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KYLIE 12/18/10

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Pertinent Information - Adopted 11/15/08 - Returned to BAR 12/18/11

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Age & Sex: 10 yr. old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight:  38 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes     Over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Brooklyn, CT

Adoption Donation $150

9/11 - Kylie passed away surrounded by her loving foster family.

1/8/11 - Kylie went to the vet  1/5/2011.  Tested negative for intestinal parasites and heartworm She tipped the scales at 38lbs and showed no concern over being held on the examining table by a stranger. Everybody in the office made a fuss over her and she just lapped it up.  She got a little bit frantic towards the end because she had to *go-out*.  Kylie loves riding in the car and sits quietly on a rear seat. She sits up and seems to be inteserted in everything that passes the car. There has only been one small spat over a crust of bread that fell to the floor but a sharp word stopped that.  Kylies greets and makes a fuss over everyone and I'm afraid she's gonna wear her tail out.  All in all Kylie is a pleasue to have in my home and will make a wonderful pet.  She's be perfectly willing to be my bedmate, but I'm afraid I have only room for one at a time.

12/26/10 - Christmas day, and the family and friends began arriving for the celebration. Dinner, drinks, all kinds of eats.  Kylie was a member of the meet and greet party at the door.  The meet and greet party at the door is accompanied by much barking, and lots of wiggles.  Dropped food is never a problem with three dogs around. Kylie has joined in as a member of the pack.  Only one trouble, she feels she should go outside to make her greetings to all the people that haven?t made it through the door yet.  I had to put a gate across the stairs to keep her on the porch.  Kylie wormed her way onto quite a few laps for petting and scratching. Pounced on a few dropped tidbits, and scoped the turkey on the counter.   Good thing she's tiny, or dinner might have suffered!  Kylie continues to show the Boxer spirit of loving "everybody."  My six year old grandson threw his arms around Kylie as soon as they met. The boy has no fear of dogs in general and was warned to go slow but Kylie was a true Boxer and loved him from the start. At  night Kylie sleeps at the side of my bed.  She would definitely fit in with any family. My wife is already hoping no one will want Kylie. I can't imagine having to give her up myself and she's only been with us a week.   Aaaah but that's a Boxer for you! 

12/19/10 - Kylie is following my wife around while the herd is outside. Both of our *puppies*(18mos) have spent a few minutes each with Kylie. So far nobody has threatened anybody else.  Kylie has been super, very tolerant and so have our original herd. BTW, Kylie was absolute delight to have in my car, she lay down on the seat very patiently.

12/18/10 - Kylie arrived this evening.  Thank you everyone who was involved with Kylie’s transportation.  Angela and her friend transported Kylie to about 15 miles from our home, thank you so much Angela.
Kylie needed a small boost to get into my car and was a little bit wiggly till she was tethered and the door closed.  Once we got under weigh, Kylie sat and accepted a couple of animal crackers and two or three pieces of Pupperoni. She made no sound and happily explored our dog pen once we got home.  Then I took her in to the house to meet the herd.  I introduced the Pug (Dickens) to Kylie first and they did a boatload of butt sniffing, and chasing each others tail. Then I put Dickens in the crate and introduced *our* Boxer(Piper). Piper is a very rambunctious Boxer and was a bit over powering for Kylie but there were no adverse reactions. With all the stress I have taken them all out in relays so as to avoid any violence should there be any.  Kylie seems to be very sweet and pretty good at coming and sitting.  She’s really good about accepting treats, she won’t be getting many of them after today.  If you believe that, I have some waterfront property for sale in Arizona.  At the moment Kylie is resting in her crate, she was a little bit reluctant to go in it at first but she’s a sucker for an animal cracker.
I’ll try to keep you posted as to how Kylie is doing, so far there hasn’t even been *one* attempt by anyone to put each other in their places.  We’ll see how things go, but I don’t for see any trouble.

