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OZZIE (HENRY) 12/18/02


Henry's Foster Journey

Pertinent Information
1 year old Fawn Male
Natural Ears and Docked Tail
50 lb. Shelter Surrender
Being Fostered Near Middletown, NY
Adoption Donation $200

Oz is resting peacefully at the Rainbow Bridge.  A testament to him is being prepared.

1/11/03 - Well my second foster of the day went home...Henry just left with his new mom and dad!! It was love at first site...I think Kevin got more kisses in the hour he was here then I did the whole 3 weeks!
This boy has all kinds of new items including, a crate, beds, toys, food and treats awaiting him at home...he will definitely be now I am down to 6 dogs...on to finding a home for the two new boys.

1/4/03 - Henry has come to the Guardian Angel Boxer Haven for a very short stay. We wanted to do some temperment testing on him and he has passed with flying colors. The only issue this dog seems to have as of right now is that he does NOT like cats. So he will have to go to a home with no kitties in it. He has been playing with 3 of the females in the house running, jumping and wrestling. There has been no hair raising or fighting at all. I have to introduce him to my male yet and will be trying that later on today. Henry went in for his neutering the other day and Dr. Fischer loved him. Said he was a very sweet boy. Henry loves to play with his rope toys...carries them around in his mouth forever. He also loves to snuggle with you on the couch. This is on very sweet boy that will be finding his forever home very soon. we also would like to place him in a home with older children only. Check back for more updates soon..........

12/27/02 - Well Henry is doing well and dreaming of his forever home where he can excel and feel safe and loved. I wouldn't recommend cats for him at this point.  I think with him being on the road in this cold weather for 5 weeks, fending for himself he had to have taken a toll on him. He has scars on his face and the bones showing through to prove his lack of food. He needs a firm yet gentle and understanding hand to lead him in the right direction and prove to him that there is abundant love, food, water and shelter available to him. That he will never have to be afraid, alone, starving, and cold again. At every chance he gets, he tries to jump in my lap, nuzzle his head under my hand and get my attention. His nub is always going, to show me that he is happy. But there are also times he is frightened. He does get startled by loud and sudden noises and will either bark, or huddle into a safe place.   Henry is going to make someone an awesome companion and social friend. As I stated before he is an obedient boy, and will sit, lay down, stay (not very long but can do it with a little more practice), come (again not always as we have to remember he is only a pup), and is learning off quickly, since it's a command he hears often. Henry is a good boy that needs to know the rules through some consistent obedience training. Are you willing and able to provide him the environment he needs? If so please let us know. Henry is waiting.

12/21/02 - Well it's been a few interesting days since Henry arrived.  After our first introductions with my oldest dog and things did not work out we have taken it very slowly and have been able to have them in the same room for about 30 minutes or so.  Since he has not yet been neutered he has a tendency to do a lot of jumping up on my dogs and play dominance.  I think Henry is feeling stressed out with what has been going on in his life. He has also started staring down our cats. He isn't lunging at them but is giving them a good stare down. So we'll keep a close eye on that as well.
As for the kids he seems to be fine with. I had several family members over today for a Christmas feast and he was good with all the kids and adults alike. At first he was nervous around my one brother-in-law but soon warmed up to him and gave him a great big hug.
Henry is very good in the crate although he has been doing a lot of barking when left alone in there and he can hear that we are still home and about. During bedtime he is very good and sleeps through the night. He may need a little push going in but doesn't give me a hard time. No accidents in there either. When he comes out he greets you with the most wiggle butts you can imagine and is very anxious to go out. But if you give him the sit command (maybe twice) he does sit for you to put on the leash. His come command has improved greatly, especially if you include a clap along with it for now since he doesn't really respond to his name yet. But he still needs work on the leash. He definitely is a puller.
As for eating, he'll eat anything to put in front of him. My daughter is going through the stage of hating vegetables, so she tends to through them on the floor to the dogs. Henry ate them all, along with coldcuts, cheese, crakers, apple, you name it he will most likely eat it. He even got himself a box of crackers when I wasn't looking, doing laundry. At this rate he shouldn't have any trouble gaining the 10 lbs he desperately needs. Well that's about it for now. Stay tuned for the exciting adventures of Henry the lean mean eating machine.

12/18/02 - Hey everyone, we have a new guest named Henry. Henry has had a tough time the last couple of days, going from place to place meeting all kinds of different people and dogs, but has taken it all in stride. He is a little nervous but very friendly. He is getting along great with my younger dog but he and my older more dominant one seem to have their differences so we are keeping them apart for now and let Henry settle in a bit more first and give him a bath to help give him a fresh start. Our 15 month old baby girl absolutely adores dogs have already spent some time together and he just ignores her and when he is near her, he is very gentle. She just laughs and says "dog." Yes that was her first word, not mommy or daddy, but dog.
Henry is eating great, about 2-3 cups twice daily mixed with cottage cheese. He definitely needs to gain some weight, at least 10lbs. But with his appetite I don't forsee a problem with that.
 He is good in the crate, barking a few times when you first leave him but settles down quickly, curling up in a little ball and fast asleep. He really is quiet. He does shy away when someone raises their voice. He stops what he is doing and goes in his crate if it's near by or goes in another room. He doesn't get startled by movement, just sound. He doesn't know his name since he came from a shelter so he doesn't respond Once we get the vet records on him and he gets neutered he will be ready for his new and forever home. So get those apps in, this pup is a sweetheart and won't be around long.