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New Foster Dogs and Stress

A dog just coming in to the foster system experiences a great deal of stress. Get some information here on how you can tell if the behavior is stress or something else, and how to deal with it.

Do's and Dont's for Adopted or Foster Boxers

A new home can be both exciting and stressful for a Newly Rescued Boxer. Don't forget many of these beautiful dogs have been neglected or abused, and have been moved around from various homes, shelters, and kennels. During the first few weeks your Boxer does not know if your home is permanent or if he can trust you and your family. You have to earn each other's trust.


Medical Information for new Fosters

Or, how many germs can one dog BRING into a home? It seems like we go through up and down cycles of dogs coming into rescue with nasty upper respiratory infections, commonly called kennel cough. People who have fostered for a while know that this is the equivalent of the common cold for dogs and will, generally, run its course without any intervention. Sort of like a cold! In general, a by keeping the dogs separated vet will put a dog with kennel cough on a course of antibiotics to prevent any chance of the illness progressing into pneumonia (it happens, not frequently though!) Read more...

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