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OTIS 7/21/07


Pertinent Information - Adopted 11/21/07 - Rainbow Bridge 1/15/10

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Age & Sex: 8 yr. old Male
UTD: Unknown
Weight:  60 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn graying face
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Natural
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: No
Microchipped: No
Shelter  Surrender
Location: Commack. NY

Adoption Donation $150

Otis with his new forever family

1/25/10 - It is with great sadness that we tell everyone that on January 24, 2010 Otis has gone to the rainbow bridge.  Otis' health had been declining rapidly in the past few weeks.  Although he ate as much as ever he was losing weight very rapidly.  He had great difficulty walking and was becoming more and more uncomfortable.  The vet beleived that his cancer had returned and was really getting the best of him.  It was with this in mind that we made the decision to guide him to the rainbow bridge.  I beleive that he knew we were going to help him because although he rarely walked much anymore Sunday monrnig he spent half an hour wandering around the yard finally making a 100+ yard sprint at full speed accross the yard to the front door.  He spent the rest of the day lying on the couch in our arms looking at us with those special eyes of his.  We made arrangements for the vet to come to he house.  When he arrived we placed Otis on his bed and he seemed to be at such peace with what was taking place.  It was such a difficult decision but also such a right decision.  We are thrilled to have had Otis with us for the past 2 years and 2 months.  We cannot begin to express the joy that Otis brought to us and all that came in contact with him. He was the sweetest most gentle dog anyone could ever have.  We can all learn something from Otis because although he may have travled a rocky road prior to coming to us he never let it bother him.  All he ever asked for was a place to sleep, food for his belly, and a walk around the yard.  He has been gone one day but we miss him so much, our house is so empty without him.  Thanks to BAR and all their great volunteers as well as the Glatman's who fostered Otis until we rescued him, you all do such great work.  We miss you and love you Otis.  Gods speed be well at the bridge until we meet again.  Love ya, Diane and George.

12/17/09 - It has been over two years since we adopted Otis.  Although he has slowed down quite a bit he continues to enjoy life here in the Poconos. Otis has been to the vet and now takes medicine for artheritis but the vets have said he is in no pain and actually in remarkable shape for his age.  He spends most of his time laying on the couch or his bed but is quite happy to go out and jog around the yard a couple of times a day.  Otis continues to bring so much joy to us and we are more than happy to help Otis live out his senior years in the best way possible. 

5/25/09 - It has been a year and a half since we adopted Otis and he continues to do well.  Since the weather has warmed up Otis seems to have foud a new burst of energy although his favorite activity remains laying down and relaxing (boy has he figured out life).  While his sister Chambourcin runs around the yard Otis will lay there watching, I'm sure he is thinking she will "get it" someday.  Otis had a bout of pancreatitis several months ago but with medication and watching his diet he has completely recovered.  His weight is now 86 pounds but it was just over 100 with the pancreatitis. Otis still loves to walk on his leash and some days he can go quite a distance although most days we try to keep it short, he will stroll around the yard checking out the cows and vineyard when he wants extra exercise.  We continue to be thrilled to have Otis and he certainly seems happy to be here living life and loving it.  Thanks again to all at BAR for the great work they do.

12/28/08 - Today is Dec28th 2008 and just a quick note to let everyone know that otis is doing pretty good considering he was ill with pancreatitious and now will be . on a special no fat diet stayed home and did not go for the annual xmas tree cutting since it was one way to cold and also it is very hard to take him in and out of the car anymore . He has lost a few pounds and that is what the vet anted him to do. He as over 100 pounds and now is about 90 and there is a definate difference in his energy level. Otis did not go for the annual tree cutting since he wasnt up to par and it was extreamly cold and he has a hard time in a vechical anymore.Otis had 3. just a quick reminder that we have had otis over one yesr already i cant belive it. His birthday was11/21/2008 we rescued him on11/21/2007.

9/16/08 - Just a quick note on how Otis is doing and as always he is doing good. I have to admit that he has been slowing down a bit now, however we still get our morning and evening walks in He is getting tired more easily than before.  He is still  the best dog that we could have asked for and gives us continuous joy.

8/10/08 - I wanted to let everyone to know that Otis is doing fine .We have been busy these days going out and about with my family.  It has been very hot and my mom leaves on the air conditioning for me and my sister so we don't get so hot.  I just wanted to give a quick up date on my self.

5/30/08 - It has been a while since I have updated Otis and I just wanted to let everyone to know that he is doing great.  We have been very busy and he enjoys pulling out the plants that I just planted and has them hanging out of his mouth. Otis has been going to the state park and he isn't into going into the creek and walking in the water.  This memorial day we had a picnic and Otis got to meet the newest addition to my sister-in-laws dogs. He meet a Saint Bernard and a white little sitzue. Otis liked the white dog the best.  He was still a hit with the rest of  the family and our friends that have not had a chance to meet the man, and he is just that a real gentleman.  I will try not to let the updates go so long and few in between next time.

3/12/08 - Just a quick note to let you know that Otis is doing great and has been showing more energy since
 the weather is warming up. He is  still the one and only Ottie.

2/19/08 - Otis is currently doing just fine. Recently he had a lump removed from his neck. It was quite an experience for him but he is now completely recovered. He really seems to have a lot more energy now, yesterday we had a rare 58 degree February day and Otis and Chambourcin spent quite a bit of time outside running around. After all his activity he usually needs a rest and lays on the sofa.  Otis also likes to ride in the car and tries to convince us to take him for a ride just about every time he goes out. Everyone who meets Otis loves him just as we do and as I have said before we are so happy to have him.

