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JOE BOXER 10/26/12


Pertinent Information

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Age & Sex: 4-6 yr. old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight: 45 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color:  Fawn
Cats: Dog savvy cats only
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: ?   Over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Needs to gain weight first
Microchipped: Yes
Shelter Stray
Location: Pittsfield, New Hampshire

Adoption Donation $250

1/17/2014: Thanks to all of you who stepped up to rescue Joe and transport him to me in New Hampshire back in October of 2012. For those of you who didn't know Joe he was a young Boxer/ hound mix that Gary found in the Brooklyn shelter when he went to rescue Apollo. He arrived skin draped over bones with severe diarrhea. The first night was an adventure as I rushed him to an emergency clinic after holding him in the shower for an hour. Turns out he had severe bronchitis and pneumonia! Never one to give up, Joe fought with all he had. After a week I was madly in love with this little fighter! Within a month he was looking much better. Although it took 3 months to really cover those ribs, he was thrilled to have a home, food served at regular intervals, a playmate in Brandy and gave back twice as much love as he received. His walk was definitely abnormal; like a clown at the circus exaggerating big steps. Little did we know that he would turn out to have Demylinating Neuropathy. That is the myelin sheaths on his muscles were being broken down rapidly causing that odd gait. With no cure known his time was limited. I did a lot of research and found this is more common in Boxers than I knew. He persisted, never giving up. We started with a rear lift harness, transitioned to a "walking wheels wheelchair", back to the rear lift harness and finally to full body carry as he lost more and more muscle and the ability to get up vanished. A big thanks to my Dad who never complained about all the extra trips outdoors Joe had to take when I was at work. And to my Vet practice for all their unconditional support. Just before Christmas 2013, Joe began to have trouble swallowing even soft food so we made that dreaded last trip to the Vets. She had warned me in October the decision would be soon have to be made but Joe wasn't ready and neither was I. So we both put up with the incontinence, daily baths, hour long feedings and more. I don't have to tell you folks. I know many of you have done this and more for the love of a dog who had touched your heart...

My Granddaughter Kayla (age 4) recently spent one afternoon explaining to me that dogs are angels too. Her theory is they don't get wings in Heaven, just new bodies so they can run again. And lots of bones ... So Bless you Joe as you run with Reggie, Brandy and April ( my Bar sweethearts) and Bentley, Samantha, Rocky and Abbey (Boxers I was privileged to love before I joined BAR.)

12/4/12 - Joe has been adopted

10/28/12 - This is a very sweet dog who wants to please. Responds well to affection and soft voice. He rides well in car and quiet when left crated. Will not enter crate on his own but allows you to put him in crate. Likes to play with balls especially squeaky ones when he is feeling well enough.  Excellent to handle at home and for Vet.  He is very thin, needs to gain quality weight slowly and to take very short walks/play to increase muscle & balance. He needs reassurance as he is very timid at times.  He has a respiratory illness and is being treated with 2 antibiotics.  He also has Diarrhea and is emaciated.  He has poor balance & gait due to no muscle strength and he falls over at times. For these reasons he will be on  medical hold for the time being while he is pampered and cared for by his foster mom.

10/23/12 - Joe will be transported to his foster home in NH on Friday 10/26/12.

10/18/12 - Here is a video of Joe Boxer taken at the shelter: