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MAXWELL 12/4/03


Maxwell's Foster Journey - Adopted 12/20/03 - Rainbow Bridge 4/19/10

Post Adoption

"I am not an old guy, 7 yrs old for us Boxers means maturity with plenty of spunk left! whoppieee!"

Pertinent Information
Approx. 6 yr. old Fawn Male
53 lb. Shelter Surrender
Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Soon to be Neutered 
Good with cats
Being Fostered Near Willimantic, CT
Adoption Donation $175 

4/20/10 - Our beloved Maxwell, "Maxie", has crossed the bridge, yesterday 4/19/10 at 3:20PM. We, Bruce and Barbara, were volunteers with you while living in Coventry, Connecticut. We adopted, Maxwell whom we nicknamed Maxie, our 5th foster dog on Dec. 20, 2003.(He was BAR #288) Our foster home was nicknamed "Bouncin Boxers Lakeside Lodge."
 Our Maxie was the love of our life and lived to the ripe old age of 12 yrs. He had Lyme Disease, which he contracted while we were still living in Connecticut, and this past year he developed "DM" Degenerative Myelopathay. This disease ended up claiming his ability to walk in the last few weeks which made us and our active boy increasingly unhappy.
Max's long life with us has been filled with adventures both in Connecticut and here in Virginia. We helped him work through his fear of riding in a car when he first came to us and he grew to love the long car rides back to eastern Connecticut each December to visit family. The 6yrs and 4 months that we had him were filled with lots of life. Things such as wading in Coventry Lake, fetching sticks at water's edge or quietly sitting there to watch the sunset. Hiking in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge, sitting on a mountain top watching sunsets over the Alleghany Mtns, chasing aquirrels or playing with his kitty sister, Holly. He favorite position was with his head between daddy's knees getting his ears scratched. He also loved to lay his big old head on mommy's lap for some loving and tender mommy kisses. His favortie playmate was his canine 1st cousin "Palmer". They loved to play Frisbee or chase a soccerball in our backyard in Connecticut.
He never met a person he didnt love, especially children  He learned from our pet sitter that he would patiently sit on his bed with her 3yr old twin girls and listen to them as they "read" to him a bedtime story  This senior boy, that his owner thought was too old to be worth keeping anymore, was rescued the day he was supposed to be put down at a NYC shelter. Boxer Angels swooped in and saved this beautiful 7yr old Boxer- our baby boy, thank you so much BAR.
 Maxie gave us back more than we could ever give to him. He was our 5th foster dog and yet the day he walked into our home we knew he had just walked into his forever home. He came to us on December 6th and he officially became ours on December 20th 2003. This was exactly 13 months after we lost our first Boxer boy, Titus. Maxie filled that hole left in our hearts 13months earlier with Titus's passing. Our family of 2 cats was complete once again with the addition of our Max.
 Sadly,his life the past few weeks had become increasingly more difficult for him as his ability to walk was slowly robbed by Degenerative Myleoopathy which he has had for the last 9 months or so.. This disease, also known as "DM", is like human "MS" and there is no cure at this time. I had been asking our boy to let us know when he wanted to cross the bridge. To let us know when he had grown tired of trying to use his back legs. Well he let us know this in the early, early morning of April 19th when he just layed down outside in the cold grass and refused to get up. He just looked at me and I knew he was giving up and ready to go home. I did finally get him inside and the two of us slept on the floor on his bed together the rest of that morning. When daddy got home from work late that morning Max didnt rise from his bed to greet him as was his usual habit, his little nub didnt wag anymore. He looked at his daddy with old, tired eyes and daddy knew what Maxie was saying to  him. He called the vet a few minutes later....
