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DEXTER 4/11/04

Rainbow Bridge


Shih Tsu




Pertinent Information
8 - 9 yr. old  Male
12  lb. Shelter  Surrender
Tan and White
Good with other dogs, cats and older children
Neutered and UTD
Being Fostered near Middletown, NY
At the Rainbow Bridge 6/13/04

6/13/04 - Our little Friends of BAR buddy, Dexter, lost his fight for life today and I had to put him to sleep.
For those of you watching his site you know he had a bad heart. Today he had many seizures and was crying in pain so the very hard decision to put him down was made.
Dexter was just the sweetest boy that anyone could ever want for a dog. It was so unfair that at 10-12 years of age he was put in a shelter with no hope for adoption. He was taken in and given much love and gave so much in return.
He was a very quiet boy who spent most of his time napping in my living room. I will miss him dearly.
Dexter we love you....your friends at BAR.

5/12/04-I has been a while since our last update but Dexter continues to be a wonderful house guest.
He is in his senior years and prefers to just lay on a doggy bed and watch the rest of the gang run around and play.
I had Dexter to the vet yesterday as over the weekend he had what seemed to be a seizure. The vet checked him over good and found that Dexter now has a heart murmur of a grade 5. He was just at the vets for neutering and to have a cyst removed and had a full check up and the murmur was not present.
Doc said his mitral valve has collapsed and is now "flapping" and not working as it should and thus the murmur. He as stated that when the valve collapsed as it did this caused him to have the seizure.
We are starting him on heart meds and keeping him cool and quiet and hopefully it will help with his prognosis.
Please keep Dexter in your thoughts and prayers so we can help him to feel better soon.

4/11/04 - Dexter has actually been here for a couple of weeks now....I have just gotten lazy at putting him up for adoption. He is such a sweet boy and so very quiet you just don't realize he is here. He is a boy we saved out of a shelter that is looking for a place to call home for his senior years. Dexter loves nothing more then to lounge around and sleep the days away. He is wonderful in the crate or out of it. I have left him loose in the home many times and he never touches a thing. He is fine with the other dogs around although he does not play with them, he would rather just watch. The cats are not an issue with him is as if they are not even there. Won't you find it in your heart to give this special boy a home to call his own.