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Pertinent Information - Rainbow Bridge 4/28/07

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Age & Sex: 3 yr. old Female
UTD: Unknown
Weight: 45 to 50 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Flashy Fawn
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Natural
Professional Training Required: No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Shelter Surrender
Location: Stillwater, NY

Adoption Donation $300


4/28/07 - Penny Pancake went to the bridge tonight.  We got a call from her foster mom, Debbie, around 7 pm that Penny had some sort of "episode", maybe a seizure, she was not sure, but it lasted almost 45 minutes, and she rushed to he emergency vet. She seemed to perk up, but at the vet, she had another episode, they thought is was cardiac related, and she went into respiratory failure. On my request, they resuscitated her, but she needed to be put on a vent to help her breath. Her eyes were fixed and dilated, and we decided to to wait a bit longer to see if she would get better (it was 2 hrs into it, and things looked, in the vets words, grace.
At 11:15pm, we spoke to the vet again, and now, 3 1/4 hrs into this, penny was still not breathing on her own. Her responses to some of their tests (pinching the toes, flashing light in her eyes) was VERY delayed or non existent. She was basically gone, unable to breath on her own, being kept alive by the vent.  The vet said while there is always a chance of a miracle, it was highly unlikely penny would have one.
The vet was wonderful, spoke to us at great length about what was happening. She felt that during the episode at Deb's house and on the ride to the vet, since the heart was not pumping regularly, her brain was deprived of needed oxygen. Then, when she had the episode at the vet, when she had to be resuscitated, a clot that probably  formed when the blood polled in her body, was thrown off and logged somewhere, perhaps the brain. She was in effect, in a coma and possibly brain dead.
Everything that could be done was done, including keeping her on a vent for over 3 hrs. Sadly, nothing could be done and at 11:15, we decided to have the breathing tube removed and to let penny go peacefully.

4/3/07 - Wow. itís been three weeks already with Penny here. She is doing wonderful and boy is she playful. Penny is no longer crated here at all. She has been left alone for 6 to 7 hours with free run of the house. Iím happy to report she was a prefect angel. Penny really enjoys being outside. We have a fence yard and she will spend most of the day out. I think she maybe getting a jump start on her tan. She plays well with my dogs. It did take a little time for her to figure out her place here, but all is fine.

Penny shows no signs of food aggression. She is extremely gentle when she takes treats from you. Penny does not beg at the kitchen table even though my two do. However she did pull a little on the leash when we took her for a walk. Nothing that couldnít be corrected. She wants to please. She is overall a great girl. She is patiently waiting for her prefect forever home.

3/20/07 - Pancake Penny has arrived here in upstate NY. We donít know much about Pennyís past. She was found left in an apartment alone covered in pancake batter. Iíve spent the last 48 hours getting to know Penny. What I have learned is that Penny is one of the smartest boxers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Someone has spent a great deal of time training her. She knows every command I could think of. Penny can even do, speak and rollover on command. Penny arrived on St. Patrickís Day and we had plans to go out. She was crated and left alone for about 5 to 6 hours. I was very pleased to return home to a safe, happy Penny who had no accidents.

On Sunday we spent the day all getting to know each other. She loves to be around people of all ages. She is also doing well with my two boxers, but she doesnít seem too interested in playing with them. We will learn more about that over time.

Monday was very interesting here. I run a daycare out of my house so I was worried about how she was going to handle so many kids all at once. In addition to the stress of different adults coming and going. Let just say, Penny believes the more the merrier. From an eight-month old baby to a nine-year boy, Penny loved them all. She greeted all the parents with the boxer wiggle dance plus a few kisses for those who didn't mind.

Penny is currently being crated at night. She does wine about it (no barking) but after a few minutes she lays down and goes to sleep. The only negative thing I have to say about Penny is that whenever my husband comes home, she is so happy to see him that she starts to pee and she seems not to be able to control it. She even gets nervous and cowards down. They now greet each other outside.

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