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CHANCE 9/17/05


Pertinent Information - Rainbow Bridge

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Age & Sex: 6 yrs. 11 month old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight: 80 lbs.
Other Dogs: Unknown
Color: Flashy Fawn
Cats: Yes
Ears: Cropped
Children under 5: Unknown
Tail: Docked
Children over 5: Unknown
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Conklin, NY

Adoption Donation $250

12/4/05 - Chance was a big, sweet boy with lots of love and wiggles to give. He deserves to be remembered.  In the few short weeks we had him, we grew to love him and he accepted us as his family. It was a very difficult decision to have him euthanized.  However we feared for the safety of anyone visiting our home.  Chance had become extremely protective of his home and family and attacked and bit a person who entered our house.  We knew we couldn't keep him and BAR's directors did not feel it would be safe to place him in another home.  After finally becoming convinced that we could not change his aggressive behavior, Chance was PTS.  He may have known what was coming because just before visiting the vet for that last time he managed to eat a quarter of a large bag of chocolate Halloween candy.  We miss you Chance - you were a good boy!

9/24/05 - Chance is becoming more at home here.  He tries out the couch every time he can.  He has started eating a little better but seems to want me to stay in the room while he eats.  He is a super boy - full of wiggles and just loves all the attention he can get. He's fairly quiet and does not jump
on anyone. He would really like to be a lap dog. I have to tell him no - he's too big to be a lap dog. He doesn't seem to want to play a lot.  He'll play fetch for a couple minutes and then not be interested anymore. My house seems small when he is thundering through it chasing his toy.  I'm adjusting to his size and most of the time do not even notice it - except when we're walking outside and he sees something that he wants to investigate.  Then I can't make him move. Chance just came in the room for some attention and to let me know he needs something - so time to end for now.

9/20/05 - Chance arrived Sunday evening after a long trip from Connecticut.  He was tired, nervous and confused when he arrived but was friendly to everyone he met.  My first impression was "Wow he is a big boxer - this is never going to work!" I've always had small female boxers so Chance was a surprise.  We both have some adjusting to do.  He was quite curious about my cats and at first tried to chase them when they ran.  He would stop when I told him NO and now mostly ignores them.  He is a very sweet boy who obeys  commands most of the time.  He did not listen to "come" very well when he was accidentally let outside without a leash.  I chased him up to my neighbors and found when I stopped and waited Chance would come to me.  He walks fairly well on a leash. We've had walks every day so far - 3 walks on Monday - and though he sometimes pulls most of the time he doesn't.




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