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DANTE 10/20/07


Pertinent Information - Adopted 12/22/07

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Age & Sex:  1 1/2 yr old Male
UTD: Unknown
Weight: ? lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Flashy Fawn
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: ? Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Honesdale, PA

Adoption Donation $300

1/6/08 - Dante is doing great, he is starting to settle in very well.  He loves to get on my wife's lap at night.  We got him a new bed so he is not getting up on the furniture as much.  He has a couple of little quirks that are quite amusing, he chases reflections and shadows.  We are working with him and he is learning very well what he can do and can't do.  He gets a little crazy when strangers come to the house. Typical boxer, big show, then he is fine ,but we are working with him to calm him down.  We got Gracie(807) a week later.  Kim delivered her to our home and Dante was a little wild, but Kim settled him right down we were impressed how good she was with Dante.  Dante and Gracie are getting along much better, Gracie put him in his place a couple of times and now they do great together.  They walk together well and play great at the dog park  .Dante still try's to mount her but Gracie will have
 no part of it, she is a tough little girl and one of the sweetest boxers you will ever meet.  We taught them both to go in their crates (we made them nice and comfortable pillows and blankets) so they go right in at night for bed. They are surely both angels and we are very happy with them.

12/22/07 - Dante has been adopted

12/18/07 - Dante is pending adoption

12/10/07 - Ok, well, a long couple of weeks makes all of the difference in a rambunctious boy. Dante has been neutered, brought up to date on shots, had some weight gain, dramatically improved his behavior at home and made wonderful gains on the leash. That's it in a nutshell.
Donkey, a.k.a. Dante but at the foster home it's Donkey, had been neutered and given all of his shots. He was a bit underweight still however in the recent weeks and a change in his dog food, he looks great. He has no
health concerns with the exception of a tiny little scab on the tip of his ear that he and my girl occasionally aggravate. He is a very healthy and active foster.
Settling in to the home and it's routine has made Donkey a very happy boy.
He knows what's expected of him. I really can't say enough about his walking, though. He sits to be leashed and unleashed and he still pulls, but is improved. He waits at the door for me to enter and then he comes in, now more piling in the door all at once. Actually, I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but Donkey has gotten out, twice. We are working on our house and without paying attention, he exited an open and waiting door. The first time he ran around the back yard and in the driveway and came when called. The second time he ran up and down the road. By the time I had gotten my shoes on, a minute or two had passed and when I got outside he came to me when called, no problems. So, he got out, yes, but he came right back.
Donkey still likes to try to get on the furniture, however I now know it's simply because there is nothing he loves more than to be snuggled with. He curls up in bed with Darlah, on the floor by our feet wherever he can. He likes to wake my kids up as well. He thinks a good lick in the face and a pounce on the bed is the best alarm clock around!
We have discovered one very, very funny fixation with Dante. He loves any moving reflection. Our kitchen in the morning is flooded with sunshine and everything makes a lovely shimmer on the floor, the perfect toy for Donkey and for us!
Well, I am done. I can't tell you anymore about this great boy. He only needed structure and play and the right food and he's a happy guy. He has his little quirks, but then again, don't we all?

11/11/07 - Ok, it's been three weeks since Donkey came to us and I just can't believe the change in him already. He's dropped some of his undesirable habits, like counter surfing and garbage picking. He comes to the table, but he doesn't beg anymore and goes to lay down when commanded. He occasionally tries to sleep on the couch, but is quick to get down when he knows he's caught. The one big issue was his continual mounting of my female. He has gone from constantly mounting her, and I mean constantly, to doing it only 2 or so times a day and even then he's quickly corrected and the action ceases. This is probably the biggest improvement. Dante goes to the vet Tues for neuter and get up to date on his shots and then he's all ready for his forever home. I am ultra pleased with his progress. There are two little things we continue to work on here.

He needs a strong leader when he's walked. Previously, Dante walked his owner and not the other way around. So, we are working on this with him. He's making progress, but it's slow. My husband and I remain consistent with his walks, same routine each time he's leashed to go out and same rules each time he is outside. So, I expect this too, to improve with time.

