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APACHE 6/2/04



Apache's Foster Journey - Rainbow Bridge 12/9/04

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Pertinent Information
6 1/2 yr. old  White Male Boxer Mix
 75 lb. Owner Surrender to Shelter
Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Neutered and UTD
Being Fostered near in Queens, NY
Adoption Donation $ 175

12/9/04 - It is with heavy heart that I must let everyone know that at 6:15 tonight I will be taking my current foster, Apache, to the vet to be laid to rest. I love this dog with all of my heart and it has been a very long hard decision for me. I wanted to give it the best go that I could for his sake and kept hoping he would end up ok but he was very aggressive with my 14 yr old and I just can not have that in my home.
I know in my heart that Apache will be waiting for me at the bridge when my time comes and I will be so very happy to see him and the many other dogs that have passed on in my life.
Please say a prayer for this big guy tonight that he has a safe journey to the bridge.
Apache your mommy loves you so very much. You have touched my life as have so many other rescues. I wish you god speed and will be looking for you to great me when my time comes. Tina

11/23/04 -Well I can't believe I am still here waiting for a new mom and/or dad :o(( Everyone who meet me thinks I am the most beautiful dog they have ever seen. I really am getting sad thinking there is no one out there for me. All these other dogs come and go and I sit and wait. I am a real good boy...I love all the other dogs and my family. I like to lean on you or just be next to you. I will go in the other room and lay down all alone if you like too....I just want you to be happy and love me.
I sleep all night, am left loose in the home and get into nothing all day and have no accidents.
I just know there is a special person out there that can love me as much as my foster mom does and hope you will come get me soon.
I am here and waiting....Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Apache.

10/23/04-Apache continues to do well in my home. He does not however care for the cats and has started to go after them so a home with no cats is a necessity.
Apache is a rough player and a vocal player...anyone listening in would think he is trying to rip you apart but he is a very sweet boy. He is doing super with all the dogs, absolutely no issues at all.
My brother stopped by and he was a bit protective of the home when he came in so if your looking for a dog to keep you safe Apache will do the job.
He is super sweet and I just love him.
He has not been crated for a while. He sleeps in with my 14 yr old son and is gated in a room during the day and NEVER even thinks of going over the gate.
Please consider bringing this boy into your home....if you have any questions I will be more then happy to answer them.

10/10/04--I have been SPRUNG!!! Yup I am now in a home with 6, yup 6, other dogs and am loving every minute of it!!
Let me tell you what happened......
I was just minding my own business this morning and this nice fella comes in (thanks Gary) and I hear him say "I am here to pick up Apache" hmmm I thought another dog leaving...then I thought again...HEY THAT'S ME!!!! Go figure...someone came to get me....hurray!!!  So Gary and I go out to his SUV...I jump right up into the back and into the crate I problem...I am so outta here :o))
Guess where we spent the day?? Go ahead guess...alright I will tell you....we went to a vineyard for the day...yup but no drinkin for me...I am not that kinda guy. I am the cool laid back type...anyway we get to the vineyard after a 2 hour ride...lottsa traffic....again no issues..I just hung out nice and quiet cause like I said...I AM SO OUTTA THERE :O)) Anyway we get to the place and there are other dogs there...ya whoooo...I loved them all...big and small...first thing I did when I got there though was roll around in the grass...everyone was laughing at me...guess I looked kinda silly but man it felt sooooo good to do that. Did you know there is no grass in fun :o((.
We were at the vinyard from 1:30 until almost was a fun time and I got so much lovin and sooo many people think I am about as handsome as handsome gets...they just LOVED me!! What's not to love...I am handsome, well behaved, go right into the crate, sleep all night, am gated during the day and I get into no trouble at all...give me a soft bed to lay on and I am in heaven....
Don't get me wrong...I love my foster mom and home but this one little guy here...he is quite the little yapper and wakes me up from my naps all the time...oh yeah and I don't seem to mind the kitties either :o))
My one thing is I do need a home with no small kids...they don't know me well enough to say I will be ok with them so over 10 yrs old only...and hurry I can't wait to meet my new family.

6/25/04 - This morning Apache was moved to the Trainers in Queens till another foster home takes him in.  Apache is a sweet love bug who loves walks, rides in the car, and companionship. We miss him already and we wish Apache the best in his journey to find his forever home.

6/21/04 - Hi everyone I have to tell you all what has gone on in the last week. Foster mom took my #1 to the vet for it to be checked since I have some problems going. Well my final results came back today and I am fine. I am feeling much better. I have given in to the resident pup and I now play tug of war with her. We played yesterday for hours. I guess her annoying me finally paid off. I am very protective of the property and of my fur sister. Boy does she tease me. I must admit I do bark loud and I scare the mailman. But I am really a love bug just looking for someone to scratch me. P.S. I put on a few pounds and hair is growing back in on my scars. Oh yeah and my ear is completely healed.

