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JAKE 8/05


Jake - Passed to theRainbow Bridge 10/17/05


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10/29/05 - I am so very sad to report that Jake passed away in his sleep on 10/17/05. Jake was one of the most wonderful bulldogs that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my lifetime.  He was so very sweet and loving.  There was not an animal or person that Jake met the he did not love.  He was dealt a horrible hand in life, a hand he certainly did not deserve.  I loved and cared for for Jake and in the short time I had with him I loved could not help but love that sweet gentle boy with the cutest face ever.  He leaves his girl Dolly behind and she has been sad but is doing better now.
Jake I know you are now happy and playful once again at the bridge and I will great you with the biggest smile and hugs you have ever seen or gotten when my time comes to be with you again.I love you my baby Jake and you will never be forgotten.

10/17/05 - I will do an update later, but just wanted everyone to know that my bully Jake passed away in his sleep last night.

10/12/05 - Times goes by so quickly seems I have missed a few updates on these 2 darling dogs. Jake and Dolly...what can I say?  They are still as great as ever.  jake has put on 4 lbs since he has been is tough going with him and a lot of work but worth the effort for sure.  He is such a sweet boy, just an absolute love.  He likes to play with his ball and you have to watch him because he likes leather items like belts and shoes :o)). He is doing very well using his stand for eating as well.  He is too funny, he know this is where he eats from so he stands in front of it and waits for you to pick him up...heaven forbid mr spoiled has to jump up to put his front paws up there by himself :o))
Dolly is just a joy as well.  She has gotten more energetic and loves to run around and jump on you especially when you first come home from work or an errand.  She LOVES to eat so when you feed Jake she has to eat at the same time so, we feed her many small meals to keep her happy.  She looks pretty darn good for a girl of 10 yrs...I would swear she is much younger then that and like I said her energy has really picked up she is just a joy to have around.  We are hoping to get Jake his heartworm treatment soon so they can finally go to their forever home.
Keep posted for further updates.

9/1/05 - Dolly, 10 yrs old, and Jake,  6 yrs old, are a pair of English Bulldogs that were brought into our rescue a couple of weeks ago from a shelter on LI.

Both have about the sweetest dispositions that I have ever seen in any English bulldogs.
Dolly is approx 10 yrs old was a bit underweight and a bit on the shy side when she came in but it didn't take but a day or 2 for her to flourish into the sweet irresistible girl she is today.  She is eating wonderfully, has put on a couple of pounds and is terrific.
Jake is, what can I say, he is just a doll baby. Everyone that meets him just falls madly in love with him.
Right now he is nothing but skin and bones (literally)/ he had kennel cough which is cleared up.  He has Mega Esophagus,  in which the food he eats can lie in his throat and be regurgitated at a later time.  Thanks to a volunteer of ours he has a food stand in which he must stand on his hind legs to eat and he must eat 5-6 very small meals a day.  He is doing well and very slowly but surely putting on some weight....this is a good thing as he is also heartworm positive and needs to undergo treatment but can not do so until in better shape.
We want to see Dolly and Jake go to a home together as they are very bonded.  They are a wonderful pair of dogs and would do super in any home at all.
Please think about adding them to your home, you won't be sorry. 





Rest In Peace

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