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BOZLEY 4/13/05



Pug - Adopted 7/30/06 - Rainbow Bridge 11/4/06

4/27/05 Pictures

11/16/03 Pictures

Pertinent Information
10 yr. old, Male Pug
22 lb. Owner Surrender
Neutered and UTD
Being Fostered in Nassau County, Long Island
Adoption Donation $150 + $20 Microchipping


11/5/06 - Horrible news. The Boz man passed away Saturday! It was quite sudden and unexpected. I took the boys outside as usual right before supper and he lifted his leg and pee'd on the porch post like he always does, and then walked in a circle 3 or 4 times and fell down and couldn't get up. I carried him into the house and laid down with him on a blanket and stroked him. Within four or five minutes he was gone; no crying, no wincing... nothing! The doc told me it must have been his heart as it didn't look good to him on Boz's last visit.

Winston, needless to say, is heartbroken (as we all are). My 11 year old came over and spent Sunday snuggling with him and he's been sleeping in bed with me the last two nights, but he's clearly lost without his Boz! He hasn't been eating yet (Carol made some broth for him and that didn't work either), but I did manage to hand feed him some people food last night. I'll have to find a suitable companion for him soon, as he's clearly not a loner  by any means!
I knew this day would come with all of them, but I didn't expect it so fast. I'm crying again as I'm writing this! These guys have been such little treasures for me! I'll keep you posted on Winnies progress as I know he'll recover from his loss. He's got a heart of gold, and despite his physical disabilities, the strength of a lion!

10/29/06 - I have to share an experience we had this morning with everyone. I was awoken @ 4 o'clock this morning by a horrible hacking noise which I knew immediately was Bozley.
I waited for 2-3 minutes to see if it would stop and it didn't, so I headed down the stairs to see what was wrong. About half way down, it stopped. When I got to the bottom of the steps, around the corner comes Winnie "haulin tail" (moving as fast as I've ever seen him) and he's grunting a mile a minute. My first thought is "Oh God, no"!
I turned the living room light on and Winston turned around and headed back to the dining room, still grunting away. When I got to the dining room where the boys sleep, Bozley is not on their pillow, but pressed up against the wall a few feet away. I start stroking him and softly calling his name, while Winnie is moving back and forth sniffing Boz. After about 5 or 6 strokes Boz wakes up, looks at me, then at Winnie with this "What's up?" look on his face. I sat with them for about ten minutes and when I felt sure everything was ok went into the kitchen to make coffee. When I returned, they were already fast asleep, curled up on their pillow.
It's as if Winston had told Bozley, "Hang on buddy, I'll go get help"! It shows just how tight the bond truly is between these two old fellows. As I was driving to work this morning I couldn't help but think that when it comes to loving your pets, it can't get any better than this!
-the over the hill gang-

10/16/06 - The boys are doing fine. I think they're completely comfortable that this is their home. Winnie has even quit barking at other dogs in the neighborhood (I guess he doesn't feel threatened anymore and knows this is his yard). He was quite taken back when Lacey passed and spent the better part of a week sitting at the back door staring out the window. I think he was waiting for her to come back.
   He's lost some mobility and some mornings when I take them out and he's sitting, he is unable to get his rear legs swung around, so I have to go over and stand him up, then he takes off. He can't snuggle on the couch with me and Boz because he's rolled and fallen off a couple of times. So he sits by my feet when we're watching TV or reading. Boz insists on being on the couch and will stand there and whine until I put him up, then he snuggles up.
   So in fairness to Winnie, we've created the Friday night TV-a-thon, where if Winnie can't come to us, we go to him. I spread a sleeping bag out in the middle of the living room floor with a blanket and pillow and we all snuggle up and stay up late watching ballgames or movies. Winnie snuggles on the blanket and pillow and Boz burrows down under the blanket.
   This is when I decided I'm glad these boys aren't kissers, as Boz has absolutely the worst breath I've ever been exposed to. I get concerned that he'll smother under the blanket so I lift it up to give him some fresh air and it's then that a blast of his breath escapes and can actually put tears in your eyes. Carol gave me a couple different kinds of breath biscuits but they appear to only help while he's eating them.
    Anyway, I usually wake up in the middle of the night with no covers, wedged against the sofa and find the boys snuggled up together in the middle of the blanket. I don't know how long we'll continue to do this as one of us tends to wake up with a stiff back!
    I did plan on sending some current photos, but in the meantime look at their earlier posts with the two curled up on their pillow @ Gary's house. The only difference here is the color of the pillow. These guys are certainly set in their ways! Well, that's it for now.-the over the hill gang-

8/30/06 - Just wanted to let everybody know, Bozley is fully recovered and all three are doing fine.

