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NAJA 7/18/04


Naja's Foster Journey - Rainbow Bridge 8/23/04

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Pertinent Information
11 yr. old  Fawn Female
45 lb. Owner Surrender
Cropped Ears and Docked Tail
Neutered and UTD
Being Fostered near Honesdale, PA
Adoption Donation $100

8/23/04 - It is with deep sadness, that we said goodbye to our Miss Naja this evening. Naja had become ill and upon a visit to the veterinarian, it was discovered she was far sicker than we had imagined. She went to the bridge with Larry and I at her side, very peacefully, very quietly. Naja brought this family great joy, joy beyond our dreams. She became such a part of us, she will never be forgotten. Naja was such a sweet, loving and playful girl. Naja was laid to rest here in the beautiful Pocono Mtns. She will forever run in the backyard she loved so much, with her little stuffed lamb to chase. I have but one regret fostering Naja. I am only sorry we didn't have her longer. I know she is at peace now, waiting at the bridge. Thank you BAR for allowing us to be part of this very special soul. So, is the circle of life. With every end, there is a beginning. Naja's life has ended, only to allow a new one to begin.
Sadly Missed,
Allyson, Larry, Kyra & Samuel

8/11/04 - Naja baby is a perfect girl. She never barks, she's an excellent hostess, a lovely dress up doll for my six year old and her four year old cousin, a great launch pad for my three year old son, a delightful companion and a face that could stop traffic. She has got the most irresistible mug. Naja will not go in her crate unless she's been out to do her business first. You'll find this sweet girl spending her days lounging on the floor at your feet, taking very brisk walks in the yard and
tearing up her little lamb, that poor, defenseless, eyeless lamb that Miss Naja has some personal vendetta against. She is such a hoot. She watches very intently as you decide the best place to toss her baby. Then she takes these huge leaps and pounces on it, as if any second it's going to get up and take off. Then she'll throw her head back and forth a minute and return for a bit more fun.
She has wonderful energy. Certainly nothing like a puppy, but then again you don't have to train her. This lovely girl comes already trained. She is an exceptionally bright dog, whom is very obedient. Naja hopes for a family that can appreciate her antics with her baby, her intense love for affection and her desire for yummy little treats for being the cutest senior in town.


8/8/04 - Pretty, pretty Naja baby,what a joy. I had Naja out for a romp in the yard today. I think she was actually walking me at one point, she was running so fast. We have had a major break through. Miss Naja has finally slept on her bed. After much coaxing, she has decided that it is quite comfortable and after circling on top of it five or six times, she settles in. It must be quite comfortable, as when I get up in the middle of the night, she doesn't care to move. She has also become quite the gentle girl when taking her treats. She waits to get the ok before retrieving the treat from your hand. She is such a pistol. I was cleaning my son's room yesterday and she found a very interesting beanie bear on his toy box. She thought no one was looking and very gingerly tried to remove it by the leg. I said no, put it back and she sat looking at it. I turned my head and wouldn't you know she tried sneak off with it again. She was so funny, just when she thought I wasn't paying any attention, that little devil made her move. She just gives you that silly look and wiggles a bit and you can't help but laugh at her for trying. You can't help but love her. 

7/29/04 - Princess Naja has become very comfortable here. She amazes me everyday with her sweet disposition. Naja sleeps on the floor of our bedroom each night and doesn't leave the room at all. She has been left alone to roam the house without direct supervision and she has been very good. Although, when I came home with groceries today, she rifled through the bags and found some very tasty romaine lettuce. After nibbling on that, I distracted her with a treat and I then went about my business. Well, don't you know, she found a zucchini that seemed to taste equally good. She only sampled the end before I realized she was having a snack. I don't know what she weighs now, but she seems to have put on some weight, as her ribs show a little less. It's amazing what proper diet and exercise will do!! Tonight I had lots of people over to the house with lots of children, all ages, and Naja was a perfect lady. She was quite the hostess, allowing everyone to ooh and aah over her. Everyone thought she was older, but not eleven. Girl looks good for her age. She has got a great routine down, that works well for all of us. She is walked four times a day and fed three. She enjoys a light lunch with the children, midday. She's such a petite little princess, I know her forever family will be completely elated with her. There isn't anything not to love about her. Ok, maybe her breath, but if you take a deep breath before going in for the kisses you should be in good shape. She will surely be missed when she makes that journey to her forever home. It has been all our pleasure sharing this experience with Naja. 

7/22/04 - Naja has become quite the people greeter. She has such enthusiasm when she meets people. Naja has a great routine down, eating two times a day, with a midday snack and frequent potty trips. She has had no accidents since she was first here. Naja has improved greatly with regards to walking with the leash, she still pulls slightly, but stops immediately when corrected. She's enjoying peaceful naps between bouts of play with the children. This gal is such a love bug. We're going to reintroduce her to my sisters lab this weekend and see how that goes. Naja is hardly any work at all. She is so obedient, loving, loyal, etc. I could just go on and on about this little girl. She has no food aggression. However, she gets a little wild with her stuffed lamb. She has this impression it's a rope for tug o' war. Everyday, I find new reason to praise her. Who wouldn't be happy with her? 

7/20/04 - Naja continues to be such a love. She delivered such boxer wiggles when my husband came home, I thought she was going to dislocate something. She has really taken a liking to him. We are working on Naja being more gentle when taking treats. She's a bit nippy, but I attribute that to the fact that her appetite is fantastic. We tested her today with our screen door open. My mother-in-law was leaving and the door was wide open. I held Naja's leash, told her stay, and stay she did. She never moved until she got the okay from me. This is one smart cookie. Naja has become best friends with the children. My son just laid his head down on her side and she never flinched. She is now resting comfortably on the floor, by my daughter, getting lots of love. Naja is great in the crate. Pretty soon we'll experiment with leaving her to roam the house while we are out. She has tried to make off with one of my husbands socks and sniffs the garbage now and then. Other than that, she's very good about sticking to doggy only stuff. She hasn't barked once since being here. A bit of whining now and then when in the crate, but that's it. She fits right in here, as if she was always here.

7/19/04 - Naja continues to work her way into our hearts and our home. Today she had her first bath, we felt comfortable enough with her to do this. Although, she clearly did not like it too much, she was a trooper. Naja has quite a voracious appetite. She has a particular interest in the garbage can, but is very obedient when told no. She whimpers a bit when first put in her crate, but settles down nicely. She simply goes right in, all that we have to say is "Naja, in. " She had one accident last night, nothing we're too worried about. Naja took a nice run through the yard with me. She tromped through the muddy mess and was eager for more. She is very playful and very affectionate. Naja did jump on me when I came home from work, but quickly got down. She was with the babysitter all day, whom met her last night, and she was terrific. She's resting comfortably now, fresh and clean in a soft bed and brandy new collar. We're having great fun with her and she's sure to make a wonderful addition to any home.

7/18/04 - Today we welcomed Miss Naja into our home. She is a very sweet little girl who just wants to be with people. She has been living it up here in the country. Naja had brief introductions to my sisters lab and her cat. We'll continue slowly with these and update you on her progress. She adores the children, six and three. She simply lays down on her back to be scratched. She seems to know some basic commands, sit, stay, come. Naja has a lot of energy for a girl of eleven. She is quite spry. Naja rides well in the car and tolerates the crate. With time, I'm sure we'll see this delightful gal come out of her shell.

Barbara K.
Allyson H.