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SANDRA 3/4/10


Pertinent Information

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Age & Sex: 11 yr. old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight:  52 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color:  Fawn
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes   Over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender to Shelter
Location: Poughquag, NY

Adoption Donation $150

Sandra's perfect home will be one that can offer her frequent potty breaks and lots of attention.

1/5/2011  It is with the greatest of sadness that I am making a final entry to Sandra's page.  Early this morning this grand lady passed away.  Sandra had been not right for a few days and lab work yesterday proved that she was indeed a very sick girl.  It is thought that she had a liver tumor and most likely cancer is what took her from us.
I cannot accurately express my sorrow at her passing.  She was a silly old girl that ruled the roost around here.  No dog dare mess with Sandra.  I am not sure that I will ever be on time to work again without her following me around in my morning mad dash.  If ever I became distracted in my getting ready routine she would remind me to hurry up with her Tigger like bouncing and grumbling that just drove Simba crazy.  Sandra has been my work buddy. every day, for the past 10 months and all there will miss her happy greeting.
Sandra may not have found a forever home but I'd like to think that she didn't know that.  I'd like to think that she thought this was her forever home.   We loved her like she was always ours.  She left this world in my arms feeling loved and cherished.   Sandra, thank you for sharing your life with us we miss you already.  Deb, Hermann, Kyle and Brinn
"It came to me that every time I lose a dog, they take a piece of my heart with them.  And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart.  If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are."

11/16/10 - Ouch...has it really been so long since we have sent in an update on Sandra.  Sorry about that.  Truth is there is really not much more to be said about this sweet and sassy senior gal.  Sandra did get a mock/"play" physical exam today by a 2yr old child.  After a very thorough examination said child announced to me that Sandra did not have a heart beat. ;-)  When I asked the child to check it again she did and then informed me that she had been mistaken and that, yes, Sandra did indeed have a beeping heart.  Sandra is a good girl she just stood still and let this little girl "check her over".  Sandra has nothing but love for humans.  She can be a bit testy with other dogs but only because she wants to be sure they understand she does not want to jumped on or rough housed in any way.  She just met a 9m old chocolate lab the other day and once Sammie understood that Sandra was not going to play with her and Albert all was just fine.  Sweet, sweet, sweet that is the best I can say.  She deserves a family of her own where she can just settle in and enjoy life.  Things around here are constantly changing and shifting....I worry that it may be too much for her sometimes.  Consider adopting a senior will not be disappointed!

September 20, 2010 - Hey everyone, Sandra here.  Just wanted to write my own update since my foster Mom's (FM) write ups don't seen to have gotten your attention yet.  I have been having a blast here they take me all kinds of places and I get to go to work with FM everyday.  Work is great I have my own bed under FM's desk and get to greet all the visitors that come in.  Sometimes I am too tired to get up and go say hello.  In those cases I just give them my best sad eyes face and they almost always ask if they can come over and give me a pet and scratch.  Ahh.. the power of my eyes .  , ,Yesterday my foster family took me for a "walk".  Toward the end I began to worry that perhaps they were trying to kill me.  They had me climbing up hills and over rocks and then all the way back to the car.  I kept giving them all my best "look" but they just telling me that I was doing great and that we'd be back to the car soon.  Don't get me wrong the lake was beautiful and there were lots of wonderful smells and other folks with their dogs.  I guess I am such a happy and spirited girl that they forgot I am not as young as I used to be.  But hey I made it back to the car and had a grand adventure to share with my fur family when I got home... and they were J E A L O U S!! Life is good here. My foster family loves me, but I'd really like a forever family of my own., ,Remember....Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit us well.-- Bonnie Wilcox

September 2, 2010  - Sweet Sandra is still here waiting for a family of her own.  She is happy here but she deserves her own family.  Sandra spends her days where I am.  Whether at home or work she never lets me get too far out of sight without coming to see where I've gone.  She is a wonderful companion. Sandra is looking to share her days with someone willing to see past her age- it's just a number.  Someone willing to open their heart to a senior Boxer- she has boundless love.  Someone that can appreciate her spurts of passionate excitment- who can resist a girl that loves to eat and go for car rides ;-)  Please do not pass by this gal- you will not find a more loyal and easy to care for friend.