8/23/06 - Hi everyone! Well, it's been about a month now and it no longer is the boys and Lacey, but truly the "gang".
   When she's not snoozin', "little sis" (Lacey) follows the boys around and while they don't let her sleep on their pillow, she does snuggle right up against it. Boz pays her the most attention. She takes the lead @ mealtime; getting a little bouncy and her tail curls up again. I do worry about her. She's very fragile and she seems to have lost some energy the last week or so, but she surely enjoys the peace and quiet.
    Winnie ("the love Bug") follows me everywhere and has developed a new habit, "barking". When we are out in the backyard and someone walks down the side street, Winnie takes off like a bolt of lightning barking at the top of his lungs. Unfortunately, Lacey, Bozley, and I are the only ones who hear him, and by the time he gets to the edge of the driveway, they're usually a couple of blocks away. He's working on it!
  As for Bozley; whom I fondly refer to as "the cantankerous old fart"; has certainly made himself at home. He walks around like he signs the mortgage check every month. In the morning when I'm showering, if he can't push the door open, he scratches 'til I open it. After dinner when we're all playing on the living room floor, Boz will play along for a couple of minutes, but then whines for me to put him up on the couch. I guess he likes to keep an eye on his domain. He's had a couple of rough days. Sunday night he started hacking real hard. Carol called me at noon on Monday and said he was still doing it so I made an appointment for Monday night at the animal hospital. They examined him but told me to drop him off Tuesday morning (yesterday)to do tests and xrays. They said he has congenital heart disease (enlarged heart) and had fluid in his lungs. In addition to his current med, they gave me 2 more; one to dry his lungs out and one to lower his blood pressure. He'll have to be on all three permanently. He had a quiet night and seemed better already this morning although they said it would take a couple days to clear up. While things are not going without incident,  everyone is being well cared for and given lots of love.
   As for me, the high point of my day is pulling into the driveway after work and seeing those three little "munchkins" waiting at the patio door for me. Like I said, we're all taking good care of each other!
- The over the hill gang -

7/27/06 - Just a quick note to let you know "the over-the-hill gang" is settling in nicely. While the boys are a little finicky with their food thus far (definitely eat all their people food), Lacey dives right in 'til her bowl is empty. Same @ potty time, Lacey & Winston get their business done quick, and Boz, well he's Boz. He's already marked every tree and bush in the yard. He had a marking accident in the house when he got here, but nothing since. Everyone is settling in nicely. Lacey keeps pretty much to herself and Winston will follow Boz around from time to time, but Boz is like my
shadow. I swear he's so close, if I pass wind, he'll cough. He insisted on sleeping with me last night. I tried to ignore him, but he stood there grunting and finally barked. So I gave in and he spent the night curled up on my legs. Well, that's all for now! Just wanted to let you know, everyone is doing fine.

7/30/06 - Winston and Bozley, "brothers" for over 3 yrs, have been together while in Boxer Angels, were adopted out together, and when a life changing even forced them to have to be returned together, came back and were fostered together for almost 1 1/2 yrs. They were very dependent on one another (well, actually Bozley more so on Winston, but none the less dependent) and the decision was long ago made that they would not be split apart. Over the last 1+ yrs, we have had applications for one or the other, but we were not going to entertain that.

It is not everyday that we get applications for a senior pug, we hardly ever get an app for a pair. All were resigned to the fact that Winston and Bozley would remain in foster care together for the remainder of their days, which, quite frankly, was just fine. These are 2 of the gentlest souls you will ever encounter. They ask for nothing, are content with anything and everything you give then.

Needless to say, it was a quite a pleasant surprise when we recently rec'd an app asking for Winston and Boz. As the application process proceeded, the results could not have been better. It slowly started to sink in that maybe, just maybe, these two "brothers" were going to get a home of their very own. While talking to Will, their prospective daddy, we mentioned that recently we "found" Lacey, who was also looking for a home, and Will said...sure, I would love to have her too.

