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TAZ 8/4/03

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Pertinent Information
4  yr. old Male 
61 lb. Classic Fawn/Black Mask
Owner Surrender
Cropped Ears and Docked Tail
Neutered and UTD
Good with other dogs and older children
Being Fostered in Baldwin Harbor, NY
Adoption Donation $175

9/26/03 - It is with great sorrow that we must say that Taz was laid to rest today.
Taz was a stray that was brought in to our rescue from DE. He had been in a shelter and it was nearing his last days. BAR did not want to see his life end this way so we had him transported into our care.
Taz was a beauty and a great dog in his first foster home. He was adopted out and shortly afterwards the family began to have issues with him with the kids in the home. He was snapping and trying to bite them. Taz was returned to rescue and spent a few weeks in another foster home for a second evaluation. After a week or so, Taz bit the husband in the home, went after him and his wife on other occasions as well.
We sent Taz to a professional behaviorist and it was felt best for all involved that Taz be put down. We do our best to help every dog that comes in to rescue and get them the medical care and training they need.
Unfortunately, some of our babies can not be helped and for the safety of our foster homes and adoptive families we felt Taz was one of those dogs.
Taz was loved by BAR as our all of our dogs and we do hope that he is very happy and romping free watching over all of us at the rainbow bridge.
Taz...with the help of all BAR volunteers and this page you will never be forgotten.
We at BAR love you. Be at peace.

8/25/03 - We have a few things to report on our LAID-BACK TAZ. Our six year old grandson Austin was here for a visit and Taz got along with him just fine. But we're probably not going to be able to test him with toddlers. Might be a good idea for Taz to go to a home with no toddlers. Taz didn't do too well with his cat-test. We were at the vet's and he shows way too much interest in the resident cats. Just think maybe he'd like to go a little further than "playing with them". The reason Taz was at the vet's office is because POOR TAZ helped himself to a special toy of one of our other dogs and within a heartbeat....Taz got bit on his back right leg...which required a number of stiches. Even with all that....Taz showed absolutely no sign of aggresion with his people or the other dogs. The only thing poor Taz tried to do was get away. He let us clean it as best we could.... And he was a very good boy about it. He has to go back in ten days to get the stiches out. Taz and our crew are all back together again. There seems to be no hard feelings over the mishap. We're just letting him outdoors with just a certain few of the crew at a time. In actuality.......Taz is SO GOOD......he spends NO TIME in his crate.....where as we put our guys in for "time-out" several times a day!! We feel Taz could probably be left out in the house if left alone.....although we haven't had a chance to test him on that. So if you're looking for a low-key people-dog......and absolutely GEORGEOUS TO LOOK AT......Taz is for you. Wouldn't you love to give him his FOREVER HOME???

8/18/03 - Taz arrived on Boxer Mountain safe and sound. We are fostering him because his regular foster Mom and Dad are taking a well deserved vacation. 
First of all....Taz is one of the most handsome traditional looking Boxers we have ever seen. No matter what your feelings are about cropped or uncropped ears....his ears are cropped and boy does he wear them well!! They are the perfect size. With his black mask and fawn body coloring Taz is absolutely georgeous! 
Taz has been getting along and playing outside with all our other dogs just fine. He knows all his commands and listens very well. We've actually had him loose in the house today with our whole crew and Taz has been excellent. He'll just go off and finds a cozy spot on the couch and takes a nap. 
He's not too thrilled with being in his crate. We have not cat-tested or child-tested Taz as yet. The cat-testing will be done soon......the child-testing may take a little longer. From our short time with far....he does look near perfect!! So don't wait too long to put in you application.

8/13/03 - Taz has been with us for about ten days now. He is an absolute delight. A gorgeous boxer. His favorite play toys are two squeaky toys that look like a football and a dumbell. He actually walks around with both of them in his mouth all day. At night he sleeps with them. Taz is well trained. He walks nicely on a leash. Sits and stays when told to. If you call him he comes. His buddy Justin loves to play with him. Taz get so excited when he sees him. They spend so much time together. Taz likes to lay on him and lick his face, Taz is doing wonderful with the other dogs. Today we introduced him to a five month old boxer. He was so gentle with him. The puppy was being a typical playful puppy and Taz was wonderful. He is such a wonderful dog. Taz will really make someone very happy. Please hurry and put your application in so Taz can go to his forever home.

8/4/03 - Taz is here at Seaside boxer Haven. He arrived today and I'm already in love. He is a beautiful boy. He has already me three other dogs and gets along with them great. Wasn't sure about feeding them together so Taz went right in his crate to eat. He has had no accidents. Taz is well trained and listens when told to sit or come. He is out of the crate and spending is time with the other dogs, Taz seems to be a big mush. His favorite is giving big wet sloppy boxer kisses. he met my teenage son and the two of them became instant buddies. All sixty pounds of him sat on my sons lap facing him with his paws on his shoulders and Taz cleaned his face. I'm not sure which one was happier, He seems to be a real charmer. All he wants is some love. For a big dog he is very gentle. Please hurry and put your applications in .Taz will make a family very happy.