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12/23/08 - Spandy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

2/28/08 - In a perfect world puppies would grow into balanced healthy adult dogs who would then grow old in the warmth  and comfort of their life long home.   They would be cared for, nurtured and rewarded for the years love, companionship, and loyal dedication they have given their owners.    But in the real world cute puppies grow into adolescent dogs who require exercise and training.  They are then to much work, take to much time and get dumped into shelters.

 Even more heart breaking is when a Senior dog who has been a loyal companion & friend is now a burden.   When his/her health declines or he/she is no more fun.   Disposed @of at a shelter to become some one's else's responsibility or meet his fate. 

   Occasionally a senior life is spared from being euthanized as he finds a rescue Angel.       SPANKY is such a senior dog, rescued by an Angel and then his life further valued in the hands a HERO.    This wonderful soul has been rescued and is going to spend  the remaining time of his life in the hands of a compassionate Hero.  

   Spanky is a 7-8 y/o male  who has been diagnosed w/ grade 2 mast cell tumors.    Spanky is boarding at a canine training facility where his trainer and care takers have become very fond of him.    Spanky has found a HERO in his trainer Eddie.   Eddie has a huge heart for the dogs that are entrusted to his care.   Most of the dogs that he works with get to move on.  Those dogs are adopted to loving families or move on the jobs that they were trained for.      

  A recent visit to the vet confirmed that Spanky's prognosis is not good.   Ed knows that Spanky won't have the opportunity to be adopted and have a long healthy life like most.   Spanky has once again wiggled his way into a human's heart.    Eddie has been gracious enough to allow Spanky to stay with him.   In Eddie's care Spanky will  live out his life in a warm loving environment.  

    Spanky's life story could have ended at the shelter where he was dumped.    But he was rescued by an Angel  and will now spend his days in the arms of a true compassionate Rescue HERO.  

   On behalf of Spanky and BAR   THANK YOU EDDIE