Lacey had developed a cold, and was not responding to her antibiotics, so as we got closer to the end of the process, we were not totally sure she was going to be ready. A visit to the vet, a change of antibiotics and presto, Lacey's condition improved over the next day or so.

Their prospective home was in Binghamton, NY, and the trio was being fostered on Long Island. Normally a home visit, the last step in the process would be done by a local volunteer, and then, if approved, the adopter would come down and get their new babies. That was not going to be good enough for me in this case. So, Saturday, we packed up the convertible, got everyone comfortable, and took a 3 1/2 road trip to do our very own home visit and see if everyone was happy and sure that this was the perfect place for them. It was a beautiful drive, beautiful day, and a perfect trip. When we arrived, there was a sign out from welcoming the "over the hill gang", with pic's of all three. Neighbors were clearly waiting for our arrival. The home visit went very well, the guys all checked out the grounds, and all gave the thumbs up.

After fostering the boys for as long as I did, I obviously had some mixed emotions when it was sinking in that these boys, who I considered members of my household, would not be coming home with me, and that they did, in fact, have their very own new daddy. Even Lacey girl, who I have spent the last 2 months with, had her very special place in my heart. I was quite proud of myself, I did not cry in front of anyone.  I pulled myself together and left, knowing that my job was completed for these guys.  I had promised Winston and Bozley they will never be separated, and I kept that promise. I also promised Lacey girl that I would find her a perfect home for her, and I kept that promise.  I refer to this day as a "trifecta", and could not be happier for them. They all got exactly what they deserved.

I will look forward to their updates and wish them all a happy and healthy life together.
Take care guys, you were all very special to me, Love you guys.....your foster daddy, Gary

7/30/06 - Bozley is pending adoption

3/8/06 - It's hard to believe that Winston and Bozley have been here for almost 1 year. They are such darling little old men.  They love to cuddle with each other and like to eat in the same area.  They also like to share their food.  Bozley likes to eat all the people food first, even if it means trying to steal some of Winston's as well. Winston doesn't mind, but I usually don't allow it to happen that often.

Winston moves around slowly due to the weakness in his hind legs, but gets around without assistance.  He picks up speed when he sees a pig ear on the floor. These past few days have been a little warmer, and Mr. Boz likes to walk up about 10 steps and hang out on our upper deck.  If he was a lazy boy he would hang out on the lower decks.  Bozley also likes my Sharpei.  My Sharpei doesn't like too many dogs, but she dances around Bozley when he pays attention to her.

Winston loves Bozley and humans over other animals.  He will sit right by the computer if anyone is on it.  Winston also loves his treats.  He doesn't always finish his food, but he never refuses a cookie.

These boys don't require much care.  All they need is love and attention, as much as you want to give. These 2 little guys are very happy here, but for the past year they have been waiting patiently for their forever home. Can we tell them that their wait is coming to an end?

4/27/05 - Bozzer man is back, and what a pleasure he is. Yes, this boy is 11+, but you would never know it. He gets around great, does steps, and is quite alert.
Look at that face.....GOD is this guy cute. Boz keeps pretty much to himself, with his brother Winston, but occasionally hangs with the other dogs. Boz takes a day or so to get used to other dogs, as he still tries to be a bit dominant in the beginning. It's really no biggy, he does this low level growl, and "stares", and as soon at the other dog shows him they don't care for that, he moves on. He is now getting along great with all the dogs, big and small here.
Boz is in great shape, as you can see from the pics, other then his gray muzzle, he looks well proportioned. He is also a character. When we ask the dogs if they want to go out, Boz is always the last one out the door, and not always voluntarily. His usually has made himself comfortable on his big, plush pillow, and he doesnít want to leave his spot. So he looks at you as you say, "come on Boz, lets go out buddy", and as you walk toward him (as he clearly has no intention of moving) he rolls on his side. So, we pick him up and take him out. He does his business and seems to enjoy being out. It is not uncommon to see him settled on the deck and sunning himself.
We are looking for someone who is not afraid to commit unconditional love to a Sr. boy. This is a great guy, and we would love to see him and his brother Winston stay together. If you are interested in Boz, please fill out an app and ask for this great guy by name. Trust me, you will not be sorry. He is well worth it!!