 We brought our beloved boy to the vet that afternoon and helped him peacefully pass to the Rainbow Bridge. As we tearfully said goodbye,his last act was to place his head in his daddy's lap just before he passed. A Boxer to the end thinking of his people first...
 It was one of the hardest and saddest things we have ever had to do. We are both grieving hard today but are comforted knowing this was the best thing we could do for our guy. We know that all dogs run in heaven and knowing our Maxie is running and playing again helps us. His canine cousin Palmer, whom he loved to play with, although much younger than Max had already crossed the bridge. I know he was standing there and greeted Maxie with frisbee in hand to pick up where they left off 2 years ago.
3/7/05 - Maxwell here. I thought I would write this since my mom keeps forgetting. It has been 14 months 
since my mom and dad adopted me. I love it here in the country, by the lake. This past summer I 
showed my folks that I knew how to swim and love the water. I was fetching balls and even putting 
my face under water to try and get the rocks on the bottom. They always keep me on leash and I now 
have a life vest. Sometimes in the summer we would just go for a walk to get ice cream and then 
walk down to the lake to eat it. I learned that if I look at them just right with a little head 
tilt I can get one of my folks to give me a lick of their ice cream. In the summer and fall we also 
had campfires a lot of the nights in my yard and I would sleep by the fire while my mom and dad 
I also have 2 fur cousins, a Lab and an older lady Boxer who live real close-by. My mom's sister 
brings Palmer, my Lab cousin, over a lot and we play together in the yard. She also brings Moses 
over, he is Palmer's Lab puppy friend. Moses told me that when he grows up he wants to be a guide 
dog and that's why he is living his puppyhood with Palmer's family. They are helping him learn the 
basics to get ready for guide dog college. Palmer's mom even comes over during the day when I am 
home alone and takes me out to play with Palmer and Moses. Roxie is an old, grumpy lady and 
doesn't like to play much so I just stick with my 2 buddies. We have great fun playing tug and soccer. 
Sometimes she brings over Palmer's kids and I get to play with my 2-legged cousins as well...what 
fun that is.
Hmmmm...what else...oh yeah the cats. Well, Jack and I actually sleep together sometimes on the 
couch now. We chase each other thru the house a lot too but Jack usually starts it not me! The 
other 2 cats tolerate me and are not scared of me anymore but Jack is my buddy cuz he can take me 
sniffing him and not react to it. Sometimes he starts things with me but I get him right back, he 
gets on his back legs and boxes me, like a real Boxer dog would do. Weird cat,huh! But he sure is 
fun I gotta say that about him.
This past Christmas I really scared my parents when I got into some chocolate I wasn't supposed 
to have. Mom was real upset when she got home and found out. She said it was poison to me and she 
called the vet right away. I was not feeling too good by that point anyway and knew I had done 
something bad. The vet made her give me something to make me throw up and boy did I. All that night 
and into the next day I threw up. None of us slept that first night. Mom said at least it looked 
like and smelled like chocolate! I even birped and it smelled like chocolate. I thought that was 
funny. I came out of it fine and now the candy it put far up high where I can't get it. But...I 
still try so my folks are even more careful now than they already were. They don't leave any 
grocery bags around at all anymore. They said they love me and thats why they have to make sure I 
don't get anymore chocolate.
Guess what? I'm a star, I made their Christmas card this past year. They sent a picture of me 
out to all their friends and family...I was so proud and I must say I sure did look good. Everyone 
is saying I have put on some weight. I say it is only winter weight and Palmer will help me run 
it off this coming Spring. Now that it's winter out I get to sit by the fire every night and I 
just love that. "My" couch is right near it so thats where I camp out most nights. Dad keeps 
saying, "ya know Maxy there's something wrong with this picture when you are on the couch and the cats 
