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DELILAH 8/20/05


Pertinent Information - Rainbow Bridge 3/9/05

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Age & Sex: 7 to 8 yr. old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight: Overweight
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: White
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children under 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Children over 5: Yes
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location:  Albany, NY

Adoption Donation $175

3/9/06 - With a very heavy heart I'm writing this note to let everyone know that I helped Delilah cross the bridge tonight.  She'd gotten very thin and weak the past couple of months, we'd been at the vet multiple times and they just couldn't find anything wrong with her.  Delilah was a trooper through blood work and ultrasounds,
catheterization and water deprivation tests.  Nothing was showing up on the radar but she was clearly losing ground.  I made the appointment today with a different doctor so a different set of eyes could see her and see if they could find something stupid and easily treated but still no luck.  We considered exploratory surgery or a
referral to Cornell or Tufts but I needed to do what was right by the extraordinary soul that had graced us with her presence for the last 6 months. After I told the vet what I wanted she turned around and stared into my eyes, I know she was reassuring me that it was what she wanted to and she left this world the same way she walked through it, with grace and dignity and a heart bigger than most people comprehend.
I know that she's with the others that have gone before her healthy and whole and out of her suffering.  I know too that she was being watched over all day by angels because I can't post without acknowledging the person I work with who knew she was in the car and invited her into his office so that she could be inside and comfortable today.  (My boss would not approve)
He told me people who don't have dogs in their lives don't know what they're missing.  I agree.   Katie

2/22/06 - Just a very quick update on Delilah for her fans :-)  Our poor girl has not been feeling well and we're trying to track down the cause and now we know she has a raging urinary tract infection.  It took the vet a while to figure that out because, at first, she was drinking a lot and peeing just as much so her urine was so dilute they missed the infection.  She's lost her appetite and a ton of weight in the past month or so.  She needs to go into the vet and have a sterile urine sample taking so they can pick the right antibiotic to treat it and then, we hope, this sweet girl will be
on the road to recover!

12/3/05 - My foster mom says I'm a little late writing this and that I shouldn't get too excited but I wanted to send you my Christmas list.  Foster mom says, too, that you have a special place in your heart for rescue dogs (especially boxers) so maybe you'll bring me what I want.  I would really really really like a home all of my own for Christmas.  I don't want to sound like I don't love it here, I really do, the people are great - the kids are wonderful and my foster brother and sister play with me and treat me like I really am part of the family but, Santa, I really want a forever home. 
Maybe you know my story, someone found my brother and I tied to a tree and brought us to a shelter.  The people at Boxer Angels Rescue took us in and found us both homes, I was sad that we couldn't stay together but I know that Sampson is in a GREAT home and the people there love him very very much.  I found a home too but it didn't work out for me and I ended up back in the shelter.  I'm so lucky the people at THAT shelter found out I was a Boxer Angel dog and they came and got me again.  I've been here in this house for a few months now, the people say I can stay as long as I need to and that makes me happy.  It would be so nice to have a stocking of my very own to hang up in my very own house that will keep me and love me forever and ever this Christmas.  So, Santa, I know that I'm an older dog and that you can't make every wish come true but, if there's anyway you can find a home for me I promise to not eat your milk and cookies.  (You know how hard it is for me to leave that stuff alone when I can reach it.)  I'll be a good girl too.  Even if you can't find me a family, Santa, I still love you and believe in you, it's what boxers do.  You know?

10/23/05 - Delilah is out of her megaphone!  Hooray!  Its no fun to have a dog in a cone banging (literally) around the house and its less fun for the dog.  Delilah's ears are all healed up and so are the stitches on her tummy so she's loose again.  And much happier.  She's back to doing some playing with our dogs again - they tend to tip her over and then it's a dog-pile on Delilah.  She doesn't complain about it though.  I'd love to get some action shots but every time I take out the camera she comes running over - I could get a REALLY good close up of her left nostril!

This girl has settled in here so nicely and she's welcome to stay just as long as she likes but I know there's a person out there looking for a companion and Delilah would be perfect.  She rides well in the car, loves attention, is glued to your side whenever she's around you.  She doesn't love crates but has been good as gold in the house without one.  Delilah had her big chance to woof at visitors to our house last night but then settled right back down, she'd done her job.  If you're a homebody or even a man (or woman!) about town who would love that perfect "Ride Along" dog have
I got the girl for you!