6/11/04 - Hi everyone, it's me again. I just wanted to let you all know out there that the vet said my blood test was negative whatever that means. I'm feeling better all ready. Foster mom just figured out
today that I know how to stay for a really long time, even if you walk far away from me, then tell me come, and I come a running. Foster mom was also impressed that I knew "paw" and "down". She
said that I should give the resident pup a few lessons. Especially since I know "in" which the pup thinks is "run".
Today, as the resident pup ran around in the yard like crazy, foster mom and me sat down and relaxed. Foster mom brushed me and ooooh did it feel great. When you come to take me home can you sit with me and brush me too, I really love it. Please. Thanks and I hope to met my new family soon.
While in the process of getting better Apache did growl at foster mom's friend....not sure if it was due to not feeling well or wanting to know  boxers when they want to play and are ignored they do their growly thing. So as time goes on we will be checking this area out.

6/10/04 - It's been a week and I am loving my new life. I don't have to sleep on concrete anymore. I have a really comfy bed all to myself. This is of course till the resident pup jumps on it. But I leave her be because Mom makes her go to her own bed. Foster mom took me to the vet again today because I not feeling 100% better. I had to have a blood test done and I have some pills for my poops. My results should be in tomorrow so if mom doesn't mind I'll let everyone know what's going on with me.
Once again I love to be touched, scratched, sit outside, and go for walks. I am strong so if I see something interesting I tend to pull. Well that's all for now. So if my forever home is reading this then you have found me and I'm just waiting for you to fill out an application. Don't worry I'll wait patiently for my new forever home to come and get me.

6/4/04 - Hi everyone Apache here. I have to tell you today's events. For starters, I slept straight through the night, no tummy aches. That was of course till my foster mom was getting ready to go to work. I got sick to my tummy and I had the poops. Foster mom called my aunt to pick up my puke so she wouldn't get sick. Thanks Auntie. But then foster mom had to go to work and it was crate time. Well
I didn't want to go in the crate. Poor mom, she tried everything. I just refused. I'm so good in the house that I don't need to be crated. I didn't leave mom any choice but to let me stay out of the crate. I was on my bestest behavior. As bad as my tummy is, I can hold it. When mom came home, I was soooo happy that I kissed her like crazy. I like the resident pup and I feel bad cause I ignore her. I mean I'm lounging on my dog bed and she brings toys to me and expects me to get up. She taps me and everything, but I still ignore her. Another thing, mom told me "Apache in" and I listened. The young pup just ignores her. That girl has so much to learn. Aunite told me that she knows a few people who are interested. I don't want to leave here but I'm grateful to be out of jail. (By the way, I'm innocent, I did nothing wrong I can't believe I was incarcerated.) Oh yeah, I'm afraid of the tub but since I'm a little stinky mom washed me outside and I sat down the entire time. I just love being touched. Talk to you guys later....

6/3/04 - Hello everyone my name is Apache. Please don't be intimidated by my large appearance, I am quite the gentleman. What I love to do best is eat, drool, sleep, relax, and be scratched. My foster mom thought I didn't know my name but I do. I just wasn't listening yesterday because I was confused. I don't know why my family gave me up. Besides my name, I know: sit, stay, back, no, and come. Last night I got sick to my tummy several times. My foster mom must like me, cause she got sick with me too. Since I was sick, we went to the vet today. All my tests results were negative. I have to take some pills for my poops and I have to have cream on my brown ear. You see, my previous family left me outside all the time and flies chewed on my brown ear and it has not healed yet. Oh and my legs are bruised up from being on concrete. Foster mom said I was fabulous at the vet, even when the needle poked me. Even though my former family said I was a purebred Boxer, the vet said I'm not a purebred boxer but a mix, whatever that is. Foster mom believes one of my parents was a Great Dane. The vet said I need to gain a few pounds, I don't mind cause I'm really hungry. I met a cat but he did not like me. I like other dogs, big and small. I'm not into playing but I love to relax and get a few scratches from a human. I love kids. I'm a really good boy. My extended foster family loves me. I'm calm, cool, and collective. Oh yeah, I'm house broken. I'm not a fan of the crate but I'll go in if it's a must. So, if you have extra leg room in your home and in your heart, would you please consider giving me a permanent forever home? Please..

6/2/04 - Everyone welcome Apache, a 6.5 white, male boxer with a few brown spots. Apache was surrendered to a local shelter because the family recently had a new baby and could not give Apache the attention needed.  So far, Apache has adjusted well and for the most part is tolerating the resident pup. He does not want to play with her at all. He lets her know to back off with a loud bark and she gets the hint.  He has followed my every footstep. A worker at the shelter said Apache was very scared there. He is a big boy, calm, with a loud bark. He seems to miss human companionship terribly. He
has given a boxer wiggle and likes to lean on you. No boxer kisses yet. He did very well in the car. He loves human attention and will make a great addition to anyone's home. For now, I think he would be best with an older dog as opposed to a young pup.