Blue Jeans for Boxers   

Want to help BAR, but don’t have a lot of time to give?  Search no more, here’s an idea for you!  As you know, veterinary costs are ever increasing.  Every extra penny BAR can raise goes a long way.  How about sponsoring a “Blue Jeans for Boxers Day” at work?  Seymour Middle School in Seymour, Connecticut raised over $1000.00 for rescue this year.  I facilitated “Blue Jeans for Rescue” with a colleague who volunteers for North Eastern Rottweiller Rescue, and we split the collection.

All you need to do is check with your boss, and if it’s okay, you’re on your way.  Simply put out an informative letter or email to your colleagues explaining what you’re doing and give a little background about BAR.  Watch the donations roll in!  If you need help composing a letter, just email me directly and I can send you an attachment of what I used.  Dina –


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