The other little thing is when people come to the door. He is really energetic when people come in and he does bark. The barking isn't the problem, but the jumping on them is. So, the visitors are on strict orders to ignore him when he behaves like this and only greet him when they are ready and he is settled. Boy, that's tough when you're talking about grandparents! They just love their foster granddogs and have a hard time with our rules sometimes. They're a work in progress too!!

Dante is a very, very sweet boy that loves attention. He is real energetic and rambunctious. So, my thinking is that he would do best in a home with a playmate, one that has his level of energy. And, no small kids. I only say this for safety reasons. Dante is a very muscular 65lb boxer and any small child could be overcome by his play. So, to avoid any kids potentially being knocked to the floor, he would be best matched with kids a little older. My two are 6 1/2 and 10 and are experienced with many fosters. So, I think that kids 6 and older would be perfect for "Donkey" funny boy.
Donkey is a sweet and handsome boxer. He is a real gem and any family would be lucky to have this kooky guy in their home. He's so young to be without a home and I'm sure his forever family is reading about him right now, knowing in their hearts that this is their boy. This is the time of year to fill our homes with love and what better way than a new addition to your family?

11/4/07 - Dante has been with us two weeks and I can't believe it's been that long already. He's been finding his place here and learning how to behave on a leash and stay out off the counters. Well, the leash thing we're still working on, but he no longer jumps up at the counter. He does still come to the table and stares at us, but he's ignored and he is finding out, nothing leaves our table to him.
"Donkey" is a very active boy. He has a lot of energy and is the most lovable boy. He's really quite funny, especially when he tries to chase his tail. Yes, you're right, he doesn't have a tail.  But, please don't tell him that. He goes in circles for so long that he actually gets dizzy. When he has enough of that, he finds interest in my girls nubby, that closely resembles a fat little sausage. He just nibbles it, but I can't tell you how funny it is.
I can't say that we're having any real issues with Dante. However, he continually tries to mount my girl. Now, I've heard this is a dominance thing and Dante is not neutered. I've read that mounting and not being neutered have nothing to do with the other, but let's just say, Dante really likes my Darlah. I'm going to see if I can get him to the vet this week for his neuter and shots. Maybe Dante will be in his own home for Thanksgiving. A new family member, now that's something to be grateful for!

10/23/07 - Dante arrived in our home on Saturday the 20th and he's been the first foster we've had for a few months, so forgive the lateness of the update. Dante was with us only an hour before he got his nickname, Donkey. He has so much energy and is a really playful boy.

We brought him home here to the country and let him soak it all in for a few days before we introduced him to the resident boxer. She is a pro at this point and has been a gracious host to 9 fosters. Dante is no different. After the usual sniffing and normal dog introductions, we brought them inside and it's been interesting ever since. My girl is a very large boxer and Dante is a bit more "normal".  He has a lot of energy and he initiates play as often as he can. They really get along well. He has no issue with her around her food dish or sharing our affection. I know they both
 love their toys and it will be interesting to see what happens once they realize the other has the squeaky burger they both want!

Donkey is great with my kids. They were permitted to feed him yesterday and he listened to their commands while they scooped his food and then allowed him to come to his dish. He came with some of his own food which he wouldn't eat the first night. We assumed it was just the stress of the day. However, the next morning he wouldn't eat again, but he paid particular attention to the bits spilled around my girl's bowl. I gave him a few scoops of her food and he hasn't looked back. He's quite the little piggy.

It is apparent that Donkey was allowed on the furniture in his previous home. However, here at the Boxer Fat Farm, we discourage this and Donkey can't understand why. So, if he jumps on the couch, I tell him down and he clearly understands that I don't want him on that couch. But, the other couch, that must be ok because he runs across the room and hops onto that one. He will play this little game until he realizes, I mean no furniture. It's very hard to be firm with him when he looks at me with his perpetually "wind blown" ear.

In case you didn't notice, Dante's right ear is flipped over his head. It doesn't lay flat, ever and when he looks up at you from the floor, it flips straight up. It's really quite amusing and I just can't be serious with him when he looks at me like that.

Dante has a lot of energy and is every bit a young, rambunctious boxer boy. I think he is really going to enjoy his time with us, we have lots of room to roam and he's got a great playmate, actually several canine and human!! Dante is not yet neutered, but I will get him to the vet ASAP to have that taken care of. He crates wonderfully and so far, he's been a doll. Looks like I finally got that easy foster I've always dreamed of!!



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