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SOPHIE 8/13/07


Pertinent Information - Adopted 10/07

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Age & Sex: 6 month old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight:  ? lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Brindle
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: Yes
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Shelter  Surrender
Location: Port Jefferson, NY

Adoption Donation $350

10/07 - Sophie has been adopted by her foster-to-adopt family.

8/28/07 - We definitely want to adopt Sophie. We would have to commit my husband if we gave her away!! He is a volunteer fireman, and he takes her to the firehouse every morning. Everyone loves her there.

She is doing great!! I think the colitis is slowly healing and she put on a couple of pounds. She is excellent with the kids and she played with other dogs and loved it and had no problem. I think she really feels at home with us and it's a perfect fit.

Her cough seems to be gone, so we want to sign up for training. I don't think she needs much though, she is really that good. Mentally she is great. I just hope that she continues to get better physically.

9/6/07 - Sophie is pending adoption

8/13/07 - First let me start off with WE LOVE HER already!!!   We named her Sophie.  She is doing so much better today. It's amazing what one day will do.
We picked her up from Gary yesterday AM and he set us up with a crate, food, and some medicine. She was great in the car and slept most of the way on my feet. We stopped off at "Feasts for Beasts" to pick up some food bowls and Tina (I think she owns the place) clipped Sophie's nails and cleaned out her ears. She gave us some tips as well. She, like you, said that the eye (which we thought might be pink eye) may just be from stress. Sophie picked out her first toy (a stuffed lobster).
Most of the day yesterday, we kept her out with us in the backyard. She seems to love the sun as she kept going to one spot in the sun to lie down. She played a little bit with her toy, but she seemed so tired. We just let her get used to her surroundings. I think she marked the whole perimeter of the yard. She has some diarrhea. She is definitely house broken though. She tried to go on the bedroom floor this morning, but I said NO and she stood up and I took her right outside where she went.
We set up the crate with a blanket and a little pillow (see the picture). She went right in. I left the door open for her. I could tell she wanted desperately to sleep, but she was still a little on guard, so I sat with her and pet (or petted?) her and she relaxed and closed her eyes. I was getting a little worried because she seemed so tired, but I felt better when I spoke to you and you explained how she probably hadn't slept well through her ordeal. After a couple of hours we took her for a walk (about 1/2 hour walk). She perked up and seemed to really enjoy it. We put her food in the bowl around 6:00 PM and she didn't seem interested. We tried feeding her from our hands, but she didn't really want it - until I put the egg in there for her. She started to eat around the dry food and just went for the egg, but she did in the end eat some dry food.
After dinner, she hung out with us in the Living Room, or went on her own into the crate. John started playing with her, and we were happy to see some puppy come out ( she was mouthing and boxing on John). She seems really smart.
She did very well in the crate when we went to bed.
This morning, she was a lot perkier!! I took her out before work and John took her out a little later before he went to work. I came home for lunch and her entire butt (not just her tail) was wiggling a mile a minute, which was great to see. Some of my in-laws came over yesterday, and she was great, not nervous at all - her tail was always wagging. When I put her back in the crate to back to work today, she actually whined, which I took as a very good sign that she is beginning to feel comfortable here. (She still hasn't barked yet though).
I just fed her dinner. She ate the entire bowl of food (even with the antibiotic Gary gave us in it.) I'm happy to see that she has an appetite now. She is definitely getting more comfortable with us!
I just wanted to commend all of you at the rescue. You are all very professional and the system you have in place seems to run so smoothly. The compassion and dedication you all have for animals is evident.


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