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GRACIE 11/11/07

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Pertinent Information - Adopted 12/29/07

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Age & Sex: 1 1/2 yr. old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight: 40 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Yes, but tried to play
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 12: ?  Over 12:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Shelter Surrender
Location: Sinking Spring, PA

Adoption Donation $300

12/29/07 - On Saturday I delivered Gracie to her new family in Hawley PA.  They were wonderful and Gracie was very excited to meet them.
They also adopted Dante who wasnít as excited (he kept mounting her and growling).   They are a boxer savy couple so I think all will be well in a couple of days.  I spoke to them again last night and they said Gracie is a very well behaved angel who just wants to cuddle.  I had to laugh because she really is a playful goof ball always looking for her next adventure.   They were concerned because Dante wonít let her play and has become a little aggressive.  I spoke to them about some techniques to curb his behavior ( I did see it for about an hour).   Hopefully they will work and Dante and Gracie will be playmates soon

12/18/07 - Gracie is pending adoption

12/12/07 - Gracie has come out of her shell.  She is a very active boxer who needs a lot of attention and exercise.  Everything is a game. She can entertain herself easily by playing with toys, a leash, your socks, or anything else in her reach.  After her evening walk she loves to cuddle and thinks she is a lap dog. She has had a few accidents since my last post so I am sorry to say she is not fully housebroken.  She is much better when confined to small areas when I am gone.  She is excellent in the house so I gave her full access to it but I think it is just too overwhelming for her.
If I baby gate her in the kitchen and family room she doesnít have accidents.  We have had a lot of company lately including dogs and she LOVES to play with them.  She will bark constantly at them and box them until they play with her (or growl at her to go away).   She is very curious so garbageís must be hidden and counters must be clear.  She still counter surfs but stops when told off.  She insists on going with me for every adventure and loves car rides.  She is a really sweet and loveable girl who needs a home where she will get a good amount of attention and training. 

12/06/07 - Gracie is doing great. She is one of the sweetest girls.  She is fully housebroken now and knows sit.  She is getting better on the leash every day.  She loves other dogs and was in heaven over the weekend when I was dog sitting two other boxers.  She is full of energy but also loves to cuddle.  She also is great in the car and now knows to sit and wait before exiting the car (before she would jump out the window when I placed bags in the back).  She is no longer afraid of my 100 pound dog and has played with her nicely.  Again, she is great with cats, kids and adults.  I am in the process of teaching her down, off, stay, wait and come.  She wants to please so training should be easy.

11/26/07 - Gracie joined my family for Thanksgiving. She was awesome!  She didnít have any accidents.  She got along with 3 other dogs, all the adults and was great with the kids (2.5, 5, & 7 years old).  She accidentally got out of the house and came back immediately when called.  She had a blast playing on the beach with other dogs she never met before.  She knows sit now.  She loves to play, take a walk, go for a car ride or just cuddle on your lap.  Yes, she thinks she is a lap dog.  She is just the sweetest dog I ever met.  She is funny too. She barks at the vacuum, wheel barrel, broom, rake, etc. in a playful way. 
She will chase cats if the run but if the stand their ground she will leave them alone.  Last night we went to my sisterís house and Gracie was introduced to their cat who is a 7 pound Sphynx (hairless cat).  She play bowed to see if the cat wanted to play.  The cat then ran after her which was the funniest thing that I ever saw.  Poor Gracie was so scared that she ran & yelped hysterically so we had to separate them.  It is nice to know she wonít hurt a cat, she just wants to play.

11/19/07 - Gracie is such a great dog!  She was wonderful with my 2.5 year old nephew and 5 year old niece.  She did NOT jump at all this weekend and figured out what sit means.  She LOVES to cuddle.  This weekend I found out that she canít handle cow hooves to chew on so the poor baby had intestinal problems but it is fine today.   We have made it 24 hours without an accident so I think she is almost housebroken.  She is a good girl in a crate but is very scared of it so I have to physically pick her up and place her in it.  She also had a bath this weekend which she was excellent but very scared in the tub.  She is a wonderful, sweet girl who would make a perfect companion. 

11/18/07 - From Gracie's foster grandmother - I have been hanging out with Kim and Gracie since Friday.  She is a love.  The pictures on the website donít do her justice.  She is sweet, affectionate, a lap dog, a playful girl full of energy and love.  She woke me up to do her business outside.  She doesnít sleep the whole night yet.  She is decent on the leash but needs some more practice.  She is so light weight that even if she pulls itís no big deal.  She is just starting to get the idea that going potty means to do that outside.  She wonít go out yet without a companion so either Kim or I had to go with her.  She is getting the hang of the sentence ďGo to the bathroom.Ē  When she does what we ask we break into applause.  She did play well with Sugar last weekend but this weekend for some reason Sugar was not interested in playing with Gracie so Gracie had to entertain herself with my 5 year old granddaughter.  She played very well with my granddaughter and was fine with my 3 year old grandson.  When my other daughter met Gracie she gave her tons of boxer wiggles but did not jump up.  Now that I think of it she did not jump up on the kids.  She is a cute puppy with so much love to give.  She will make some family very happy.  She is a bit underweight but does eat well.

11/16/07 - Gracie is doing well.  She finally got over her fear of my dog and asked her to play last night.  She is a great walker but she insists that she has to hold on to her leash while we walk.  We met some other dogs and adults on our walk and she was fine with them.  Tonight I find out what she thinks of kids.   I am sure she will do fine since she is so sweet.  Another cute thing is she attacks vacuums.  It is hilarious!  She has the cutest bark and growl.

11/14/07 - Gracie had her wellness dr. visit and she did fine.  The doctor estimated her age to be 1.5 years old.   She has worms but otherwise is healthy.  The vet would like her to gain at least 5 pounds because she is too skinny.  Gracie will steal your heart.  She is so sweet and gentle.  This is the first boxer I have had that prefers to sleep in the morning.  She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She also loves to play.  She keeps trying to play with the cats with no success.  If my cats run away she chases them but if they donít she gets bored and moves on to a new adventure.   She is a little afraid of my 100 pound Rottie Mix, Scarlette,  so quietly plays around her.  Gracie is partly house broken; she knows to pee outside but prefers to do her other business inside.  That is easy to fix and by my next post she should be fully housebroken.  She doesnít know any commands.  I thought she knew sit but you have to repeat it too many times.  I have been working with the basics (sit, come, stay, off and down) and will continue to do so.   She is great in the car.  She also loves walks.  Since she pulls she is now on a harness.  If you are looking for an easy going young girl who gets along with everyone, Gracie is it.  I will be testing her out with kids under 7 on Friday. 

11/11/07 - Gary met me in NJ to deliver my newest foster girl.  I named her Gracie.   She is a very sweet high energy girl.  She played nicely with my momís small boxer but is very intimated by my large dogs.  She did very well with my cats but keeps asking them if they want to play. When they walk away she goes and nudges them to get a reaction.  
I am not sure if she is housebroken yet since I have been letting her out hourly. 
It is obvious that she has been hit because she ducks if you raise your hands.  She also has a large scar on the side of her chest and one over her eye.  She thinks she is a lap dog and will give kisses until you make her stop.  She seems to know sit if you say it over and over again.
She is puppy like so she counter surfs, goes in garbageís, jumps, pulls while walking and is in constant motion.  I put ďnoĒ under professional training but I would strongly suggest that she has some type of training to learn basic manners. I will start working with her once she settles in.