are on the chairs and I am lying on the floor. What is it do you suppose?" Well, I'm not so sure 
since even now he still sits on the floor most nights or he shares the couch with me and my pillows. 
What is so wrong with that?? I don't get it do you?
I just want you all to know that I am so happy here. I'm so glad that BAR took me in and gave 
this senior Boxer a chance at a new life. Humans think that if you are an older animal you don't 
have any life left to give and that is so unfair and untrue. Us seniors have a lot to offer and if 
people just gave us a chance we could show that to you. We know our manners and we know what life 
is like on the outside wishing we were on the inside. So we are so grateful when someone like you 
takes us in to love and care for. We still love to play, heck I sometimes tire Palmer out and he 
is only 3yrs old! The nice thing about a senior is we are more mellow and sleep more which is a 
nice asset you won't get with a young'un. We are so happy just to sit with you and put our big ole 
heads on your laps and maybe some drool down your leg. :):) Point is we love being with you and 
that doesn't change it just gets sweeter when you are getting on in years. Know what I mean?
Well I don't do well getting all sentimental so I better sign off here. Just do this old guy a 
favor will ya,remember to take a 2nd look at a senior dog the next time you or someone you know are 
ready to adopt again. I know my mom and dad would tell you it has been a great year and well 
worth taking the "chance", as you humans would say, on an older dog.
OK people "Maxy" says bye for now and may your butt be always wiggling. :}:}:}
7/17/04  - First I must apologize for not keeping anyone up to date on this boys antics. Life gets 
in the way sometimes, ya know what I mean? Sorry.... Well Maxie (as we have nicknamed him) is 
doing great.  It feels like he has always been with us.  He sleeps on the living room couch, when not 
on the floor next to our bed that is.
 He and the cats are doing fine together. Jack, who was a young kitten when we started fostering 
Max, is now full grown and him and Max still play together.  One swats the other and they are off 
running thru the house or out in the yard.  It is funny to watch.  The other 2 cats don't play with 
him but they are no longer afraid of him either and will walk by him now if they need to get 
 Max does well with other dogs.  He plays with his fur cousins, my sister's 2 Labs and their 
Boxer.  The 2y old Lab (Palmer) and him love to play soccer in our yard and they also swim together 
either in the lake or the Willimantic river at Palmer's house. 
 We discovered Max loved the water this Spring when we took him for a walk down to the lake and he 
ran right in! I was glad he had his leash on and we make sure he keeps it on when we are playing 
in the water with him.  Of course he is always walked on leash, anyway. Funny to see a Boxer swim, 
even funnier when he puts his head under to try and pick up a rock.  Palmer just looks at him 
thinking, "you are a strange looking Lab that's for sure!"
 Maxie scared us a few weeks back when he decided to go explore the neighborhood one morning.  The 
gate had been accidentally left open and when I went out to call him in so I could go to work he 
was not there. I spent a few minutes looking in the neighborhood for him and couldn't find him. 
Panicked I was driving back down our street when I saw him meandering past our house.  I stopped the 
car, yelled for him and he came running to me.  Now we check the gate constantly before I let him 
out to play.
 He is getting better with car rides. He does not seem as frantic anymore in a car. We are 
desensitizing him by taking him for rides up and down our street or over to play with Palmer. That is about 
a 2 mile drive and he is getting so he doesn't mind it anymore.
 We miss fostering but we are glad we decided to adopt Maxwell. His sweet personality and 
expressive eyes say it all. I highly recommend adopting a senior Boxer. They seem to be so grateful for 
extension of time you give to them. They are usually trained already and well mannered once they 
adjust.  They enjoy a good romp but also a good long nap. Besides we all know that Boxers are kids 

