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OZZIE 9/1/07


Pertinent Information - Adopted 11/07

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Age & Sex: 1 to 2 yr. old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  54 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Flashy Fawn
Cats: No
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: No   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Shelter  Surrender
Location: Syracuse, NY

Adoption Donation $300

11/07 - Ozzie has been adopted

11/8/07 - Ozzie is pending adoption with his FTA family.

10/27/07 - I know I have not updated Ozzie for a while...there were things going on here that has delayed the updates.  Ozzie has become very affectionate with me, to a point of being a little pushy about it.  He climbs on my lap frequently and has become a big kisser.  He is always pushing his way in when one of the other dogs is getting attention.  He steals a toy from the other dog all the boy that used to be toy possessive has really learned to share and allows Ozzie to just come barreling over at high speed to take the toy from him.  He always wants the toy that one of the other one has...typical child.
He does become nippy when he gets over excited, but he does know how to be calm and just nap and relax for awhile as well.  He is learning his manners as well.  He really isn't looking on the table and counters much anymore and isn't guarding his food from the other dogs as much, although I do supervise feeding time.  He hasn't gotten into too many things here, although he likes my sneaker...just the puppy in him yet.  He isn't 2 years old yet, so he hasn't hit the magical age where that kind of stuff is over.  He is fully house broken, crate trained, sleeps in the crate at night with no problem.  It did not take him long to learn the routine here of go in your crate for bed or when I leave for work and you get a cookie.  Funny how fast they pick up and learn from the other dogs the things they want to learn!  Ozzie is cute, friendly, not difficult to take care, knows sit, stay, come, down, walks pretty good on a leash when he is not distracted, scoops his food due to his large underbite, can be a picky eater at times, likes to play with toys, balls especially, gets along with the other dogs, listens to no, but will try it again to see if you mean it.  He is sweet and likes to kiss your nose, and he still needs a few pounds on him.  I will see if any of the pictures I took are good and forward them to his page.  Ozzie seems to be fitting in here, hence his foster to adopt status.  The official decision to adopt Ozzie is taking me some time because of the recent loss of one of my dogs that I am dealing with and not because of Ozzie.  He really is a nice, sweet, smart boy that I will most likely make my own shortly.

10/2/07 - Ozzie is improving where he is not quite as scared of everything.  He is playing with toys a bit more.  He likes to play with squeeky balls and tennis balls.  He doesn't know how to ask to go out, so there have been a couple of pee accidents in the house.  Ozzie will not be good with cats.  My neighbor's cat has been in my yard a few times and Ozzie goes nuts along with squirrels as well.
Ozzie is about a 1 to 1 1/2 years old.  When he gets over excited, he has nipped at my ankle and tries to grab at my pant leg at the ankle, hence I would not recommend him with small children either.  He also jumps and in excitement will jump with all 4 paws off the ground.  Ozzie knows the commands sit and down.  I know he knows stay as well, but only when he feels like it. And he knows off, as he usually is told that a few times a day.  He does wait for his food and walks ok on a leash with a few reminders.  I haven't figured out why he really hasn't gained much weight yet.  He eats good, but his bones still show.  Perhaps he has a fast metabolism.  Ozzie can be a kisser if you allow it.  Right now I am not letting him climb on me much, as he needs training and learning what is allowed and what is not. 

9/15/07 - Ozzie went to the vet. the other day.  He weighed in at 54 lbs.  He needs about 10 lbs. on his ribs.  Ozzie is learning how to run around with the other dogs.  He still jumps a lot at their fast stops and turns, but he is learning to run and chase them.  Ozzie is a skiddish dog, scared at every noise and movement.  He was not on his best behavior at the vet.  He was good with the other dogs in the waiting room, but he was very frightened being examined by the vet.  He is taking pills right now for a yeast infection on his toes and his chin.  He is learning to play with toys.  He will run after a toy that is tossed, but does not pick it up and bring it back for a game of fetch.  I will have to teach him how to play that game. 

9/11/07 - Ozzie came here Sat. and is a friendly boxer boy.  He needs probably at least 10 lbs. on him.  Ozzie seems to be housebroken despite a pee accident in the house the 1st night here.  He is great in the crate and there have been no problems there.  Ozzie goes to the vet. Thursday.  It will be interesting to see what age he thinks Ozzie is, as Ozzie tried to chew on furniture even though he has beef end bones to chew on that he seems to enjoy.  He does need training, as he only seems to know sit and walks pretty well on a leash but needs reminders to walk well.  He gets distracted alot walking with other dogs in the neighborhood, squirrels, etc.  He is a jumper and right now is spooked by all noises and movements, hence, no young children and no small animals are recommended with Ozzie at this time.  Ozzie will be spending time training and learning to play with the boxers here.  Check back again for updates on Ozzie's progress.

9/5/07 - Ozzie has arrived. He came over the weekend. I was away so here is the best info I can give for now.  He loves people and attention. He appears to be young and energetic.  He is pretty good with Tony. Outside he is afraid to go far from the door even with the huge enclosed back yard. Inside he is more dominant and has been trying the mounting.  He is excellent in his crate and appears to be used to being on whatever furniture he chooses. We are working on that one. He does like to stand up on you to get to your level for petty. On the ground he seems timid and backs away when you reach to pet him. If you lay down he will get as close as he can to you and put his head next to yours. I think he is young and not taught much in manners. With some work and exercise and trust he is going to be one heck of a great friend and family member. Its early yet and he won't run in the yard but I do bring him to the far end to get him to run a little even ifs it back to the house. He loves my son and is all over him when he enters the room. I think it is evident that he has been hit by the way he backs away and if you reprimand him he runs to another room. Of course being a boxer he comes back and tries it again. He is going to need an active family for his forever home. Look at those big ole sad eyes. You can't tell but he is also very underweight. Will update again after the trip to the vet.


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