DEBO - At Rainbow Bridge the 3/31/07

Debo was picked up in NYC by one of our great volunteers, Sharon and transported to CT where he was going to stay
the night and then continue on his way to his new foster home in VT the next day.  Unfortunately that evening, Debo
passed away.  We suspect that it may have been renal failure as a result of tainted dog food, but cannot be certain.
BAR would like to pay tribute to Debo.  Here are a few comments from those who had the pleasure of meeting him
and from his surrendering mom:

From Sharon, Debo's Transporter:  Debo was a sweet boy.  We picked him up from Jennifer on Saturday at 9 a.m.Vinnie (hubby) got out
of the truck and went over to say hi to Debo.  Debo ate it up.  Vinnie invited him into the truck and up he went.  Debo
was great.  He drank some and then napped all the way to Danbury.  In Danbury we took him out of the truck and thought he would like a walk.
He pooped and seemed fine.  When Vinnie walked away from us to go to the restroom Debo sat and watched him go.  Debo was sooo excited when
Vinnie returned.  You would think he knew Vinnie forever.  Well back up into the truck and Debo sat and looked out the window while Vinnie petted him
and talked to him.  He seemed just fine and very relaxed.  I asked Vinnie if we might talk to BAR about adopting this precious, petite boy.
We talked about it some and then let that subject drop.  We met Rayna and her husband and her wonderful 2 boys in Waterbury at Barnes and
Noble.  Debo loved the kids.  He was not at all shy of them.   Never in my wildest dreams did I think there was something wrong with Debo.
He seemed healthy and happy.  He was gorgeous and I never saw such a dainty male boxer before.  He would have made someone a very lucky
companion.  He is now at Rainbow Bridge playing all day long with our boxers that we have lost. 
When I told Vinnie that Debo passed away he got teary.  He said "that was a great dog."

From Gary:  Debo's over night hostess called me at 8:30 tonight and told me that Debo was having labored breathing and was not sure what to do.
As we were speaking and deciding what to do, she said he was starting to relax a bit and appeared to be getting a bit better. She did call her
emergency vet and told him what was going on, he suggested to give the dog something to relax him...he suggested some benedryl and did not
feel that he needed to see Debo at that time.

At 12:00am, she called me to tell me that Debo had a seizure...lasted about 30 seconds....the threw up and was convulsing.
Again we talked about getting him to the emergency vet, which is about 1/2 hr away. as we were talking, she said he seemed to be getting
back to himself and was looking we agreed she would continue to monitor him and see if he needed to go to the vet.
She had mentioned that he had drank a ton today...he was at a family function with the family in Ct and was wonderful....he hadn't eaten,
but did drink plenty..and mentioned that he had not gone to pee at all. I thought that was odd...told her to maybe take him out before they
returned for the night...thinking that maybe he is SO housetrained , that he would not go in the house.
She did take him out around 12:30...and he got a bit shaky in the yard, had not peed, and she took him back in, because he was getting shaky.....
Apparently when he got back in the house, he collapsed and started slightly twitching, and stopped breathing.  Her husband tried to give him 
chest compressions and mouth to mouth, but he was gone in a short time. 

From Rayna:  Just wanted to let you know that Debo was laid to rest this morning.  We buried him in a field behind our house.  My 5 year old
was having trouble comprehending the fact that Debo wasn't ours, and he didn't want to pass him over to the vet without being able to get his
remains back.  So he's buried near our beloved dog "Casey."

Dear Jenifer (owner surrender):  I am so sorry to hear about Debo's passing.  We are all so shocked and distraught, as we know you are devastated.   
Please know that you were doing the right thing by releasing him to BAR.  When I read your surrender form, it was very obvious that he was
very loved by you.   Even though you weren't with him the last couple of hours, please know that he was loved by the Bishop's.  You probably
have learned that they have placed him next to their beloved dog on their property.  Even though BAR has known Debo for only a few hours, he
has touched all of our hearts forever.  We believe in the Rainbow Bridge and some day you will see him waiting for you and you will cross the
bridge together...He knew you loved him so much!  I hope that you can find comfort in that.  Please take care of yourself and know that we are
all thinking of you.  Sincerely, Gail DeGraff, Director of Adoptions, BAR

From Debo’s Owner:
I want to thank you and every single person in your group. Once someone told me that people can be angels when they help each other and I know
you are angels.  You helped me and Debo and did it selflessly. I was feeling so desperate and you came through for us.
I know that it was Debo's time to go, though it is hard to avoid pangs of guilt. I just know, though, that everything happens for a reason. It means
so much to me that he spent his last afternoon with children and good people who understand boxers and could see his beauty inside and out.
I know that everyone helped to make his final day a good one. I am sorry that the kids will be sad, having just met Debo. I stayed home from work
on Friday and spent time with him, and on Saturday morning we had a great game of fetch in Central Park.
I am holding on to the idea of the Rainbow Bridge and I will be looking for him when I get there. I know that I will never have such a good friend as
long as I live.
I have taken comfort when people from your group have told me that I did the right thing. Your network is
such an important thing. Please tell everyone I am so grateful for their help and support and love for Debo.
I want to thank you specifically for listening and talking to me with empathy on that day when I first told you about my situation, and for your
encouraging calls.
I don't feel alone with Debo's passing and I feel your group's support tonight like a hug. You are really special people.  Thank you so much,   Jenifer