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Adopted 3/11/03                     At the Rainbow Bridge 6/26/03

Pertinent Information
12 yr. old Large Brindle Male
82 lb. Neutered and UTD
Owner Surrender
Being Fostered Near Corning, NY
Adoption Donation $100

6/26/03 - BAR received a call from Brenda, Coco's Mom, about 7:30 this evening, Cocoa was at the vet while she has been away on vacation. She received a call this morning from the vet that Cocoa had what appears to be a stroke. He is at the point where he could no longer walk or even stand. I have been in touch with Brenda over the last couple of weeks and cocoa has been on a downward slope recently.  Brenda asked me to let everyone know that Mr Cocoa was being put to rest at approx 8pm this evening. We are so sorry the last day of her vacation had to have this happen. We were so hoping Cocoa would hold on until she returned. Brenda please know that Cocoa was very happy with you the last few months of his life. He was also very lucky to have you. I will say a pray for a safe journey to the other side for him tonight and know he will be watching over you as your boxer angel.

3/20/03 - I have to tell you that adopting a senior dog is one of the most rewarding experiences ever. I am so grateful to BAR for sending us Mr.Coco, we absolutely love him, and he simply adores my children, it's obvious to anyone who visits what a wonderful loving boxer he really is. He's already learned that the cats are not actually for lunch, and will leave them alone, because he listens so well. But we still have to keep a close eye on that situation. He is such a good boy, he's home alone all day with run of the house and has never had any accidents. He is such a handsome old gentlemen, mellow, very well behaved and sweet. He just belongs with us and it feels like he's always been with us. We will be sure to make his retirement years the best ever.

3/11/03 - Mr. Coco has been adopted.

3/5/03 - Mr. Coco is pending adoption.

2/28/03 - Coco is getting comfortable here finally, he came with a basket full of toys and is just starting to show an interest in playing with them. He does the cutest little wiggle while laying on his back, snorting and tossing his froggie around. He is doing great with his new schedule, diet and exercise plan, he's dropped a few pounds, has more energy, but he still goes into the bedroom at exactly 8:30PM every night, tucks himself into bed and is out for the night. He is so mellow and well behaved, Mr.Coco is looking for someone to open up their hearts and home for him to enjoy his retirement years. If he got along better with our kitties we'd surely keep him here ourselves.

2/19/03 - Mr. Coco did great at his vet check this evening, passed all the tests, he was so cooperative ! However, the vet did estimate his age to be greater then 7years, more like 10-11, but he is in good health despite his age. He is on thyroid medication and his hearing if slightly impaired, but believe me, he can still hear the dinner bell. The last two days he has been home alone from 9-5 with just a lunchtime potty break and he has had zero accidents - so, yes he is housebroken. He is very interested in the cats, so for now they still remain separated. Mr. Coco is pretty smart, he nows several commands and walks great on a leash!! He is adjusting almost too good to our foster home, we will surely miss him when he finds his forever home, because he really is a charmer.

2/1/6/03 - Coco arrived yesterday all the way from Long Island. A big Thanks to everyone who helped rescue and transport Coco, he is an absolute sweetheart. He is a 7 yr old brindle gentlemen with natural ears and a docked tail. He is so easy going, good with my children, greets them every time with a little boxer wiggle. He has not met the cats yet, but we'll introduce them later in the week. After a nice bath and a good meal last night he went right to bed for the evening. He is housetrained, has let me know when he has to go outside. He is not too interested in the crate but we'll work on that. He is scheduled to visit the vet Monday morning and I'll report more on his health later.