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MACY 1/24/08


Pertinent Information - Rainbow Bridge 1/30/08

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Age & Sex:10 to 12 yr old Female Mix
UTD: Yes
Weight:   40 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Brindle/White
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: ?     Over 5: Yes
Tail: Natural
Professional Training Required: No
Spayed: No
Microchipped: Yes
Shelter  Surrender
Location: Sinking Spring, PA

Adoption Donation $150


1/30/08 -  It is with a sad heart that I have to say Macy passed away.   Yesterday she was diagnosed with pneumonia and spent the day in the hospital receiving fluids and antibiotics. Since the vet closed at 7pm, I asked to take her home so I can watch her closely.  I was planning on returning her tothe vet this morning but she had a seizure during the ride and passed away.  She was a very sweet senior girl and although I feel horrible that she died, I am glad she spent her last few days in a
warm environment rather than a shelter. 

1/24/08 -  Image being a Senior dog and your family abandons you! This sweet little girl was wondering the streets of Manhattan when she was picked up by Animal Control.  She doesnít wonder far from me so I am pretty sure she was dumped out in the cold.  The volunteers at the shelter decided that she was worth saving so they called several rescues asking for someone to take her but, unfortunately, they were all full.  I received an email from another rescue asking me if BAR had any room.  Luckily BAR agreed to rescue her even though she is not a boxer.  The shelter said she was boxer mix but I have a feeling she is a Pure American Mutt. 
The shelter estimated her age to be 12 year old since she has severe cataracts but she doesnít look or act that old.  She doesnít make a sound being confined.  She is very patient and sweet.  It is obvious that she just wants to please.  She has kennel cough right now so I will have to wait to see if how she is with other dogs.  However, the shelter tested her and said she was fine around them.  For all that she has been through (the shelter and a three leg transport) she is so calm and sweet.  She met my two cats wagging her tail and didnít bother them.  She is fine will adults and I will find out how she does with kids once she is feeling better.   If you can find it in your heart to give her a few wonderful senior years she will return the favor with love and companionship.


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