Tribute To Griffon

May 2003

I'm very sad to have to tell you all that my foster boy, Griffon, went to the rainbow bridge this morning.
He had put in a very rough night, with obvious distress. I brought him to the vet this morning and she felt
 strongly, based on significant neurologic symptoms, etc. that the source was likely a brain tumor. Given
his level of discomfort, even pain, we made the very difficult decision to send him on his way.
I brought Griffon home and he was laid to rest in a very peaceful spot on our property. He has a stone
which reads "GRIFFON, You Were Loved, BAR '03".
I suspect Griff didn't know much love in his life but in the last month a very special woman in Ohio, Lori M.,
was Griffon's angel...rescuing him from a shelter, caring for him in her home, taking him to the vet, and
finally...finding a place where it was hoped he could somehow recover. It was not to be. Griff was not
with us long enough to learn his new name...but I'm hoping he at least felt the love from everyone he
touched in this last month.



An extra special thanks to Bev Pagani who helped transport Griffon to Patty who has sent a generous donation to BAR in his memory.