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MIA 10/15/05

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Pertinent Information - Adopted 11/11/05 - Rainbow Bridge 1/12/11

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Age & Sex:  5 yr. old female
UTD: Yes
Weight:  50.6 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color:  Brindle
Cats: No
Ears: Natural
Children under 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Children over 5: Yes
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location:  Garrison, NY

Adoption Donation $250
Professional Obedience Training Required


1/17/11 - I just wanted to share with you a story about our Boxer Mia (aka Maya). We found your organization through a friend. We were ready for a dog , did some research and felt a Boxer would be a good fit for our family. We are dog lovers, and both my husband and I had dogs growing up. We never bought our dogs and like the idea of a rescue. When we heard about BAR we contacted you and began the adoption process. We wanted a dog but with a one year old son and a three year old daughter we knew we couldn't take on a puppy. My husband spotted Mia and we adopted her.
       We live on Long Island and drove up to Westchester to pick her up. Her foster mother Marylin was great, there were a few other dogs there as well. Mia was so hyper and excited, it was funny I was thinking in my head "Oh dear God what are we in for? I had never been around boxers and didn't know at the time how much they truly love people. We took her home and from day one she was the perfect dog.Our main priority was that our dog be good with the children , our second wish was that she be a little bit of a watch dog at night. Well, she was wonderful with the kids, but often went to sleep around 8:00 and snored like a sailor!!! LOL--Well the main thing was that she was lovable, and she was that. 
       We often referred to her as out third child and she really was part of our family, we loved her so much. We had her for five great years. Our only regret was that she didn't live longer. We lost Maya suddenly on Wednesday night. She never showed any signs of illness or weight loss or mood change. It came on so suddenly, on Tuesday she was breathing a bit heavy, I was very concerned, she wasn't acting right . We took her to the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island and they took her right in saying because of her age-(11) and her breathing and breed that she was critical. It all happened so fast. We are heartbroken.
      Boxers truly are special dogs and EVERYONE that came to our house fell in love with her she was so sweet and so special,  I never had a dog like her before. Her and our little guy were best friends. It's been a rough week but we just wanted to share with you how much we appreciated our sweet Maya. She is still on your site adoption Date of 10/15/05. We hope to adopt another dog from you soon.
      My family and I are grateful that your organization allowed us to find and adopt Maya. We are also thankful for the hard work that you all do in caring for and placing Boxers into loving homes.

5/17/06 - We wanted to do a six month update on our girl Mia.  She's truly a lovable dog, this is the first boxer we've had and they are a great breed. She is so great with our children. Her and our two year old have become best buds. She has some funny quirks, she's mischievous whenever we're out (which isn't often) and will do little things around the house such as knocking things off the counter or go on the furniture when we aren't home. I 've heard Boxers are people dogs , that is they love to be in the company of others and this is very true with Mia. Mia seems to be the quintessential Boxer and we love her !P.S.  She snores like a sailor!

11/14/05 - We are so grateful to have adopted our adorable dog Mia. Although Mia has only been with us a few days we are absolutely smitten with her! It's as if she's been with us forever. She is the sweetest and most mild mannered dog. She exceeded our hopes ,she's wonderful with our two little ones. You have a great organization and we would like to thank you for helping us find such a wonderful and sweet gal like Mia. We would especially like to thank everyone who was involved in our adoption process: Gail, Debbie , Stephanie and Mia's great foster Mom Marylyn. We will keep you updated on Mia.

11/11/05 - Mia has been adopted
Mia just drove away with her forever family - they are great people and Mia is going to be loved to death in her home. I'm soooooo happy for her because she is truly an amazing baby girl and deserves "good stuff" in her life for a change. Once she gets home and settled in she already has some "playdates" scheduled with a friend of theirs who also has a boxer! This is the perfect home for her……….but I still have to cry just a little to see her go…….