10/4/05 - Delilah is back to us after her surgery.  Good news!  The vet was able to remove the tumors without removing her ears - hooray!!  So, we have a very itchy, lamp shaded dog back living with us but in a week or two those ears will be all healed and the scratching will stop.  Delilah is really blossoming with us, both good and bad habits.  She's playing with the other dogs (or was until surgery) more and more, running in the yard and wrestling with both of our boxers - male and female.  She sleeps mostly on the couch, not my first choice but clearly hers.  I think she'd like to jump up on the bed with us but I've been discouraging that and she hasn't tried.  She just gives me a long, sad look hoping that I'll lift her up.  Delilah ALSO has no qualms about going in the garbage or onto the counters if there's something appealing up there.  Last night she actually managed to get the garbage can off of the kitchen table (where it was hiding from her).  She was trying to pinch pork chop bones out of it and almost succeeded!  Too bad that garbage can't makes so much noise!  She definitely has no shame about taking anything she can get her mouth on, at least my dogs have the decency to be sneaky about it.  She's been very very good with my kids and with dogs and vet
techs when we're out and about - not complaining or anything.  The only thing she's expressed a dislike about is having her nails done.  So we do a couple at a time and then move on and she gets over it quickly.  This girl is ALL set for her new home, all her lumps and bumps removed (even the one on her belly!)

10/1/05  -Well little Miss Dee spent a few days here at our Boxer Haven and I can not tell you what a sweet dog she is.  Delilah got along with all the dogs in my home, male and female alike....didn't bother with the cats at all and slept like a baby in the crate.  She had her operation and our vet was able to save her ears!! She has just been an absolute doll to have visit and loved everyone she met...greeted them with lots of kisses and hugs....I just can't believe she is still waiting for a home.....I can also tell you she is just adorable!  So very cute.

9/9/05 - Poor Delilah needs to have surgery.  The lumps on her ears are mast cell tumors and need to be removed.  Unfortunately - because of where they are and the aggressiveness of these kind of tumors she's pretty much going to have her ear flaps removed.  Stupid disease.  Once this is done she'll be fine, health wise, but a little odd looking without her ears.  The lump on her chest is just an inflammation and should go down on its own.  None of this will affect Delilah's personality or lovability or her desire to spend her whole life right next to her favorite person.  It'll just make her a little funny looking.  Delilah would love to be someone's companion.  Go on long car rides, hang out on the couch, give kisses and just be with you.

9/4/05 - OK so here we are once again I am doing an update on a dog that isn't my foster. However we are dog sitting for the De-Lightful Delilah and honestly her foster family is not lying to you. We fostered Delilah previously and were happy to have her back for a visit. I was a little weary having a 3 year old myself still in the toddler stage really and also Delilah was her favorite dog as you can see by the pictures on her page. Also the 2 of them are in the calendar together.
Delilah has been fabulous here with us. She is getting along great with Marco and Maddie and Marco has been pestering her non stop. She has also been great with the hustle and bustle of my house the kids coming in and out and the overall bustle of the neighborhood. The only time I have heard her bark is when she wanted to come in from outside and even then it was a very refined bark.
I am careful with my 3 year old around her as you should be but everything has been fine every once in awhile Delilah will perk her head up when she passes almost wondering if she is going to do something.
Delilah is happiest following me around she makes herself comfortable wherever I am. This morning she made herself at home on the bath mat while I was taking a shower. I don't know exactly what kind of home life Delilah came in from as she was a shelter surrender the first time I do imagine that she was someone's dog. Really that's it almost like a life companion. She is always by your side, she loves to ride in the car, sit next to you on the couch and I am sure she would love to sleep in bed with you. Delilah is not going to be your running mate, hiking partner, ball catcher etc. She
is a companion animal plain and simple and she would be offended if you treated her any other way. There is no way she will be happy if you don't allow her to be wherever you are. She has accepted that I won't let her sleep with me however she sleeps on an ottoman next to my bed. She is fine when we leave her home alone but very excited to see us when we get back.
We have enjoyed our visit with Delilah and wish the best for her. This morning I was laying in bed and my 3 year old came in and started petting Delilah and then she said to me "Lilah stay with us" Delilah goes back to her foster family tomorrow but she really did well here and we were happy to have her :)

8/20/05 - De-lightful, Delilah came to stay with us last week after being left at the local shelter. She had some problems with the toddler in her family I'm told so we went very slowly with her here and she has been NOTHING but wonderful. She pals around with our dogs and has been very pleasant with our older children who are elementary school aged. You can read back through Delilah's foster experiences the first time she was with Boxer Angels and see that she also did well with cats. This girl is housebroken and just seems to be so good about everything. She does need a trip to the vet, each ear looks like it has a small hematoma on it (like a blood blister) and she has a lump on her chest that I'm a little concerned about. I think this girl would be a perfect companion for someone. She's not as active as a young boxer would be but follows you room to room hoping for some lovin'. Once she looses a few of those extra pounds she's carrying she'll perk up a little too!

