really good ones from us boxer dogs though, but I fooled her, I watched her hide them, and the other day, she forgot it was cookie time, well, I just went and got the bag and brought them to Nana to remind her it was time for our cookies. Nana makes us 4 boxers all line up in a row and sit nice for our cookies, and won't let me sample the ones anyone else is eating neither. But I showed her what a good boy I can be and I just sit still for minutes and minutes just to get my cookie. It's real hard to do sometimes, but I do it. I learned to play real good this week with the other boxer dogs too. I figured out how to play with each one until they got to tired, then I would play with another one. Know what, I gots to play lots longer that way too. And know what else, I can play tug of war with 2 dogs at a time, and when I get the toy I run and run and run around the yard, I got to ask for a big yard to play in too, oh, and a brother or sister to play with. That would be the bestest. Oopps, almost forgot to tell my maybe new family I am good in my crate, cause my foster Mom or the Nana person, well, they give me this bone that has peanut butter and cookies hidden in it, and I have to work real hard to get them cookies out, but there worth it. Mmmmmmmmmmm, good stuff. Well, I guess I'm gonna nap now, I played real hard today, chasing the other dogs and leaves, big piles of the. But I gotta rest now, I keep fallen asleep. Bye Rudy Man

10/26/02 - Rudy has been doing wonderful here at The Boxer Wings Cottage, and has been having a wonderful week. He is such a smart boy, he does very well with fetching his ball and dropping it for you to thro again and again, plays well with the other dogs, running and sharing toys. Although Rudy can be a little shy upon meeting a stranger, he warms up quickly and is very happy to share his toys with them. Rudy eats well, and you can take his food away, remove anything at all from his mouth, but is a little uncomfortable with the other dogs around his food dish, not really surprising as I have 3 other dogs here, so I just give him his space away from them, and he cleans his bowl every time. He eats 2 times a day with 3 cups per feeding, plus treats at snack time and a tablespoon of yogurt at 10pm. His favorite snack of all are Scooby treats, Pedigree Marrow bones, flavored milk bones and his 10pm yogurt. Rudy does need some work on leash walking, but loves to go for walks and rides in the car, and playing with his doggy pals, and playing with doggy toys inside and outside in the dog yard. Overall he is one very happy puppy.

10/23/02 - Good morning from Connecticut, our little bundle of energy Rudy, has been having a blast here at The Boxer Wings Cottage. He has been playing with my dogs, and toys, and discovered the joys of the Jolly Ball that hangs up in the back yard. Although he is still very new to that game, he loves the fact that he can leap in the air and bounce it off his nose. His next favorite toy is the Wholey Roller ball that I have put a tennis ball in, he will play endlessly with that. He loves to flip it in the air, pounce on it as well as run around the back yard with it, and play tug of war with Pace as well. If your looking for someone to practive pitching with your baseball arm, well this boy will be right there to bring the ball back to you to pitch again and again. Now if your into jogging, well, what a great partner this boy would be to keep you company on the trails thru woods or on the safe side of the road. Is this the boy for you. If so, fill out your application today.

10/21/02 - Good morning from Boxer Wings Cottage, our newest guest arrived on Saturday, late afternoon, and what a gorgeous boy he is. Rudy is a flashy brindle 9 month old boy, with all the energy and exuberance of a youngster. Rudy's family loved him very much, and made the sad decision to give him up to Boxer Angels Rescue knowing he would get an extra special home, where he will continue to get all the love and attention he grew up with. Sunday we let Rudy settle in and meet the resident boxers here, and he has no issues with them what so ever. He just wants to play, play, play. So much so, that today we are rotating playmates, so that he doesn't where them out. Rudy is a high energy puppy who has been trained well, but still has a ways to go. Today we played fetch in the fenced yard, and he is awesome. He brings the ball, drops it for you to throw it again, and sits until you do. Rudy knows sit, down, and although stay is very hard for a bouncing young boxer dog, he will do so for a few seconds. He takes treats very gently and just wants so much to please that he often gets just a little too enthusiastic. But again, he is a puppy and just needs an outlet for all that energy. So if you have a great big yard, and a playmate for Rudy, are willing to continue his obedience training, and can't wait to have a puppy with an abundance of energy, then this boy is just waiting for you to love forever.