1/27/08 - Haven't updated anyone on Otis but he is doing great. he is very active for being an senior dog, perhaps it is because of his younger sister Chambourcin and how they play all the time.  Otis had a quite new years and had some special treats.  The pictures of Otis are coming, I did not forget.


12/14/07 - It has been just over three weeks since we adopted Otis and we could not be happier with him.  From day one he has been a great dog.  He gets along very well with his sister Chambourcin and will occasionally chase the cats although just to play.  He very much enjoys running in the yard and although initially did not want to play with toys he now will play with them.  He likes playing in the snow and had fun on his trip to the Christmas tree farm.  Our vet said Otis could be up to eleven years old and is in fine health with the exception of a tooth that needs to be removed.  We are very happy to have this gentle old guy and give him all the love he wants and needs, just as he gives it to us.  A special thanks to Otis' foster family for keeping him well until he came to us.  He truly is a special dog!!

12/9/07 - Otis is doing great and getting along well in his new home. he just  for his first family outing with the whole family to get a Xmas tree and he was exhausted when we returned home.  He needed a long nap.  Otis is a joy to have and we are fortunate to have him in our lives

11/30/07 - Otis has been with us for just over one week and is doing very well.  He gets along fine with his two year old sister (Chambourcin) and wants to play with the cats who want nothing to do with him.  He enjoys running and playing in the yard but his stamina is not that great and after a few minutes is ready to lay on the porch or go into the house.  Otis also likes riding in the truck very much and the mention of going bye-bye has him waiting at the door.  This past Saturday Otis went to the vet he was very well behaved and pronounced to be in good health with the exception of needing to have a tooth removed.  Otis is a great dog and wants to be with us all the time he also enjoys meeting new people.  He is the most mellow and easy going dog ever.  We just love having him around and thank BAR for bringing him to us.  We also wish to thank Otis' foster Family for taking such good care of him until we found him.  Both they and Otis are truly special.  

11/25/07 - Otis is adjusting well to his new home with his 2year old sister who is a boxer also. He is a real joy to have and is getting use to the cats/cows. He loves to go for rides in the truck and he has just meet his new vet.  her name is doctor Karen and he is in good shape other than his tooth that has to be removed on 12-20-07. We are very lucky to have Otis in our lives. He has meet many of our family members and they just love him. I will update on Otis so everyone knows what he is up to.

11/21/07 - Otis has been adopted.

11/17/07 - Otis is pending adoption.  What a great Christmas he's going to have!

9/7/07 - So sorry for not updating Otis' profile in such a long time.  It's just that what else can you say about the "perfect" dog!  It seems that whenever anyone lays eyes on him, they join the Otis fan club.  Otis enjoyed the summer, paling around with my dogs, lying in the shade on a warm day and greeting anyone who came to my door with boxer enthusiasm.  He may have a gray beard, but he has the heart and soul of playful pup.
We did have a bit of a scare two weeks ago.  Otis had gone in for his neutering, which turned out to be more than a simple procedure, due to his undescended testicle.  The poor boy developed a flaming infection following the procedure, which through us all for a loop.  I  have to say, the whole time he was sick, he was in incredible pain, not once did he whine, cry or whimper.  The doctor was able to prod and manipulate him without a single negative reaction from this ole boy.  He remained the gentleman throughout his whole ordeal.  I am thrilled to report that Otis is back to himself!  He was outside tonight, running and playing catch with my dogs. He's enjoying his walks again and looks forward to play dates with his girl friend, Baylee.  He adores my friend's dog (golden doodle), and again is chasing and romping with her in the backyard.  The perfect ending to this story, would be if we could say that Otis found his forever home.  Unfortunately, he is still looking, maybe you could help him with his search?  This ole boy has much love to share and is looking forward to cuddling with someone who could love him, as much as, he loves them.

8/5/07 - We brought Otis into my dog's vet., on Friday. The whole office fell in love with him! He is such a gentleman. . . he greeted everyone, dog, cat, person, he just loves everyone! By the way, we did "cat-test" him last week, at my friend's house - they have two cats and a dog. Otis wanted to play with the cats as much as he wanted to play with the dog. At the doctor's office, he weighed in at 60 pounds. He tested negative for heartworm, so we gave him his monthly dose of Intercepter. The doctor gave him a full blood test; with results to follow. Unfortunately I wasn't home yesterday for the doctor's call, to actually speak to him, but he left a message saying that everything looked great, as far as the blood test went. I will call to speak to him on Monday. Otis is one smart
 cookie . . . as part of our good-night routine with the dogs, we tell them it's time to out for the "last time", they go out to do their "business", come into the house and go to bed.  For Otis, bed - is in his crate. For the past week and a half, Otis complied and them went straight into his crate. About two days ago, he tried a different tactic. Upon coming into the house, he went straight for the mat in the kitchen and lied down. Looking up at me with those puppy-dog eyes and pleading with me to let him stay where he was. Me, being the push-over, I let him. Well, he has been on his best behavior these past two nights, so we will let him have his way - for bed-time. But, when we are not home, he still goes in the crate. So far, from what I can tell, his vocabulary consists of at least these words: come, house, out, stay, sit, cookie, in, car, walk, and leash. I'm sure there are more, but I just haven't tapped into them as yet.

8/1/07 - Otis continues to win friends and influence people.  He loves any two or four legged friend who
 will give him attention.  He has adapted well to our family routine and just goes with the flow.
  Otis does like to "hang-out" in the kitchen, whether it's to take a snooze, eat, or just watch me
 cook. Though, he does manage to fall asleep right where I need to open a cabinet/door/drawer  . . .
 but I don't have the heart to wake him, he's just so cute!

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