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Sully 9/28/03


Sully's Foster Journey - Adopted 10/26/03 - At the Rainbow Bridge

Pertinent Information
5 year old, Brindle male
84 lbs., Shelter Surrender
Cropped Ears and Docked Tail
Neutered, soon to be updated
Being Fostered Near
Scranton, PA/Binghamton, NY
Adoption Donation $175

9/9/04 - Well it has been some time since I wrote an update on Sully, and I am sad to say this will be the last. Sully died suddenly Monday late afternoon. We had no warning, he had not been ill or even acting tired/different. We had just gone out after he had eaten dinner, he ran around the yard for a minute then lay down on his side, stretched out like he was enjoying the cool grass. When I called him to come with me and he didn't I walked over to him an realized that he was not responsive & not breathing. We rushed him to the vet's even though I knew in my heart he was gone before we could even get him into the car. I can only say we were in complete shock........he was so healthy, so full of energy! Most of all we are heartbroken - I miss my big guy a great deal. Sully was once called an ambassador for boxers - and he was that and more! The sweetest guy I've known - he will be missed greatly. Beth

12/27/03 - Sully is doing wonderful! He is so smart and well behaved! We have learned he loves sweets, especially chocolate, and will sniff it out no matter where you hide it! We no longer leave any food out on the counters as it will be gone when we get back - no matter how far back on the counter it is. We wonder if he hasn't been hit because if you even yell at him saying no no or bad boy - he trembles and shakes so bad that you have to hold him to settle him down. Also occasionally he will flinch when you reach to pet his head. We have had a few accidents in the house - but I have learned to limit his water bowl when we are gone, and the no food on the counter has helped to prevent surprise pkgs. Overall everything is going so well - we love Sully, and he is a wonderful part of our family

10/31/03 - We picked up Sully from his foster mom (Robin's) home on 10/26. He seemed a little out of sorts the first evening and night and wanted to be hugged a lot. Since then he has settled in wonderfully. He has found his favorite spot on the couch - which happens to be my favorite spot - so we share! We go for a long walk every evening, and a short walk around the yard in the morning - nothing like the dog keeping the owner in shape! I can't tell you how much joy Sully has already brought to our home - he is such a love, so sweet & gentle - and soooo well behaved!!! Robin was right...Sully should be the ambassador for boxers! Sully has only been with us a short time, but already has such a big part of our hearts!!

10/26/03 - My pal Sully just left with his family. He will be right close and can come visit whenever he wants. He's going to have his very own boy to play with. I actually work at the same hospital as his new mom.
They are a nice family and if they love Sully half as much as I do, he'll have a wonderful life.
Thanks Patty.

10/25/03 - Sully is pending adoption.

10/15/03 - Well, I have some bad news. I knew it was just too good to be true . . . had to happen. Sully is NOT perfect. I've discovered a flaw . . . . . woeeeee!
Sully begs at the table. He sits there looking at you with the deepest brown eyes, lets out a whimper, and is just so pathetic. Perhaps this is how he came to be so . . . big boned? Having said that, I can't find a single issue with Sully. He's just the best boy. Totally trustworthy alone in the house, gets along well with others, rides well in the car (o.k., he'd like to do the driving), loves people, kids, other dogs.
We went on a home check the other day; Sully, Scooby, Mikey and I. Guess who stole the show? Yep, Sully was a big hit. He's just so sweet and mellow and CUTE! The family fell head over heels with the big lug. We also had visitors here at camp the same day who just loved Sully. He's really affectionate but not a screaming in your face kind of guy (like some other boxer boys we know, but won't mention). Sully went out and played a mean game of fetch with the visiting child and discovered the creek. What a great time that was!
All in all, this is one special boy. I can't believe he's still with us but know that just the right home will be chosen for such a special guy.

10/11/03 -
It's hard to believe that Sully has been with us for two weeks. He fits in so seamlessly that we hardly know he's here. He feels so much better now and has become another bouncing boxer boy here at camp. He's having a great time exploring outdoors with the others, soaking up the warm fall sun, and holding down the couch when he needs a short snooze. I can't find a single issue with Sully; he's as close to perfect as you will find. And what a handsome boy he is too. Sully is smart, affectionate, gets along with others, loves to go for a ride in the truck, has not had one single accident here (a major accomplishment for a new visitor), walks great on the leash, etc, etc. If I didn't need to keep a bunk open for future fosters, this boy would be staying here . . . . . . .

10/07/03 - Sully is finally feeling well enough to start to participate in the fun and games here at Boxer Camp! Sometimes he's a bit overwhelmed by the two bouncing boxer boys, but if it's just one at a time he's up for a game of tug. And he LOVES squeakies. And he isn't above talking to them with his interest to be included. He is just one nice boy. The last few nights it's been a bit nippy here and he's been cuddling with me when I get home from work. Doesn't hog the covers either. I'm just so happy to see the wiggle back in his wag! He's coughing less, there's less discharge from his nose and his appetite is returning as well. Sometimes it takes a few days for these guys to settle but it's soooooo wonderful to see them come around. This is one of the nicest visitors we've had and will make a great forever friend.

10/04/03 -
Today we are hopeful that Sully's nasty cough is on the run. He ate a little today and the nasal discharge seems a bit clearer. He's also coughing and sneezing a bit less and his fever is down some. He's not better yet, but showing progress for the first.
This is one great dog. Why he was tied to a fence at the shelter is a big mystery to us. He's made himself right at home here; in fact, other than the coughing we wouldn't even know he's here. He goes to the door to go out (where he does his business and comes right back; not a runner), doesn't jump on folks visiting, doesn't mind the other boys or the kitties, doesn't bark, doesn't beg at the table. He's everything you could want and quite handsome to boot. The biggest complaint I can think of is that he seems to need to whole couch for his naps. I'm sure if I pushed it, he'd compromise. While he's recuperating though, he can have the couch if he wants it!
Sully would be a great addition to a family with children and/or other pets. He's about as close to perfect as you will find.

10/01/03 - Sully was welcomed to the fall session of Boxer Training Camp this past Sunday. He was found tied to the fence at the same shelter that we got our former camper, Princess Lacey from. After a long trip from NJ to PA, during which he rode beautifully, Sully was welcomed by the camp staff and resident pests with open arms and paws. This beautiful boy is quite sick with a nasty upper respiratory infection so he is quite content to rest and recuperate. He's quite a hefty boxer so for the moment, we're not terribly concerned about his lack of appetite. Already he's lost 6 pounds but we'll feel a bunch better once he's up to par. Every now and again he wants to play for a few minutes, but then he's very happy to take a nap again. This boy is just as sweet and mellow as they come and will certainly be a great addition for any family once he's well. He doesn't seem to have any issues or bad habits whatsoever.