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TIPPY 4/6/05


Tippy's Foster Journey - Adopted 10/20/05 - Rainbow Bridge 2/3/06

Pertinent Information
12 yr. old  Flashy Fawn Female Boxer
  50 lb. Owner  Surrender
Natural Ears and Natural Tail
Spayed and UTD
Not cat tested
Being Fostered near
Bushkill, Stroudsburg, PA
Adoption Donation $ 150
 If you have previously adopted a Boxer from BAR and are interested in a Sr. Boxer over 7 yrs. old,
 BAR will waive the adoption donation and
BAR will reimburse the 1st "regular" office visit
        examination fee for the adopted dog, within the 1st year after adoption.

We are also offering a special to human Sr. Citizens as well.  We will deduct $50 from the $150 adoption donation for any dog over 7 yrs. old and will reimburse you for a regular vet visit during the first year .
For further information please email: and someone will contact you.

2/3/06 - Our first BAR foster Tippy passed away this evening, she was at least 13.  She had not had a good week and today she barely stirred from her bed.  The vet helped her along and I don't think she realized what was happening.  She was much loved by her former owner who sadly had to give her up last year.  We stepped in to foster her and were lucky enough to have another year with her.  She was a treasure and for us she filled a need to have an oldie in the home, having lost our old boy a year before.  While we will miss Tippy, with her passing, it means we will be able to and look forward to sharing our home with another BAR senior foster in the not too distant future.  The house is just to empty without one.

10/20/05 - Tippy has been adopted.

10/12/05 - Tippy is being adopted by her foster parents.  Her health has been failing lately and they feel that she should spend whatever time she has with her loving foster family.

8/24/05 - We suddenly realized that we hadn't sent an update on Tippy in such a long time! She is still doing just fine here in the Poconos. She had a couple of illnesses recently, internal infections that caused a bit of concern but with antibiotics and other medicine, she has bounced back pretty well. As she is 13 years old, she is fairly quiet most of the time, waking up to demand meals and go out to do her business and then back to bed. She is very sweet and gentle and we love her to bits. Right now she is asleep beside the sofa...I'm sure she is just waiting for us to walk near the cookie jar!

5/18/05 - Tippy continues to make herself at home here fitting in well with our two younger boxers though keeping out of their way most of the time. She really is proving to be a great ambassador for the breed by winning the hearts of everyone she meets with her gentle and endearing personality. She enjoys trips out in the car preferring a seat rather than the back with the others. She loves riding up front in our truck. She also loves to socialize, barbeques on the deck are a particular favorite with her, but like any senior, needs some quiet time the next day to help recover. Due to her advanced age, she is a little deaf and we have found that hand signals are sometimes needed to
get her attention. Its much like having Grandma move in!

4/17/05 - Its been a couple of weeks since I wrote about Tippy so here's her latest news...she is still just as loveable as the day she arrived! I took her to the park last week and she played and ran around like a youngster, though she was a little stiff in her back legs the next couple of days which showed her age. I find that when I take her out, she tires much more than my other two, and will sleep a lot the next day to recover her energy. We just do our best to not do too much to keep her life in balance. She is such a nice girl, every person that meets her is impressed with her manners. Today we went to a barbeque at a neighbors house and Tippy wandered around, said hello to everyone, layed in the shade and occasionally did her little dance for a bite of hamburger. She can really shout if she thinks she's not getting her way, but once she gets it, she calms right down. She has obviously been well loved and doted on her whole life....and of course I wouldn't think of changing that now.

4/6/05 - Tippy arrived with us two weeks ago and has been such an easy girl. She will be 13 this year and therefore doesn't exhibit the exuberant behavior of most boxers. She is a very calm girl, loves her food and hates the rain. She doesn't need much in the way of exercise, just casual strolls down the road are enough. She really just loves to sit by your feet and be cuddled. She doesn't care about getting up on furniture, I think its too much work for this old gal! She needs to go out often throughout the day but knows immediately when she is out what she's there to do :-) The only time she shows real excitement is during meal time, which she tells you about. She wakes up and wants breakfast IMMEDIATELY lol and again in the afternoon- she will tell you off if you don't feed her right away, its pretty funny. She also expects a little treat from the dinner table after you complete your meal and stamps her little feet if she doesn't get her way!

As for my other dogs, she isn't bothered by them. She's not into the competition of it all anymore, I think she just wants an easy life. She respects my two dogs completely and has never pushed it with them. When she was younger, I was told that she used to chase cats or deer, but now in her senior years, she is happy to watch them with interest. She really is a sweet and lovable old girl.

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