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BRYN (SHEILA) 11/8/08


Pertinent Information - Rainbow Bridge 4/28/09

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Age & Sex: 3 year old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight:  50-55 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Flashy Brindle
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes     Over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Shelter  Surrender
Location: Oneida, NY

Adoption Donation $300

4/28/09 - Bryn has not been feeling well over the last week or and out of the vet. Throwing up...etc.. Been at the vet for observation for 2 days...x-rays were done too.  Yesterday several lumps in the lymph nodes developed.....biopsy confirmed advanced lymphoma, also in her liver. There really is nothing to be done for her. She is being put down tonight...Poor baby...god speed there brynny girl. :o((

4/21/09 - Bryn is still in search of her forever home!  She's a lover!  Bryn's favorite past times this spring include going on car rides (the longer the better), enjoying long walks in the park, and snuggling with her "foster parents" (in the bed).  We just allowed her some leverage - she goes on our bed and she also is allowed on the couch (on a specific blanket).  She is doing very well with that.  On her walks she still has significant trouble when she comes across another dog.  We are still working hard on that, she loves people - especially ones that will pet her.  I enjoy the fact that she is a great protector (not specifically on the street w/ other dogs) but with people that come up to the house.  Bryn will bark at anyone that comes up to the door (i.e. the post man and visitors).  She settles down easily though after you tell her, "Bryn - it's okay it just our friends".  She is a great girl.  She is going to make some family very happy.  She enjoys kids, and cats (preferably without collars).  I still feel Bryn would make a better "only dog", but she can, in time handle other dogs within  a family.  She wants a permanent setting!  We are going to miss her tremendously when she goes, however, we will be happy that she found her forever home!  Take a chance on Bryn!  She won't disappoint!

3/20/09 - Wanted permanent home for BEST BOXER EVER:  Bryn continues to be a lover.  She is very sweet natured.  Since our last update she went on a nature walk at our local reservoir.  We invited our friends (family of 4) and that have 2 kids.  One child age 3 and the other child age 1 - she was excellent.  She enjoyed herself immensely (on flexi- leash whole time).  She loves to ride in the car, she likes to just take small trips to the grocery store (when I just have to grab a few things).  Her one biggest issue- she must be leash bound at all times.  She is very sketchy around other dogs.  I think she lacks confidence around other dogs.  She barks and pulls.  We try to make her sit and calm her -she has been responding well to that.  It makes walking her difficult at times - she doesn't always respond that way  either! Sometimes she just walks past - like she doesn't even see the dog on the other side of the street.  Bryn is very sweet natured, she's good at basic commands, she LOVES playing fetch.  We do play fetch with her off the leash at this huge park we have near our house - but we have to do it at odd times of the day - like in the wee early hours because that way she can be off her leash.  Please take a chance on BRYN, you won't regret it! 

2/12/09 - Bryn wants to be in a permanent home!  She is a lover!  She loves walks, she likes to wiggle and jiggle.  She is a happy go luck dog.  She is going to make a great addition to somebodies family!  She is super smart and would probably benefit in a doggy pre-school class at some point.   We continue to do walks with her - she has been going on one major walk a day (like 1+ mile).  She does have a small, tilted bladder (confirmed at her vet appt. see last update) so she does need to go out every couple hours.  She does not give that signal that she needs to go out.  My husband and I have been awarding her with treats when she goes outside to reinforce with her.  She is crate trained and she finds comfort in her crate - it kind of like her space.  She does not pee in her crate at all.  Bryn loves to go into her crate even when we just have it open - I think she likes to have her space and her zone.  She enjoys playing with her toys - we just got her a few new ones & some raw hides (long stick/thick like ones) and she loves those as well!     

12/21/08 - Bryn's  excited about Christmas 2008, although she thought she'd be in her permanent home by now!  We have tried her off the leash (with the huge amounts of snow we got - we thought it was safe).  She did great, she stayed near us, came back when called, I was very pleased.  We did this very late at night (midnight) and extremely early (5:00am) - to avoid other dogs.  Bryn is not fond of other dogs but LOVES people - so we were a little hesitant.  She does get along fine with our dog (but that took time), I still believe Bryn wants to be an "only dog".   Bryn is indifferent to cats, she doesn't really care or interfere in their lives at all.  In the broad day hours I always keep her on the leash - because you never know, but when we did try it off the leash (as I stated earlier), my husband and I were both outside with her and our black lab was running around with her also.  It was great.  I didn't think she liked the snow at first - but I think she is starting to come around.   

11/29/08 - It has been a while since we updated on Bryn, we've been having so much fun with her!  She is going to make a family very happy.  She truly is a family dog.  It took about 2 weeks for her to feel truly comfortable.  All of our animals inter-mingle now which is a big stress reduction for us!  It did take her a good 2 weeks to feel situated (all animals separated) and still today - she and Prince (our dog) parallel play.  They don't seem to be bothered by each other, but they don't play either - it will come with time.    We have 2 cats and 1 dog of our own.  All is well, the cats are still unhappy about our black lab we got him 2 years after they arrived, they need to get over it- they just sort of stay out of the way - but Bryn doesn't really bother them too much!  If things become a little rowdy - we use a spray bottle (as recommended by boxer angels directors).  ALL pets respond very well to that (wish I knew about that one sooner).  Bryn is a very smart cookie.  She would really love to be in her permanent setting!  She walks beautifully on a  leash.  We are still working with her on down (lay down).  She is also highly excitable when people come in the house - we use the word off - "to get off"  - not to confuse w/ down (lay down).  Bryn is very exercised, we walk her all over the neighborhood!   She's becoming quite popular and has many "friends" along our route!

11/11/08 - Bryn is a very sweet natured dog.  She has beautiful brindle markings.  She has been working very hard on adjusting while learning new commands.  She is coming along with her leash training.  She is working on the command "leave-it", on walks when we run across squirrels or other dogs this command comes in handy.  She loves her walks, she walks a minimum of 3 miles a day.  She is very distractible on her walks but she is also learning the "heel" command and she is doing an excellent job responding to her commands.  I have been coupling signs (like American Sign Language) with her commands.  She seems to be doing very well with that.  She does have a stubborn streak like most dogs - but with a firm lead she does do what she is asked - she requires consistency and patience.  She is adjusting into her fostering setting quite nicely - she would love to be in a permanent home. Bryn is full of love! 

11/9/08 - Bryn is a wonderful, sweet, well mannered dog.  She loves people.  We have not tested her with kids as of yet.  We do not really know too much about her past.  We do know that she is not fond of other pets in the home.  I feel she would do well being the "only child"!  She needs a strong leader.  She walks well on a leash, she listens to her commands such as heel, wait, leave -it.  She is adjusting to signs/ commands as well.  We are working on sit and down (lay down) - those are coming a little slower.  She likes to shake paws with you!  She loves going on walks. 



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