4/13/05 - Several weeks ago, one of our previous adaptors had to make a decision that all of us hope NEVER to have to make. She had to give up here beloved dogs. Dramatic changes to her life including losing her home and being 7 months pregnant meant she had to go live with relatives, and no dogs were allowed.
This was a very special adopter, as she had adopted 3 pugs from Friends of BAR, 2 of which were Sr. boys. She loved these guys with all her heart, and that heart was clearly broken with this unfortunate event. We promised her that her babies would be fine, and have let them settle back in their original foster home.
Haley, the younger and more independent of the bunch has moved to a foster home who had just adopted Pugsley and wanted a chance to foster a pug.
The boys, Boz and Winston are doing great. Boz is approx 11 now, and Winston is estimated to be 9-10. We are going to try to place the 2 boys together, and they clearly enjoy each otherís company. They constantly sleep together, and hang together too.
All are eating great and settled beautifully.
So come back and see how these 3 pugs are making out, and if you always thought about getting a calm pug or pugs, we have your guys right here at BAR.

11/28/03 - Hi everyone, it is Friday the 28th of November and Mr. Boz is home here in CT! Our poor guy just shivered with nervousness during the two hour car ride even though he had little Win-Win cuddling him on a nice warm blankie with a couple of new stuffed, squeaky friends. His new and excited Papa kept an interesting conversation going with the two boys while keeping a warm hand petting them for reassurance. Mom did all the driving. Now that we're home Mr. Boz feels much more safe, he had a good meal and checked everything out even marked a spot or two. Winding down Boz came up on the couch to lay with Mom and enjoy the kisses and massage. Our little man Winston was a little nervous during the ride home but it seemed to be more of an excited nervousness than anything else. When we arrived home Winston just wanted to stay by Mom so we just walked around and checked everything out. He ate a good meal and went outside with Boz to check out the entire yard and of course to follow Boz around while he marked about a hundred different spots. At the end of the night we all went up to bed, of course all four of us were in the bathroom at once while we brushed our teeth. And once the boys were airlifted into bed as it is too high for them, they both claimed what seems to be their forever spots for bedtime. Boz digs his way under the covers and plops himself half on/half off Moms ankles, using my ankle as a pillow (how uncomfortable). Winston's spot however is cuddling into Moms armpit with the blanket only half covering him. Well, I swear these boys knew right away that they were home and I honestly could not ever imagine being without them. We will definitely write soon with more updates. All our love, Bill, Kevin, Angela, Bozley and Winston.

11/30/03 - Bozley has been adopted

11/26/03 - Bozley is pending adoption

11/14/03 - Boz here again. Not much has changed. I am still the friendliest guy around. Get along with all the 4 legged animals and 2 legged alike.
Had my vet appt today and guess what...he didn't hear a murmur!! Said I am in good shape just gotta clean my teeth. I heard foster mom talk about that the other day and how much she hated it...also said I was lucky though as I get to be sleeping when they do mine:o))
My appt for a neuter will be in the next week or so then I will be ready to roll on out of here to my new home....would you like me?? Look at my cute little can you not:o) Hope to see you soon. Me.

11/3/03- Hi everyone, my name is Bozley and I am forever grateful to Boxer Angels Rescue for helping to get me out of the shelter I was in.

You see I had this collar on and it was marked "euthanasia" along with my buddy Buzz's collar. Along happened BAR volunteers and they could not let this happen to me and my bud so here we are safe and cozy in a foster home in NY.
We have had baths, the collars were removed before we even left the need for those anymore...YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!
I am an older gent but I still have lots of love left to give. When you pet me I like to roll around and act all funny. I snore when I sleep...foster mom thinks it is cute...the boys in the home aren't too sure about it. I have a slight heart murmur that will be looked at by the vet, blood work will be done then I have to have this thing done called a neuter if I am healthy enough...oh boy, I hope it is a good thing.
Mom says I do have to learn to stop lifting my leg in the house...can't help it,,,it's a guy thing but I am trying to get better at listening to her.
Well it's late and mom says I have to go out and then off to bed.
I will write more after my vet appt....think of me and taking me home to love...will write soon..Boz

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