TARA 6/4/06

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Pertinent Information - Rainbow Bridge 7/3/06

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Age & Sex:  11 yr. old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight: 68 lbs.
Other Dogs:  Yes
Color:  Dark Brindle
Cats: Yes
Ears: Cropped
Children under 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Children over 5: Yes
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location:  Stillwater, NY

Adoption Donation $150


7/3/06 - I write this with the heaviest of hearts, Our ANGEL Tara was put to rest today. She had a tumor
the size of a grapefruit pressing on her intestines.  Though Tara was not in pain it was just a
matter of time.  We did what we felt was best for Tara and our family.  So at 7:21pm Tara cross over
to rainbow bridge while sitting outside in the grass with her foster dad.  In the short time that
we had her, we loved her very much.  She was a very special girl.

6/27/06 - Wow.  Itís been three weeks already.  Tara is doing wonderfully.  She has a great personality. 
She loves everyone.  Her energy level has increased a little over the past two weeks.  She loves to
play with toys and the other dogs.  She came to us with this toy, my kids call it her sock buddy
that she plays with all the time.  It is almost destroyed.  Since Tara has been here, I have been
giving her an aspirin and benadryl every day.  Her joints donít seem to bother her as much.  And
she gets the benadryl because the vet thinks that she has allergies.  Her fur is growing back in a
couple of spots where she was always itching. Tara is going to have two cysts removed next week. 
And after that I think she will be ready to move onto her forever home.

6/10/06 - From Tara's Transport Angel Carrie - Just wanted to add to Tara's foster home testament on this girl. I had the pleasure of transporting her and having her company for a few hours after that. Tara had a pretty long trip by the time she met up with me she had been on the road for 3 hours we had at least another 2 hours back. Tara was great in the car even though her space to lay down was dramatically changed :) We had a baseball game at 2 and just brought Tara with us instead of throwing her in the house in a crate or gated some where normally I would not do this but we were running really late from the transport. She was just great at the game people were complimenting her left and right. They thought she was just divine and couldn't believe she was 11 they also couldn't believe she wasn't my dog because she listened so well and was so well behaved. They were amazed that I had only known her 2 hours. When we got back to  my house to wait for her foster Mom I decided to let her meet everyone because she clearly wanted to. First Maddie and Vinny all was well with them so we let Marco in the true test to any dog. They sniffed and then Marco started in on her bowing, boxing and barking at her to my surprise and his pure enjoyment she started right back. She wanted to play :) I never let her off leash but am sure she would have been fine. I really wanted to add this note because i think she is great and at 11 she might not have a heck of a lot of years left but boy would she make the time spent with her worth it

6/8/06 - Tara Lynn is our newest senior girl, 11 years old. She is dark brindle with very little gray.  Just by looking at her, you would never know she is a senior.  But, unfortunately she is.  She is a sweet and loving girl.  She has been here since Sunday.  From the moment she walked in the front door everything has been fine with her.  She gets along with everyone, including the two other dogs.  She will play with them but not for long as she is experiencing some joint and muscle discomfort.  Tara is Lyme positive which is causing some of the discomfort and with her age she might also have a little arthritis.  Over the couple of days she has been here we have learned that she is very vocal.  She looks right at us and just starts talking away. She does this at night like she is telling us it's time for bed.  She is also very smart.  She knows basic commands.  And she is smart
enough to never go on the furniture unless we are sleeping or not home.  The first morning I woke up looking for Tara to find her passed out on the couch.  The next day I took the kids to school to find Tara again sleeping on the couch.  I do not crate Tara.  She is my third foster and the only one I have not crated.  When I first brought her home we put her in the crate and she just stood there.  She looked at us like, what in the world is this.  Being eleven, I just thought she deserved more respect.  There has been no potty accidents.  She doesnít go in the garbage.  She is more mature than that.  Tara is just looking for a comfy bed to rest her old bones.


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