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BRONSON 10/6/07


Pertinent Information - Adopted 11/17/07

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Age & Sex: Approx 18 month old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  50 lbs.
Other Dogs: No
Color: Reverse Brindle
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Cropped
Children: Under 5: Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Owner Surrender
Location: Waverly, NY

Adoption Donation $300

12/3/07 - Bronson has been with us for just 2 weeks and he has settled right in. He loves his home and is now very secure in it.  He's afraid of loud noises in the street and is afraid of men who approach him without getting down to his level.  However, he gets better every day with these fears and I have learnt how best to deal with them.  He walks like a dream on his leash and is very patient and eager to please in everything.  He sits and waits until you tell him he can eat his dinner and he will leave food on the floor and not touch it if you tell him no.  He then loves the praise and the treat being picked up and given to him.  He gets on very well with my 4 year old Ella and when she's not around he will lay on anything he can find that smells of her!  I take him to the dog run and he interacts very well with other dogs, although he's a little insecure. He has avoided any confrontation and runs and plays and sociably greets every dog who enters the run. The only issue he has had is that he doesn't like puppies jumping on him to play.  He nipped one once to warn him and I corrected him.  Other than this, he has been great.  He used to only do his business when off the leash in the dog run but yesterday and today he did it whilst walking in the street.  When we first got him he had some accidents "submissive peeing" but we didn't make a fuss and it's stopped.  He only did it when very excited anyway, so we keep things as low key as possible with him for now. He absolutely adores his tennis ball and throws it in the air and catches it.  Every night he sleeps like a dream on his bed and has never cried or moved, he loves it!
He really is a lovely dog and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is a different dog at home than he is outside and I'm hoping we can provide the stability that will help him feel truly free to express who he is instead of being so afraid when he faces the world.

11/19/07 - We picked Bronson up on Saturday.  He was wonderful in the car and we took him home with us.  He was nervous and still is a little at being moved to yet another place but he's wonderful.  He has had a couple of accidents - Peeing on the floor but once was when we had to go out for an hour yesterday and he was so excited to see us when we got home that he peed.  The other was this morning when i got up, he again was so happy to see me that he peed.  It's a nervous thing - Ed the trainer told me.
Otherwise he's eating, drinking, walking and playing with his tennis ball.  He loves his bed and his bone and he walks wonderfully on the leash.  He has met the dog at the end of my corridor and played nicely with him on the corridor.  He also met John and Susies dog - my neighbors who introduced me to him and he was wonderful with her.  We have been on long walks and he's been great with every dog he meets so far.
He doesn't jump up, doesn't beg for food, sits and stays.  Every hour he's gaining some of his personality back and it's great to see.  He follows me around everywhere I go.  He's a joy.  I miss him today and am going home at lunch so I can walk him.  Thank you so much for everything

11/17/07 - Bronson has been adopted.
We picked up Bronson today from Ed the trainer.  Ed was wonderful and told us some valuable information on how to be a  strong and loving family to Bronson.  He was wonderful on the car journey home, despite us getting lost and him being in yet another new environment.  We took him for a long walk when we got home and he spent a long time in the dog run displaying typical boxer wiggles and playing with his ball.  He interacted very well with all the other dogs and every dog he met on  his walk.  He walked well on his leash.  He came home and ate some food and is now laid on the rug sleeping.  He seems to have bonded with us well so far and follows us everywhere in our apartment.
He is beautiful and loving and we are very happy to have him as part of our family.  Thank you Boxer Angels and thank you Ed. I'll let you know more as time goes on.

11/7/07 - Bronson continues to do well in his Foster Home.   Bronson is a young energetic, intelligent Boxer boy.  Bronson walks wonderfully on leash.  He knows many basic commands...   He can now add "stay" to the list.  Bronson is house-trained and crate trained.  
Bronson loves to play and romp in the yard.  His favorite toys are Tennis Balls.  Bronson is doing very well learning to playing fetch.. he will bring the ball and drop it at your feet.   He likes to leap and try to catch the ball in his mouth.  Bronson can easily jump a baby gate or a 3-4 ft. fence.
Bronson would do best as the ONLY dog in a home.  This strikingly handsome Boxer boy is looking for an experienced owner who will have time to continue teaching and training him to polish his many great qualities.

10/16/07 - Bronson was brought to us on Saturday, October 6th. He is very handsome with a reverse brindle coat, which is black with brown. His ears are cropped and his tail is docked. Our neighbors have called him "gorgeous, handsome and striking". He is tiny for a male, weighing only 42 lbs. He is sweet as sugar and interacts well with children, adults and other dogs.  However, groups of men and men with deep voices frighten him.  He actually shakes when they speak to him. He had a couple of accidents in the apartment the first two days, but now finds comfort at the dog run to do his business, where he is off leash.  He does not like the crate so we've arranged a double leash in the kitchen and made a soft bed for him. This system has worked out very well.  Initially, he did not walk well on the leash as he kept wanting to walk on the right side.  He is doing very well now on the leash, staying on the left.  He listens but has not been trained with many of the commands.  "Sit" and "come" are the only two he responds to. Gary brought plenty of Science Diet, and he eats well. He is very loving and affectionate but does not drool as some boxers often do.  If were were in a position to adopt him, we'd do so in a heartbeat.  More to follow after a couple of days.

10/15/07 - Bronson is learning to interact with other dogs and starting to do boxer things in the dog run.  His progress is very good as his trust of us grows.  He is very patient, sweet and wants very much to please.  We live in an elevator building and at first Bronson was scared to get on and now he's overcome that fear.


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