12/16/10 - Unfortunately Kylie's adopted family had a lifestyle change and her mom is moving to an apartment where she could not take Kylie.  This is what they had to say about her.  Kylie is 9 yrs old now and she doesnt have any issues.  She was returned to resuce 2 yrs ago because she supposably started fights with her sister boxer.  She has gotten along with the other 2 dogs - one male and one female - we had just fine.  She is getting up there in age, so she doesnt like too much rough housing because of some arthritis, but she is a cuddle bug and completely house trained.  She takes GC in the colder months and it seems to help.  She needs her food wet and she excessively drinks water, but was negative for diabetes.  She would be fine in a home with a yong Boxer because if she wants to be alone, she will find a quiet place to lay.  She does play, just doesnt like to be pounced on alot.  She has been around a cat..she doesnt have any interest in them.

12/3/10 - Kylie has found an FTA home!

12/10 -  Kylie Mom is moving to an apartment that does not allow dogs, so Kylie needs a foster home, FTA or adoptive home ASAP.   Kylie is good with male and female dogs, cats and kids.

12/08 - Kylie was returned to rescue as she was fighting with her sister, but the good news is that she is being adopted by her foster home.

11/15/08 - Kylie left with her new family today.  I feel totally 100% comfortable that she is going to have a wonderful life and forever home.  Carol and Steve were very nice people and Talulah (aka; Katie) was just as sweet.  She didn't seem to be interested in Kylie, maybe her thoughts were thinking..."Oh boy, they found the little brat, she's back!!!"  It was like the girls were never separated and Kylie was so excited to see her!!  She was immediately interested in Carol and Steve and would sit down next to them, adoring them and loved their attention and love towards her.  She was ready to bolt out the door and go for a ride.  Extremely bitter sweet day today and, yes, my daughter and I stayed strong til the door closed behind them, but I will never regret my decision and I am extremely elated to have been a part of such a beautiful experience, seeing her accept her new family and be included in the reunion of her sisterhood with Katie.  This is a day I will never forget and it will keep me reminded of what I do this type of volunteering for.  Angels being rescued and receiving the the wonderful lives that they deserve.    p.s. I want to add that the man of my house was a great rock to all of us through this experience.  Gary, I think I have him hooked!!!!  yee-haw  He was so proud to tell Steve that the rescue thing was my deal, but that he really likes helping me with it....  :)

11/6/08 - Kylie is pending adoption and is going to be adopted by the family who adopted her sister so they will be reunited!

10/16/08 - Here are some pics of Kylie.  She is quite fond of my daughter... she loves to sleep with her and there is a cute picture of her peeking her head out of the cubby hole she sleeps in next to my daughter.

10/13/08 - Kylie arrived in our home on Saturday, October 4.  My first impression was "WOW, look how little!!"  She is very petite and an absolute joy!!!  She is my little "Pocket Boxer" and the sweetest lil lady.  She had absolutely no introduction issues with our dogs.  She is excellent on a lead and is very obedient and knows some tricks.  :)  She is very relaxed and reserved but can be just a spit ball of fun.  She is extremely easy going and loves to chill as much as she likes to tear around.  She is awesome at night.  She is crated in our home but was allowed to sleep out of her crate last night and did fantastic!  She snuggled right up to my son and was sawing wood all night.  She loves to cuddle and snuggle and you can't pet her enough.  She is a little overweight for how small she is, so when she attempts to climb on couch or our bed, she needs a running start. (quite comical by the way)  When I met Jeff to pick her up, I had to lift her tiny butt up into my car :)  She has a great appetite and likes her food moistened.  It seems to be easier for her to chew.  She loves to be with any of us and is great outside.  She follows us around or sunbathes on the porch, minding her own business.  This lady is going to be a great companion and family member.  She doesn't have any interest in toys so there has never been a scuffle in my house with the dogs.  She has NOT had any accidents and gets really excited when you ask her if she needs to go outside..  get your apps in, cuz this one is an Angel and she will make you very happy.... There are adorable pics to come!!



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