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SOCKS 7/12/08


Pertinent Information - Adopted 10/08

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Age & Sex: 8 yr old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight:  67 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes   Over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Munnsville, NY

Adoption Donation $150

4/28/11 - Just wanted to let you & BAR know we were taking Socks to the vet this afternoon and she passed away on our way there. And thank you again for letting us adopt her and having her in our lives for the time we did.

10/08 - Socks has been adopted.

9/29/08 - Socks is pending adoption with her FTA home.

8/10/08 - Sorry we haven't posted sooner, has been a very busy summer here in our home!
Socks is getting along great here.  She has really come out of her shell.  She was a little timid at first with our other dogs and kind of stayed more away from them, but now she is playing up a storm with them! 
She loves to take the toys my male doesn't like to share and they play kind of a keep away game with each other and tug of war
I have to laugh because he never let my other female take his toys, he lets Socks and then they play back in forth with them, it's very funny to watch. 
I have a few pictures of this I need to remember how to post them so everyone can see them.
She loves to stay outside and lay down and just watch everything and everyone go by.
We ended up letting her sleep on the floor in our room.  She does not like thunderstorms AT ALL!  She would get to upset in the crate, so this way she is with us and is much more comfortable when it storms or even just in general. And if it storms she isn't wandering around the house looking for us, she is right there. If we aren't home she is left out and goes down to my mothers apt and stays with her for company (good for both actually!)
Socks is a great girl and we love having her here with us.

7/16/08 - Well it has been 4 days since Socks has come to stay with us.  So far so good.  Everyone is getting along great.  She is a great girl loves to shake  and loves to be loved.  A real friendly and lovable dog. 
She loves to be around my husband and son when they are home. 
She stands by the back door when she has to go potty and has not made any messes in the house.
Great girl, love having her in our home.   

7/13/08 - Well Socks arrived here with us yesterday afternoon.  Introductions went pretty well.  My male wanted to play a little more rough so introductions with them will wait a little.  My female and Socks are getting use to each other also.  A little bit of who is going to be in charge today, but we will be working on that, since we are in charge not them!
She slept in a crate last night with her pillow that she had at her previous home. She didn't really want to go in at first but she did and settled right down and never made a peep all night.
She does have a little interest in the cats though.  I think she wants to play with them.  One cat rubs on her and the other wants nothing to do with her. Just watching her right now around the cats just to make sure everything is okay. Not sure yet if she wants to chase or not.
She is also getting along great with our kids.  Our son loves to walk her around outside.  She was pulling on the leash when we first got her, but she is fine now.  I think she was just excited and everything was new. 
We will keep you updated on this sweet girl in the next few days and send along some new pictures. 

7/13/08 - Tragic story - Socks has lived with her family since she was a puppy.  The family lost their middle child, a 16 yr old girl to cancer in February and the family is grieving so badly that they cannot take care of their animals and want them to have a happy home again.  She is obviously a very taken care of Boxer who is described as being friendly, playful, smart, affectionate, and obedient.  She is excellent with children of all ages, good with big and small dogs, males and females and just stares at the new cat at the sitters home and doesn't try to interact with it.  Socks is mellow, but when people come into the house she gets excited. If someone gets on the floor to play with her, she will play!

7/12/08 From one of Socks Transporters:   Hi everyone:  We had the good fortune to do part of Socks' transport today.  She is a real sweetie.  We joke every time that rather than meeting the next person we're just going straight home with the pup we're transporting, because aren't they all sweet? :)  But we really felt that way with Socks today.  Eight years young and what a smooshface.  I thought I'd send a few photos along to the list -- as well as my ongoing gratitude to all BAR foster families and the directors who make the difference in these dogs' lives.  Best regards, Peg

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