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SADIE 7/11/04


Sadie's Foster Journey - Rainbow Bridge 9/21/04





Pertinent Information
1 1/2 yr. old  Female
 Brindle Shelter Surrender
Natural  Ears and Natural Tail
Soon to be Spayed and UTD
Being Fostered near
Middletown, NY
Adoption Donation $250

9/21/04 - I would like to send out on very big thank you to everyone who emailed me in regards to Sadie. She was one of the sweetest fosters I have had in quite a while.
We went to bed early last night...Just Sadie and I, no other dogs and we cuddled all night...I woke up many times to find her right next to me with her head nestled next to me. We even slept in cause I forgot to set my alarm this morning for work.
I came home from work and she happily greeted me at the door with the others and I made a point to say hello and hug and kiss her first.
We spent some time alone, I told her how much I loved her and how I wish I could have done something to make her heart all better. I feel she understood....she gave me her sweet little kisses as if to say it is ok.
We went to doc's and she greeted everyone with a tail wag...Sadie went extremely quickly due to her poor heart...I hugged and kissed her the whole time and told her all the Angels love her and I will be looking for a fat, healthy dog waiting for me at the bridge when my time comes....I also told her there are plenty of BAR babies and family members for her to play with.
Bless you Sadie and have a safe journey to the will be forever in my heart..I miss you your foster mom and BAR

9/18/04 - Sadie will not be up for adoption at this point. She is much to ill and I have been spending as much time with her, loving and spoiling her as much as I can.
I am sorry I have not been sending in updates on this very sweet girl but it hurts so to even write the fact that she will not be with me long.
We had her stomach tapped about 2 weeks ago and at this point it is just as big as, if not bigger, than it was prior to the tapping.
She is so very uncomfortable she can barely lay down anymore.
It has come to the point where I have to make the very hard decision and with that I am writing to let you know that Sadie will be laid to reast on Tuesday at approx 6p.m..
I will be taking her and I will stay with her throughout the process and love her and hold her the whole time. She will be brought to our family farm to be buried with all of my other beloved pets.
Please hold Sadie in your thoughts for a safe journey to the bridge.

8/11/04 - Well our Sadie girl went in for her ultra sound last week. The results are not favorable for this girl. Her right Atrium is very enlarged causing her heart not to work well. My vet went on vacation and I have some more questions for him so I will get to him as soon as he returns.All in all she is a great little girl and does very well with the other dogs in the home. She has also met the cats and is fine with them as well.
We are looking for a home for Sadie where she can be spoiled and loved for the remainder of her life no matter how long or short that may be. The vet was not able to give me a time frame but did say her condition is grave. She gets very protective over her family and is not overly friendly of men she doesn't know. Due to her heart medication she does have accidents as well.
The thing that amazes me is she is alert, happy and eats well. Except for being thin and her large belly you wouldn't know she is sick.
Please think about Sadie for your home...being ill doesn't mean she does not deserve a family of her own. She will love you as much as you will love her....

7/28/04 - Sadie is doing terrific in our home. She has some accidents but overall is doing extremely well. She is great with all the dogs in the home and loves everyone here.
She can be protective of me when someone comes in that she doesn't know.
I took Sadie to the vet and she has an enlarged heart and is on medication. I will be making an appointment for her to have an ultra sound done and get a definite diagnosis. She will most likely have to have her stomach tapped to drain the fluid built up.
Please think about Sadie and adding her to your home...she deserves the best.

7/11/04 - Sadie arrived at the Guardian Angel Boxer Haven about 10 days ago a very sweet but extremely scared and shy girl. Today she is happy, still sweet and wags that long tail of hers constantly!!!  Sadie came to us as an urgent situation from a shelter we work with in NYC. It was thought that Sadie was pregnant and due to have pups any day. So BAR rushed right over and picked her up and we brought her here for delivery. I made an appointment for her with my vet for a check up to be sure all is going well and to be certain she really was pregnant. X-rays were taken and no pups have been seen. Sadie is due to go back to the vet's on the 13th for another check up.
At this point I don't feel she is pregnant. She was on the streets for a while and it could be from lack of nutrition. She is VERY boney all over except for her distended stomach.
Please keep this sweet baby in your thoughts as we continue to monitor her and run tests to to find out what is up and get her better.