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JULIAN 12/5/06
Friend of BAR



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Breed:  Pekinese
UTD: Yes
Sex: Male
Other Dogs: Yes   Cats: Unknown
Age: 3 yrs old.
Children under 5: Unknown
Weight:   lbs.
Children over 5: Yes
Color:  Multi Colored Browns
Mandatory Professional Training:  No
Neutered: Soon to be
Microchipped: Yes
Shelter Surrender
Location:  Nassau County, Long Island, NY

Adoption Donation $300 + $20 Microchip Registration

1/07 - Julian has been adopted

12/5/06 - Several weeks ago, while picking up a boxer, the shelter people asked if we could help a little Peke guy. Curious, as we are not asked too often for Peke’s, I asked to see him. When I looked in the cage, I was surprised at this sweet little boy, who had “CUTE” written all over him. He did not look aggressive, so I asked why this boy was there. They told me he had some sort of skin condition, and no one wanted him. Well, I look at this area and yes, it was flakey and balding, but what the heck. So I think to myself, all the people who have seen this dog over the last week or so and passed him up? These must be the same kind of people who would see a diamond lying in the mud and leave it there because it was dirty. Why not pick it up, clean it up, and you now have a gem. Well, that is exactly what I did with Julian. We picked him up, took him home and brought him to the vet. A  skin scraping was done, and nothing was found.  He was put on antibiotics, given a special bath with medicated shampoo, and his hair is growing back.  The area that was affected was a spot on his back that now has some hair growth.

Little Julian is such a sweet little boy, who does not have a mean bone in his little body.

He loves walking around with stuffed animals in his mouth.  If another dog approaches him and wants the toy, he drops it immediately.  He gets along great with all the other 7 dogs in foster land.  He also gets along with the other 4 dogs upstairs.

Mr. Julian does have one annoying little habit.  He licks any uncovered skin on you until his tongue dries out.  You  always have to keep our feet and legs covered when you are around him :o))

He is totally housetrained, and his appetite is beginning to pick up. He is really a super, super dog. He loves to be picked up and have his belly rubbed while he licks your face.  Thank goodness that his breath is good.  I love this little boy so much, that if he doesn't get adopted soon, I may not let him go.  Since there are already have 6 forever dogs, I know in my heart that it wouldn't be fair to keep him. 

Julian needs to be neutered, which will be done this weekend. The shelter did not want to neuter him till his condition had cleared, which it now has  After he is neutered, Julian will be ready for his forever home.  He would love a home where he could be around people most of the day.  Another dog would be fine, but not necessary.  He would also love a home where there would be lots of toys and people to play with.  If you have an empty lap, and a lot of love to give, Julian is waiting for you





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