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MUGSY PUG 3/15/03



Mugsy's Foster Journey

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Pertinent Information
9 yr. old Male Pug
20 lb. Owner Surrender
Neutered & UTD
Being Fostered in Nassau County, Long Island, NY
Adoption Donation $125

10/6/05 - Today was a very, very difficult day for our family. Our very 1st pug, Mugsy had to be put to sleep today. Poor Muggs, he had a tumor in his inner ear, diagnosed months ago, and could not be operated on. His age, general health, and location meant there was nothing that could be done. Meds initially shrunk the tumor a bit, but it was just delaying this day for a bit.

Mugsy was a super dog, yes he was handicapped, yes he was old, but we wanted him and loved him, and we were blessed with him. We had 2 1/2 great yrs with him. He was a health mess, he gave us plenty of scares during his yrs here, we thought we had lost him 2 times, but he kept pulling thru. He was a real fighter.

I loved this dog as much as a dog could be loved. He couldn't go for walks like the rest of the dogs, with his handicap his front paws would knuckle under, and if on concrete, he would scrap them and they would bleed, so Mugsy's walks were limited to the grassy back yard. He was very happy there. He lived with lots of dogs, both 4-legged brothers and sisters, big and small, and fosters too. He loved his pug brother Bailey, who we lost in March of this year. He would love to just hang with him, where you found one you would find the other. We believed he missed his brother very much when Bailey passed in March. Well, they are now together again, both healthy and free of the cancer's that took its toll on their bodies.

Mugsy, I am so sorry your life was not easy, but we know you knew the love you had here, and we were blessed with your love for us. We will miss you terribly, but know that you are happy and pain free, and waiting for our time together to being sometime in the future. I will miss my sleeping buddy; you were always there, right next to me every nite, giving me tons of those stinky kisses until the both of us would fall asleep.

Be well my little friend, your sleeping buddy, Dad.


5/3/03 - Hi, this is Mugsy, and boy am I enjoying my new life. My new mom and dad are just the best, and I have lots of 4 legged friends. There were 4 others, last time I counted. Mom and dad took me to the vets for a checkup and to have some work done. They kept telling me my breath could kill a horse, and they kept brushing my teach, which I really didn't mind that much. Well, they had me in the vet, and he did a scraping and now my teeth are pearly white again, although dad says my breath could still use some improvement. Oh well, guess I'm not perfect, but he loves me just the same. And he lets me kiss him all I want, so I guess the breath can't be so bad, right? While at the vet, they took some x-rays of my neck and spine. The vet seems to think I have some compression in my spine near my neck, maybe from a fall or something. He wants a specialist from Cornell to look at it to see if i can be helped. Boy, do my mom and dad love me or what? :o)) I am really enjoying this new place. I got the biggest, softest bed that my Aunt Tina bought me, and it is sooooo nice and comfy. I sleep like a log on it. I hate to get up in the morning, cause then mom picks the bed up and puts it away. Oh well, she puts it right down again the next night, so it's not so bad. Well, I'll fill you guys in more on my new life once I know what is going on with the Dr's. Thanks so much again to BAR for getting me this really nice new home. It is the best!!

4/10/03 - Mugsy has been adopted.

3/19/03 - Little Mugsy had settled in very nicely. His disposition canít be beat. He just loves attention, but is not demanding of it. If you sit down on the floor, Mr. Mugsy will come right over and lean into you for some loving. He also enjoys giving those sweet kisses, and we just love being on the receiving end of them.

He has been sharing the lower level with a 1 yr old female pug, and she is all over him. He is tolerating her, but we know that he would just prefer that she not keep knocking him down. When we put her in her crate, he seems a lot more content, so we are limiting the amount of time they are out together.

He is doing very well in his crate also. He sleeps all nite there, and spends part of the day in there also. He can get a little feisty also, and we are enjoying watching him run (or should that be waddle) across the room, chasing his rope toys, and his singing stuffed animals. Snorting, and grunting in typical pug fashion.

He is fine with all my dogs, even my Sharpei, who normally doesnít like foster dogs. My guys (3 boxers and a Sharpei) are a bit older, so the activity level is more to his liking.

He is eating very well, and is a real pleasure to have. If you were looking for a "calm" pug, (is there such a thing :o)), that just loves to be cuddles and held, I have your guy right here. Fill out an app, and ask for the Mug man. He is waiting for his perfect forever home. Can you see that home being yours?

3/15/03 - Last night I met a woman who was kind enough to give my newest foster an opportunity to be matched up to its perfect new home. I introduce Mugsy. a 9 yr old pug. I became aware of Mugsy last week. Vicky, a very kind woman had rescued Mugsy from a shelter last yr, at the age of 8, and placed him in what she thought was his forever home then. 

Because of a change of family situations, he was returned last week. She was only too happy to find someone who would help her find a home for him. I told her we would find the RIGHT home for him. Mugsey is way too heavy, (he is 20 lbs, and that is not helping him) and his toe nails were way to long. I could only trim them a bit, as I hit the quick on it will have to be done in stages over time. 

An Xray from last year seemed to indicate a possible compressed disc, which may be causing him walk in a somewhat awkward manner. When he walks, he seems to look like a drunken sailor. Sometimes his front paws don't lift up high enough, so his knuckles rub the ground, and sometimes he falls face forward. When he walks, he has a sway in his gait". We will try to get the Xrays evaluated for further information

With all that, he is a loving boy, and he has a wonderful spirit. I must admit, I have found myself crying several times today, watching him get around. It is sad to see this, but I am also glad that we will have an opportunity to help him find the right home. He does get around, he just looks awkward doing it. We are gonna try to take some weight off him, which should be a challenge, since he really doesnít move around very much. 

He will stay here for as long as it takes for us to find him the right home. He is excellent with the other dogs, but does prefer it a bit on the quieter side (activity level that is.) He does not make a peep in the crate, and has not had any accidents in the crate. He has had a few in the house, but he has also gone outside, so it may be nerves. We will continue to evaluate him. His appetite is excellent, we are feeding him a light food, and limiting the portions a bit, to see if we can knock off 2-3 lbs. That will definitely help him in his mobility. Here are some pics of the mug man......I gotta tell you, we have fallen for this boy already...he is really a very good boy. Do you have room for this wonderful boy? He is a great kisser, and a real lover.