12/20/03 - Well, we have been bitten by the bug!  We have decided to adopt Maxwell.  Our kitties actually voted for him and we couldn't ignore that.  I always felt that when the right Boxer came in that fit into our household our furballs would let us know.  Well that is essentially what has happened.  You all know that our "ballsy/feisty" 4 month old kitten took to Max right off the bat.  Last night he just walked up to Max and again started eating out of his dish and Max just shoved over a little to give him some room. Couldn't believe it but that is how Titus was with my cats in the past. Our rescue adopted ME Coon has not had anything to do with any of our other fosters and was the same way with Maxwell.  I guess the kitten has proved that Max is okay with them and our Coon, "Holly", decided to try him out. I came home from work one night last week and she was sleeping on her favorite chair in the living room again with Max right in the room with her. First time she had done that. She had not come into the living room since we started fostering so I knew she was telling us something when she stayed there with Max right there.
 After Max's vet visit Bruce asked me what I thought about adopting Max and we would make him our Christmas gift to each other.  We adopted Holly from ME Coon rescue last Christmas, which also happens to be her birthday ( she'll be 2). 

 I had been thinking of adopting him for about a week already since I saw Holly in the living room with him.  Since the cats have adopted him into the family already I couldn't see us doing any different.  So... he is our boy now and we will be bringing him to ME with us next weekend to celebrate Christmas with my family.  He'll get to meet lots of skin nephews and nieces and play in the snow!   All the family is excited to meet him.  I can't wait to wake up with him Christmas morning here.  Last Christmas was lonely without a Boxer boy to play with.  It won't be this time!! 
 We think he knows he is here to stay because a new behavior has surfaced that he did not show us til now.  He is a thief!  When Bruce gets home from work and takes off his ball cap and puts it on the couch Max runs up and grabs it, tosses it in the air and then runs away with it! It looks like Max is actually laughing as he tosses it!:):) Bruce chases him and they are off, it is so funny to watch and I swear Max lies here all day planning his moves with Bruce for when he gets home each night. 
 How did we ever think we would get away with not adopting one of our fosters?  That was a crazy thought for sure.:)
So it is with pride that we announce our new addition to the family.  Bob, Jack and Holly now have a new brother, Maxwell. 

12/15/03 - Maxwell here foster mom says I am doing real good. They really love me and I like them, too. I went to the vet the other day to get my tests done and foster mom says I am healthy and passed them all . I sat there like a perfect gentleman as the doctor stuck this pointy, sharp thing in my arm and then cut my nails, too. I kept looking out the door into the hospital ward cuz I wanted to say hi to everyone else. The vet said I wouldn't be a normal Boxer boy if I wasn't curious about everything.
Then this past weekend I met my foster aunt's kids. We played out back with sticks and chasing balls. I had lots of fun. Then I went inside and plopped down on the girl's lap and took a nap. I really like kids, they are a lot of fun to play with.
The other big thing I did this weekend is stayed home alone a few hours outside my crate and I was a good boy. I just jumped on the bed and slept the whole time foster mom and dad were gone. They said cuz I was a good boy outside the crate now I don't have to be in it all the times when they go away. Yipee, I'm happy about that one.
I do have one confession to make, I don't like rides in the car. When we went to the vet I whined and cried the whole ride over and foster mom says it was only 10 miles away. I didn't get sick I just want to keep my 4 paws on the ground that's all. I don't settle well in the car.
So except for that car ride I had a good week here at Bouncin' Boxers. I am a happy boy who likes to play and sleep by the fire at night. If you are someone who likes long walks on the beach and sitting by the fire at night then I am the guy for you.

12/10/03 - Maxwell has been with us almost a week now and adjusting well. He is doing much much better in the crate department We found the trick to be hot dogs! He was not particularly into the cheese but loves pieces of ham. Well we tried the hot dogs cuz they are easier on the budget. He know will walk right into the crate now and wait for a part of a hot dog. He barks just a little as we leave in the AM but then seems to be fine. His crate is always clean and dry when we get home at night. His foster Aunt Debbie comes over during the day to take him out for a quick romp in the yard and then back into the crate to wait for us.
He still is great with our cats. Tonight our kitten Jack did not want to wait to be fed so he came right up to Max's bowl as he was eating and started eating with the dog! Max just moved over slightly and let him in. Jack decided he did not like dog food after a minute or so and left. Or maybe it was Maxwell's slobbery eating habit...either way Maxwell ate in peace after Jack left him. The two are funny to watch as Jack swats him as Max walks by and Max turns around and barks at him and chases him around the house.
The other 2 cats do not bolt anymore when they see the dog because the kitten has proven to them that Maxwell is safe to be around.
He goes in to the vet to be heart worm tested on Friday. They will also check and decide once and for all if he is neutered or not. Believe it or not there is a question on that issue. Either way it will be resolved in a day or so. If his HW test comes back good and he is neutered than he will be set to go to his forever home. So wherever you are get your application in fast as he won't be here too long.

