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CAPONE 3/14/04



Resting at the Rainbow Bridge 5/8/04






5/13/04 - Capone was laid to rest. He was put in a lonely shelter with very little hope by his family of 7 years. He had some sores, a bad paw, and was understandably confused. Boxer Angels Rescue made the very difficult decision to send him to the Rainbow Bridge because he was too unpredictable. You could tell he just wanted to be happy. He will be in our hearts forever since he was our first foster. Enjoy your time at the bridge Capone.

5/9/04 - Yesterday was another sad day for one of our foster kids. After much debate on the behavioral board Gary took Capone, our senior boy, to be euthanized, and at peace. Kevin and Amy had spent a huge amount of time working with Capone at their home where his behavior was very unpredictable. Then he was moved to our behavioralist where our worst fears were confirmed. We were just not comfortable that he could be placed, responsibly, in a permanent home so we made the decision to let him rest.

We are very grateful that Kevin and Amy took the time to work with this boy in their home and give him a chance at finding a new home. And I get a lot of comfort from the fact that he did not die in a shelter, frightened and alone, he was loved and cared for in the last few weeks of his life and he went to the bridge being told what a good dog he was.

4/7/04 - This weekend, Capone will be moving to a trainer for a professional evaluation as he has shown some very unpredictable behavior.