7/12/04 - Delilah is doing well in our home. The day we picked her up we left for a 6 day camping trip. She rode in the truck very well! She rested her head on my lap and snored all the way there! She seemed to love camping. It was clear she didn't get much exercise. We walked her a lot and she was tired out! She is excellent on the leash though and a pleasure to walk. She preferred to sit/sleep in a folding chair rather than on the blanket on the ground. She was able to climb her way into it and snuggle in and rest her head on the arm rest. She sure snores loud! :-) In the camper she slept on the couch of course!
She gets along well with our young sons, and they adore her. She loves to play with the squeaky toys we bought her as well as chasing tennis balls. She also likes to run around the backyard. She gets going so fast that her rear end almost touches her head. The kids laugh so hard, and run right along with her. Then Delilah needs a nap after all the exercise.
She has been introduced to many people and dogs and seems to be fine. All the people who see her are so impressed with her looks- she is just beautiful! They are also impressed by how calm and loving she is. She prefers to be left alone and play and meet her new fur friends on her own terms.
She sits when asked and comes when we call her. She is still suffering from separation anxiety. We have left her only a few times and for short periods of time. Each time she has had accidents in the house/crate. We hope that in time she will grow out of that. Hopefully she will learn that we will always come back to her! She is already a part of the family and we are so pleased to have her. THANKS BAR!! More updates to follow, Her forever family in Albany NY

7/1/04 - Delilah just left with her new Dad Jack. She seemed to like him right away and he was really happy to have a dog back in his life. I know Delilah will have a great new life in her forever home she even gets to go on her first camping trip this weekend. She is a lucky girl and will have lots of love. Carrie

6/30/04 - Delilah is Pending Adoption

6/26/04 - Hi everyone! Delilah asked me to write and ask you what she is still doing here? You couldn't ask for a better dog. Here are some of the reasons why Delilah is so great. She is very gentle. She loves to cuddled and hugged. She has no bad behaviors to speak of (besides chasing the cat). Delilah knows all of her commands. She wouldn't definitely love to be with a family who is home the majority of the time so she doesn't have to be alone long. Other homes that would be great for Delilah.
A person who could take her to work or even an retired couple who go RV-ing and can take her. All this girl wants is to be a big part of a family. She is a very good girl and has become a big part of our family. Half the time I forget she is here because she is so happy just hanging out. She doesn't bark at the mailman or when people come to the door. The only time I have even heard her bark is when she is in the back yard and the neighborhood dogs are on the other side of the fence.
She just wants to be part of the action. If you are a kitty free home that would love a very calm, gentle, huggable, loveable, squeezable baby, Delilah is the girl for you.

6/18/04 - I am making a plea to all the stay at home Mom's out there who are looking for a perfect family dog. I've got her right here. So she doesn't like cats but, really that is her only fault and she has a little separation anxiety due to her past experience. I think all that will change in time. Delilah is a very good girl as long as she knows where you are. I had been keeping her in a different room at night and she didn't like that (she would pee on the floor). Last night I decided to move her crate upstairs into my room. I had to give a nudge to get in but she settled right down and went to sleep. I even think she would be fine not in the crate as long as she was allowed to sleep in the room with you. For all those who are looking for a sweet girl who would love to snuggle in bed or on the couch she would be happy to do that I'm sure. Delilah is a great girl that just wants to be a member of the family. She gets along great with people big and small. Lots of people stop us when we are out walking to tell us how beautiful she is. Get your app's in on this girl she will be a great addition to your home.

6/16/04 - Hi I thought I would give everyone an update on Delilah since Sampson moved to a new foster home. I really hated splitting them up but Sam was going after the resident kitty and it was to hard for me and my family because he would get Delilah involved in the kitty game. He has only been gone for one night and I miss him. Delilah is doing good despite him being gone. She is a very laid back dog if your looking for a couch buddy she is your gal. Delilah walks great on the leash very calmly and slow. She has not bothered the cat since her son has been gone. We tell her no kitty and she leaves her alone. Delilah has transitioned into our family so nicely it is like she has been here her whole life. Delilah will be the perfect family pet. She has been very good with everyone she has met. I love her and I know she will find her forever home soon and they will love her just as much.

6/14/04 - Delilah is a pretty white lady she can hear because she comes when you whistle at her. Delilah is very affectionate but not quite as needy as her Sam. She is the investigator of the family. Sam will be laying down and she will come over to try and get him up to play. I gave them both a bath yesterday and they were fine. I am amazed someone would give these two up they are super sweet. Delilah found the cat yesterday and it wasn't good she really wanted to go after the cat. I'm really at a lose for words these two are great so far they are just hanging out. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on this awesome mother and son duo.
6/13/04 - Hi everyone Sampson and Delilah are here. So far so good. Intro's to the skin kids and the resident fur kid have gone really well. They are extremely interested in the cat who by the way is not interested in them. They were awesome in the car and you could tell why they can't be apart. I don't know to much else yet. I will write often to keep everyone posted.





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