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Sampson's Daughter, LUCY 3/16/03



Lucy's Foster Journey - Rainbow Bridge

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Pertinent Information
9 yrs. Old
74 lb. Fawn
Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Shelter Surrender
Spayed and UTD
Being Fostered Near Morristown, NJ
Adoption Donation $100

4/27/05 - This is for Lucy's post adoption page. Lucy passed over the Bridge, quickly and quietly, March 26, 2005. She died with my son and I at her side and her father, Sam, close by. She was diagnosed with cancer in Oct. She had two great years with me and we all miss her terribly

2/15/04 - Hello, Sam and Lucy here. This is almost heaven, so happy mom decided to keep us. We have lots of beds to sleep on plus the couch and chair, that Sammy thinks is his, but he does let mom sit on the edge. The resident boy sort of likes me but he picks on Sammy sometimes and mom gets so mad at him, then we all get a time out. I stand up for Sam, he's the oldest and needs help, since he doesn't have all his teeth. He is going to be 11 soon, and I'll be 10,can you believe it? We don't act that old. So life is good. I still have accidents, but not all the time. Mom doesn't yell, she justs says "Oh Lucy". How does she know it's me? And besides, I only do it in the basement, not up in the house. Can't believe we'll be here a year already next month. So, guess, that's all till next time. Love to BAR, Lucy

11/3/03 - Lucy and Sampson have been adopted by their foster family.

10/31/03 - Great News!  Sampson and Lucy are being adopted by their foster Mom.  Thanks Jane.

9/1/03 - I'm sorry for the long overdue update. We live a quiet, dull life. Today our highlight was a car ride in the rain, just around town. But Lucy was in heaven, or so it seemed by the look on her face. She sits on the back seat with her head resting on the back of the seat. Occasionally I'll get a wet kiss on my cheek. Guess I made her day. Next best thing is her food, which she had when we returned. But no football for her, she likes to watch. If she doesn't get the ball first then she won't play. Too much running, chasing Sam around for a stupid, deflated ball, I guess. And it was raining to boot! She is some smart cookie. Please give them a try, all they want is love.

7/24/03 - Hi, I'm here too! Just hanging out, being my old lovable self. My leg is back to normal now, doesn't bother me at all. We even went for a walk yesterday, boy do I need the exercise. It wasn't long but I was sure tired. It was fun. Mom says I look like a speed walker, trying to keep up with Sam. Just a short note, to let you know, I'm still waiting for that special someone, who would love a couple of seniors to keep them company. We're really good at that!!

6/22/03 - Lucy is slowly coming back to normal after her cast removal, last week. She still has a slight limp, but day by day it seems to be improving. What a trooper she is, a little love. She has a natural interest in our cat too, like Sammy, but she's a little too slow, to do anything about it. Lucy is content to sit at your side, leaning against you or with her head on your feet, always in contact, just wanting to make sure you are not going to leave her. These two are super companions. Won't you give them a try.

6/5/03 - Good morning everyone, it's me Lucy! Boy am I sick of this rain and I'm sick of my cast too. Can't go for fun walks and play outside with Sammy, because of them. But we do get to go for rides in the car, which I love and the Doc did say I have to rest my leg. Sooo. My cast comes off on Monday, if all looks well, then we only have to wait for the rain to stop. I'm also on a diet now, because my thyroid test came back OK. Guess, I just love food, any kind or anybody's. Watch out Sam, here I come. Mom says I need a bath too, once this cast comes off. Hurray!! I love baths!! Actually, I'm very easy going with most things. Only other dogs get my hair to stand up, at first, then I'm pretty much OK, if they realize I'm the boss. I am 9 years old, after all! Well time to eat, then out in the rain to go potty. Don't forget to read Sam's update too. Love you!!!