July 10, 2010 - Sandra is a sweet girl.  She has been having some very busy days. She goes to work with me 4 days a week.  About 10 minutes before it's time to leave for work she starts bouncing around and barking at me..because I am always running late, and she believes it is very helpful to get "in my face" and remind me of the time.  Then it's off to drop the children at daycare and to the office.  She is very good girl in the car.  He official job title is office greeter and no one comes in the door unless Sandra gets a pet and hopefully a cookie.  She does her job very well and greets everyone with happiness.  Three or four times a day she goes outside for "breaks".  And then without fail she reminds me when it's time to leave and go pick up the children.  She really gets animated if she thinks I am moving too slow.  She can bounce straight up in the air with all four feet like she is on springs!  After we pick up the kids it's time to go home and check on the rest of the troops.  If I happen to be busy doing something else at doggie dinner time Sandra and her trusty inner clock will remind me in a none too subtle way.  At night she sleeps quietly on the bedroom floor or a dog bed until about 2am when she needs a potty break.  After that potty time she spends the rest of the night cuddling on our bed.,She is only crated when she stays home without us.  And that is mostly to keep her from bossing the rest of the crew when no one is here to supervise.  Sandra is sweet, happy, silly, loving and a great snugglie cuddler....and she is still waiting for a family of her own.

5/12/10 - Sandra is doing great here with us. She is now spending her days and nights as a full member of family and pack.  She is in the crate when we are not home because although she never has potty accident while we are here she sometimes does when we are not.  She never has an accident in  her crate.  Some nights she is crated as well because she feels that a "people" bed is the best place to sleep.  Some of the people in our house don't like sharing or rather giving up their bed to her : )   Sandra is a sweet girl with lots of love and TONS of kisses to share with everyone she meets.

4/4/10 - Sandra is doing great here.  She has met all of the resident dogs and is doing just fine.  She has had no issues with any except our girl Jessie.  Jessie doesn't feel too good and tends to have a zero tolerance policy.  The rest of the crew know this and Sandra learned it the hard way.  But she now knows that if she gives Jess the "right of way" all will be good.  She continues to be great on and off leash. She always stays close by when outside as people are her favorite past time : ) ,,Last weekend we had over night guests and Sandra was their room mate.  She was polite and quiet. We did end up putting her in her crate for the night because she was rather insistent about sharing (or rather hogging :) the bed!,,Please consider this wonderful senior gal for your family.  You won't be sorry if you do.

3/21/10 - You tube video of Sandra- at full speed ; )
We introduced Sandra to most of our crew yesterday.  She did great and got some very nice invitations to play form our big Boxer boy.  She mostly declined because he can be a bit rough, and Sandra is a very laid back kinda gal.  Our boy was so comfortable around her that within just a few minutes he had deceided to take a nap in the sunshine while she stood over him. just keeps getting better and better with this GREAT gal!

3/18/10 - Loose leash, off leash and EASY to care for that is Sandra.  Sandra is a dream dog. She is the whole package and she is the one you have been looking for.  If you want a dog that is easy, happy, sweet and cute- well here she is.,We plan to do doggies intros this weekend, she has been nose to nose with some of the crew through a gate and she just kept looking up at me (on the other side) like "hey can you come over here please, I'd like a hug please". 

3/12/10 - Sandra is doing fantastic here.  She is such a total love.  She loves, loves, loves our children.  She gets all happy and wiggly when she sees them.  This is one great gal.  Sandra is totally house trained, crate trained and is an expert at loose leash walking.  She has plenty of Boxer goofiness though and likes to play silly for a few minutes with her people.  Sandra is quiet in her crate and I have NEVER heard her bark at anything.  She is spending alot of time in her crate right now but she never complains.  Once she is over the slight upper respiratory infection that she has we will bring her into the home pack, and there will be alot less crate time.  She is proving to be one of our easiest fosters so far....happy, sweet, tons of little "air" kisses (she rarely makes contact), easy to walk and an all around great companion....thatis Sandra :) 

3/04/10 - Sandra arrived today.  She is very sweet and a bit nervous.  Life has been strange for her that last few days, and I am sure she keeps thinking "Uh-o What now!".  You see this weekend she was left at a high kill shelter by her owners because they no longer "had enough time" for her.  Sandra is reported to love men, women, children and other dogs.  This sweet older girl did not ask to be looking for a new home at this time in her life.  Please consider Sandra for your home.  All she wants is a warm cozy house and some lovin' to get her through her days, she will repay you with gentle snuggles and sweet little kisses. ,,   Watch for updates as we get to know her more