11/3/05 - Mia is pending adoption

10/24/05 - Two boxers and a bulldog… many farts can one household take!!
It’s been a little over a week since Mia arrived …..Mac is still smitten with her and even Nigel has come around. They are sleeping together next to me in the office as I write this! What a difference a week makes! By this time next week she will no doubt be friends with the cat! (I’ll keep you posted on that one). She hasn’t had a single “accident” in the house since she arrived and is a complete “lady” when it comes to the furniture and other household items…..Although Mia is very good with the crate – I really don’t need to use it much because she has already proven herself to be a really good girl…..I use it when I am gone from the house as a “just in case” measure.

I can’t say enough “good stuff” about this little girl. She is affectionate and calm, but also playful and fun. She has the sweetest face and wiggles wiggles wiggles the minute someone new comes to the house. Unlike Mac (who can look a bit ferocious to a stranger), you can tell that Mia is a lover dog the very moment that you see her (something about those wiggles)! EVERYONE that I know who has seen her loves her….several of my friends who have never even talked about getting a dog have now made comments about how much they would love to have one just like her.

I mentioned in my write up last week that Mia would need obedience training. I just wanted to clarify a bit because the bold red lettering at the top of the profile can look a bit ominous…Mia doesn’t have any bad habits or issues that need to be addressed that I have seen thus far except that we were told by her surrendering family that she is a “runner” when off the leash. She has begun to get the “sit” and “come” commands down (I told you last week that she was really smart)! Sometimes she is great on the leash, and other times its more like she is walking me (smile). She is also really good about jumping up on people……with all of the dogs in the house once one jumps up you can pretty much count on all of them jumping – but as soon as I say “no” Mia has all four paws on the floor immediately! However, I wasn’t necessarily just talking about the training itself when I said she would need an obedience class. Based upon things that I have read, have experienced with my own dogs, and have been told by others, training for both the human and the doggy can be an incredibly bonding and rewarding experience…..Mia has now been in three different homes in less then 6 months….when she finally gets to go to her forever home she will need tons of love and anything that can make her feel “bonded” to her new humans will be extremely beneficial for everyone. She is such a loving little girl and will make an incredible addition to the lucky family that gets her.

10/18/05 - Mia arrived on Saturday morning and has been a sweetheart since the moment she arrived. She adjusted quickly to my boxer (Mac) and my Scottish Terrier (Penny) has taken a bit longer for her to adjust to the bulldog (Nigel), but they are making progress every day. The surrendering family told me that she was NOT good with cats, so I haven't even tried to introduce her to mine - why subject my kitty to such a trauma (smile).

Mia is absolutely fabulous with kids (she has been with a 5yr. old, an 8yr. old and a 12yr. old so far - the surrendering family also had young children). She appears to be equally comfortable with both men and women. She is VERY playful when she is around the other dogs, but also loves to snuggle up to her human and watch TV or go to sleep. Initially I had trouble getting her to go into the crate, but since Sunday afternoon I have had no trouble at all.

Mia will need some obedience training when she gets to her forever home as she pretty much only responds to something that she wants.....walking her on a leash is an experience! She is a really smart girl and like most boxers is very eager to please, so I think she will learn quickly once she gets some consistency in her life.

We went to see Dr. Paul (the vet) today and he gave her a clean bill of health and said that she was in great physical shape. Her coat is soft and shiny and her eyes are bright. Her surrendering family said that they had no trouble trimming her toenails - so she is very good all around with grooming. She was a VERY good girl while there and gave lots of boxer kisses and wiggles to the technicians that came to see her.

Two of the pictures shown in her profile have her wearing a choke chain. Mia's surrendering family did not have a fenced in area. They set up a dog run so she could run and get exercise in the back yard. Mia, smart girl that she is (smile), managed to get out of her collar on occasion - so they used the choke chain to solve the problem.

To sum it up, Mia is an amazing little girl who deserves a loving forever home. She would fit in well in a home with children and in a home with other pets. It is going to be very hard letting this little girl go!




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