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REX 4/29/07


Pertinent Information - Adopted 12/29/07 - Rainbow Bridge 7/15/08

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Age & Sex: 2 1/2 yr old male
UTD: Yes
Weight: ? lbs.
Other Dogs: Medium to Large Yes
Color: Reverse Brindle
Cats: NO
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: No   Over 12:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Long Island

Adoption Donation $300

7/16/08 - Yesterday was a very sad day.  We were taking care of REX when all of a sudden he was having serious problems breathing and swallowing.  Every time he turned he started yelping in pain.  We called the Red Bank Hospital and our Vet at Cream Ridge.  We were advised to bring him in.  Unfortunately he only kept getting worst.  By the time we got there there was nothing they could do.  Rex crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 3:30 pm...  I can not begin to tell you hoe devastated we are.  It just does not seem fair.  He had such a tough life and he finally found a home that truly loved him.  Well, maybe that is what we were suppose to do.  Give him heaven on earth before crossing over.  Our Vet, Dr. Carter called Dr. Glass the Neurologist at Red Bank Hospital and he confirmed that the cancer was in his spinal cord and nervous system.  
Thank You again for introducing REX to us.  He will never be forgotten,  Mary Beth & Marlene

4/8/08 - Well it's been just over 3 months since Rex came home to us. Just wanted to give a quick update,
 he graduated last night from the PetSmart beginner training class!  He is doing very well.  He has
 mastered sit, stay, down, paw & spin by either verbal or hand commands.  Rex has learned leave it
 & take it and is doing well loose leash walking.  I have to keep an eye on him when he is running
 around with my son, he gets so excited playing with him outside, he tends to jump on him sometimes
 and since he is bigger and heavier than my son we have to remind him all 4 paws on the ground.
  Rex is happy & healthy and he is one lovable boy!

2/12/08 - Rex is doing great!  He went back to the vet on 2/1 for follow-up shots & he is now microchipped.
  He has gained a few more pounds and weighed in at 61.7.  He is such a wonderful boxer it's hard to believe he has been here just a month and a half, it just seems like he has always been here.  He is my shadow all day long and he just enjoys being close in the same room with us.  He sleeps in his own bed, he knows the furniture is not the place for him since he is so big he wouldn't leave room for anyone else.  We couldn't imagine our life without him, thank you BAR & Wendy.
Rex starts training next Monday, not that he needs it when he is inside, he listens really well. We want to get him socialized & need to work on his attention span when outside.

1/5/08 - We wanted to let everyone know how well Rex is doing.  Rex went to visit our vet on Friday and is in good health, she would like to see him gain another 5 lbs. but no more, he weighed in at 58.5 lbs.  Rex was so good at the vet's office just sat with us looking around and did well saying hello to a female shitzu.  He is eating well and is actually starting to slow down a bit when eating.  He enjoys playing with his toys with or without us, he gives the little nudge to let us know he wants to play and is also very content to lounge on his blanket.  He follows us around anytime we leave the room, it was quite an experience for him on the stairs, but he has pretty much realized he needs to take his time and does not fall up or down them anymore.  Rex is doing very well with sit and stay and we are working on teaching him to ring a bell tied to both back doors to let us know when he needs to go out, right now he goes towards his leash&n bsp;when he needs to go out.  Rex has a great personality, has shown no signs of aggression toward anyone and plays very well with our 8 yr old son.  Attached are a few pictures.

12/30/07 - Well Rex is home with us and he is such a wonderful boy.  I will be contacting our vet tomorrow to setup an appt.  Just wanted to find out what vaccinations he has had, Wendy mentioned that you would have the information.  We would need the rabies certificate to have him licensed with our town clerk's office.  Thank you so much for all your assistance in bringing Rex to us.

12/29/07 - Rex was visited by a BAR approved family today and they absolutely fell in love with him and adopted him on the spot.  Good luck Rex, you certainly deserve a loving family and home.

7/28/07 - From all appearances Rex is now in perfect health.  He is fully recovered from his neuter surgery- he had a retained testicle.  His coat is soft and shiny and he is doing great on the Eukanuba Premium Performance.  He is a very smart dog who quickly learned the  routine here.  Rex is not a barker and he is not very demanding at  all.  He seems very grateful for anything that he receives here.  Rex would love a home with a  medium or large spayed
girlfriend, and/or an owner who will play ball with him and take him on walks.  He loves to run and play in the yard  and he does acrobatic moves like a Lippizaner horse.

6/10/07 -  I decided to write my own update this time. I have put on some weight lately, but am still thin.  Like any teenage boy, I LOVE to eat. And like any teenage boy, sometimes I have to work on my manners.
My foster family says that the right forever family will be one who is willing to help me learn to be a well-behaved boy. They said that I should definitely go to school to make some new friends and learn some social skills. I didn't meet many dogs until recently, so I'm still learning how to act around them. And I'm not always sure about other
boys who are on my turf.

But my social skills seem to be working with the ladies...they LOVE me, especially my foster sister. We hang out in the sun and I like to lick her ears. My perfect home has a fenced-in yard, a doggie girlfriend, a ball (one or more), and an owner who wants to teach me lots of new things.

6/4/07 - Rex is still not neutered, as he hasn't gained enough weight yet.  We just need to find the right food combination to put some weight on this little guy.  With the racing around the yard he's been doing, he's burning all that food right off! He is really enjoying the sunny days we've been having.  He and Ruby, my standard Xolo, are best pals and love to play outside. He seems to be better with larger dogs than smaller.  And he does not like cats! We have seen some food-guarding with him (we're working on that, though), but at this point we'd still recommend a home with older kids.

4/29/07 - We're learning all about Rex. First of all, from the pictures, you can see that Rex is an unusually handsome boy. That reverse brindle is stunning...even more so in person. And Rex's coat is velvet-soft, too. Rex's owner had to move to an apartment and could not keep him. Rex spent most of his time with his adult owner, and was not around children or other animals very much.  So every day is a new adventure for Rex. He does not like cats but would probably get along with a friendly medium/large female dog.

Rex is very affectionate and loves to play with toys and run around in the yard.  He is crate trained and 95% housebroken and is scheduled to be neutered soon, which should help with the last of his housebreaking.
Rex is a young, responsive dog, who is eager to learn, so he'd really benefit from a group obedience class.
As he's young, he does have certain ideas about how things should be done (typical teenager), so we'd want to make sure his new owner would be willing to work with him on this.



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