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Foster Home Application



City:      State:      Zip:


Home Phone:         Cell Phone:

Best time and place to reach you:      


Employer:      How long at current Job:

Spouse/Significant Other's Name:      Occupation:

Employer:      How long at current Job:

Names and ages:

How many children in your home:      Ages:

If children are present in the home, have they ever been exposed to dogs before?    


Personal References (not related to you please):

1)  Name:      Address:

     Home Phone:      Relationship to applicant:

     Years Acquainted:

2)  Name:      Address:

     Home Phone:      Relationship to applicant:

     Years Acquainted:

3)  Name:      Address:

     Home Phone:      Relationship to applicant:

     Years Acquainted:

Name, phone number and Address of your current veterinarian. If you do not have any pets currently, but did, please provide previous veterinarian information.

Description of your Home:

1. What kind of home do you live in?


2. Do you:


3.  If you rent, please provide the name, address, and phone number of the Landlord:

4.  How long at your current address: Years   Months

5. Do you have a fenced in yard?        

6.  If Yes or partial fencing, please provide approximate measurements, height and type of fencing:

7. Do you have a Kennel Run?        

8. If Yes, please provide approximate measurements of your kennel run:

9. If No, how will dog be exercise & toilet be handled:

10. Which best describes your home?


11. Is there anyone in your home with animal related allergies-If so please explain: 

Pets in Foster Home: 

1. Do you presently own any dogs?      

2. If yes, are they spayed or neutered?    

3. Other pets in home?     

4.  List names, breed and gender of each of your current pets (cats, dogs, etc.):

     Pet #1      Pet #2

     Pet #3      Pet #4

     Pet #5      Pet #6

5. How many other dogs have you owned in the last 5 years?     

6. What happened to your last dog?    

     Died-list age and cause:

     Other-please explain:

7. Are all of your animals (dogs/cats) on heartworm preventative and flea and tick control?   

Living Environment:

1. Where will your foster dog spend most of the day?

2.  If Indoors:

3.  If Outdoors:

4.  How many hours will the foster dog be alone each day:

5.  Is someone home at all times or will the dog need to be alone for a portion of the day: 

6.  Where will the foster dog sleep?

Exercise and Discipline:

1.  How would you exercise your foster dog:

     Fenced area attached to home-please explain:

     Walks on leash-please explain:

     Other-please explain:

2. Have you ever house trained a dog ?

     If yes, please describe your method used to house train:

3.  What is your definition of disciplining a dog:

4.  How would you handle a dog's destructive behavior? For example, dog gets into garbage, chews, etc:

5. Have you or your family ever owned a Boxer?   

6. Why do you want to foster a Boxer? 

7. Further comments or additional information that you would like us know:

8. Do you agree to allow a Boxer Rescue agent to visit your home prior to fostering?

9. Please let us know how you heard of our organization?

Be sure to complete the entire form. The more accurate the information is, to faster the process will go!

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