5/19/03 - Hi all, This is a long over due update on Lucy and Sampson. They are doing just great, hanging out, doing what Boxers do. They are as good as gold. I have had no issues with them at all, no food or toy aggression. They love people and children and everyone seems to love them in return. But our "little" Lucy is, in the process of, having her Thyroid tested. No matter how little she eats of her lo-cal food, she is still gaining. So we shall see if she has a problem in that department. And...Our Little Lucy fell Sat. night and chipped her left ankle (wrist?), so now she has this hugh cast on her left leg, the entire leg, from toenails to shoulder. What a site! The poor thing doesn't know if she's coming or going. But I'm told she'll get use to it. Will keep you posted on her progress. I'm sure this cast won't stop her, now we'll just have to love her more. She's more than ready for her forever home. What do you say?

4/12/03 - Good morning everybody, this is Lucy, or Lucy Luce, as mom calls me. I don't care, I'll come to anybody, I love them all. Sam and I get to see a lot of people here and I make sure they give me a pat. I love all the attention. I have been real good in the accident department, but when I do mess up, I try to hide so mom can't see me and maybe she'll blame Sammy. But she never yells, just gives me a look, guess she knows it was me. Sam and I have such good times outside, I try to keep up with him and I never let him out of my sight. Mom got me a new leash too, a little longer, so now I can smell all the smells out there when we go for our walks. I love walks. I sit real nice and still, so mom can put my leash and harness on without any trouble. Mom says I'm a good girl and I always look forward to that treat I know is coming. But she says I need to go on a diet. Whatever that means. Talk to you later, Lucy

4/1/03 - Lucy girl is a little love. She could sit for hours letting you pet her head. She looks up at you and closes her eyes like she's in heaven. Lucy isn't as active as Sampson but she'll run when she thinks your leaving her behind. She loves car rides, especially to the bank, she knows a biscuit is coming. I've been feeding Lucy a senior diet and I think it's helped her stiffness. She, still, is eager for her walks, even though she is huffing and puffing at the end. I think Lucy would do great with a young family, with children, just like a nanny. We pass a nursery school on one of our walks and if the kids are out, they call to her and she hears them yelling and she tries to pull me up the hill to get to them. Or an older couple or person would suit her too. She is such a nice, quiet, happy girl.

3/25/03 - Lucy was home alone today and she didn't know what to make of it. Sampson was at the vets, being neutered. Wouldn't eat her breakfast, at first, kept looking for him. After a nice long walk, she settled down and slept.  She had a few accidents today, which she hasn't since she first arrived. Lucy and the resident macho-man, Babe, got to meet each other for the first time, but only through the fence. We're taking it nice and slow. A little hair raising on Lucy's part and a lot of barking on Babe's and that's it. She turned around and sat down with her back leaning against the fence, looked up at me, and seemed to say "So what's the big deal?" I guess none. Lucy loves her bath, didn't want to come out, then she sat and waited, watching Sam have his. She is the sweetest little girl, who walks very well on a leash and sits while you put her harness on. She will make a wonderful addition to any family, all she wants is to be by your side.

3/21/03 - Lucy went to the vet's today, along with her father, Sampson. What a big hit she was! Everyone just loved her. Her butt was doing the boxer wiggle, a little difficult because she's a bit thick waisted, but she tries. We've been working on her diet and exercise which should also help her stiffness on standing. She was able to get the football away from Sammy today and actually ran with it. Way to go!!! So, Lucy is all set as far as shots and heartworm test, neg. for heartworms. The growth on her right thigh is just a fatty cyst, so Doc wasn't concerned. This little girl is all love. Photos soon.

3/18/03 - Lucy arrived on Sunday with her father, Sampson. She is the cutest little meatball, with the most beautiful eyes and the longest tongue. She looks like she's always smiling. She loves to sit on your foot, leaning against your leg and looking up into your face. What a doll. She likes her walks and is always ready when she sees her leash. She does get a little out of breath trying to keep up with Sampson, he is never out of her sight, but after a breather, she is ready to go again. A few accidents the first night but slept in her crate last night without a problem. She is a very good eater, maybe too good, we'll see what the vet says. She has very good manners, knows sit, shake and stay. But, I think her favorite is laying at (or on) your feet. More update to follow.