12/7/03 - Introducing...Maxwell, he came to us from a shelter right before the snow started flying. We found out that he loves to play in the snow. Although he is an older boy he is very playful and full of energy. He just wears out quicker than a young dog so he sleeps more.
He is great with our 3 cats which is a real plus. Him and our 4 month old kitten, Jack, chase each other around our Christmas tree! Jack thinks he is a tough kitty and swats and spits at Maxwell who in turn just looks at him wagging his tail. The older two don't entirely trust him yet so steer clear.
Max is a nice size at just over 50 pounds. He is skinny and we will try to help him gain some weight. He would be great at about 60 pounds or so. He is very handsome with his darker fawn coat and black mask. His white chest is striking against his dark coat.
I have no clue why this boy was surrendered to the pound since we have found no major issues with him. Like all our senior dogs he is totally housebroken, knows how to behave indoors and knows basic obedience. We are working on his crate training. He is scared of it which is probably due to being in the shelter. When we left him inside while we shoveled out he started barking a bit but he stopped after a few minutes. He really just wants to be with you all the time. A great companion dog for sure!
He is a perfect dog for someone who may not have a very active household like a younger dog would enjoy. We have found Max to be very content to lie by our woodstove and play with his chewy. He also loves to cuddle and rest his head in your lap. He enjoys looking out the window and likes being involved in whatever we are doing. On the flip side he does love a good romp in the yard and yesterday in the storm he found a large downed tree limb and was dragging it all over the yard playing with it. He loved running through the 12" of new fallen snow in our yard where he kept putting his face into it and playfully snorting it.
He seems to be a great all around dog. He is not a jumper he just nuzzles into your hand for a pat and a scratch behind the ears. This boy will be a great addition to any home. He deserves to live out his senior years in warm comfort with lots of love and cuddle time. I know he will give you lots of love and Boxer kisses, snorts and wiggles in return.

12/6/03 - Our new foster, Maxwell, is stretched out in front of the fireplace wood stove insert warming himself.  This is after being out playing in the snow a few minutes this AM.  He runs and dashes all over, snorting it.  He found a big tree limb down and was dragging it all over the yard playing.  For a dog from NYC this must be a big new experience for him.
Nice having a dog in front of of the fireplace with the Christmas tree lit in the background.  Very holiday wintry feeling!  

12/4/03 - Our newest foster arrived this afternoon.  He is a 53 lb boy and even though the shelter says he is neutered I do not think he is.  He looks like he has one small testicle.  I will bring him to the vet for HW test and neutering ASAP.
He went into the crate fine this afternoon but once I took him out tonight we have not been able to get him back into it. He cowers, lowers his ears and even barks at us as we try to drag him to it.  Cheese, toys and treats have not worked.  Will definitely be a challenge in the AM to get him in it.  Tonight we will let him sleep on the floor of our room and see how he does.  right now he is sleeping by the fire with foster dad.
He is a dark fawn with a black mask, white paw tips and a white chest, natural ears, very handsome.  He knows sit and down but does not know how to walk on a leash well.  Best of all he seems fine with our cats!!!  Our big brave 4m old kitten is the only one who has not run away from him.  Maxwell ( like that name)? has walked up to him with Jack cat spitting at him wagged his tail, whined and then walked away when Jack hasn't engaged him in play.  He is lying on the floor with Bruce and Jack cat is on the couch right next to him and he is not bothered by it. 
So I think we can say he is fine with cats and hates the crate!

He is a nice looking Boxer on the small side but still very strong.  He loves to play, run in the yard after sticks and have his belly scratched.  Tomorrow night we will see how he likes snow!  I have a feeling this guy won't be around BAR that long even though he is a senior. He acts like a young one he just tires out faster is all.
So, we are calling him Maxwell.  Foster dad was thinking of that one on the way home tonight and then found out that my sister and her son were calling him that after they met him today. He kinda looks like a Maxwell, Max for short.
Well gotta get to bed wish us luck on the crate issue!

Max by the Lake