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TYSON 1/13/03


Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

Pertinent Information
7 year old Fawn Male
 65 lbs. Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Shelter Surrender
Soon to be Neutered
UTD on Vaccinations 
Being Fostered in Secaucus, NY
Adoption Donation $175 + $20 Microchipping

2/22/03 - This morning as I hugged him tightly, telling him I loved him, my Tyson the Trooper went off to the bridge.  After extensive testing and x-rays, we found out that Tyson had a mass in his abdomen the size of a soccer ball.  I took one look at the ray and asked the doctor where was everything.  The only thing I saw was this large black circle.  I saw some squiggly things up top and Dr. Wallach said that's where his intestines are being pushed to.  The mass was putting pressure on his diaphragm, stomach, kidneys, intestines and moving them places where they didn't have any room. 
Dr. Wallach kept telling me that it doesn't look good.  He had a two way telephone conversation with Nancy and myself and explained that perhaps exploratory surgery was an option and we could find out if it was cancer and if it wasn't, he could remove it, but the surgery was taking a risk for Tyson.  He could open him up only to find cancer and then have to put him to sleep, he could open him up and take it out only to have it grow back.  In seeing the x-ray, I do believe it was cancerous and that the only humane
thing to do was to put him at peace.  I am very grateful to the BAR Directors for allowing me to take part in the decision of what should be done for Tyson.  I am very grateful to BAR for taking Tyson into rescue and seeing that he didn't die alone in a cold shelter as was his faith.  I brought a blanket for him to wrap him in and to lay on and hugged him ever so tight. 
After he was gone, we removed the blanket only to find him still urinating -- only my Tyce!  He was only with me 6 weeks but, he was part of the family.  It's breaking my heart right now that he is not with us looking for water and trying to get into the toile bowl.  Last night, I made him a steak for dinner and he had a piece of cake.  It was my 10 year anniversary at work and they gave me a cake so I brought the rest home and made sure Tyce shared it with me.  In the morning he also got another steak.  During the night he kept throwing up and it was a very fowl smell.  In the morning I saw that his urine had blood in it and knew it was time.  I requested his ashes and he'll be put to rest in our back yard.  Of course, I feel he should go one place and Ralph thinks he should go somewhere else, but one thing is for sure, he's not moving from our hearts and minds because he truly was loved by us and that's where we'll keep him.  Be at peace, my Tyson the Trooper, feel no more pain, run free and keep an eye out for me, cause one day I'll see you again.

2/9/03 - This weekend has found us doing lots of laundry because as we know, Tyson has an insatiable thirst and it's not getting any better and now, he can't hold his urine while he's sitting or sleeping.  When he's awake, he looks so sad like something is really on his mind and he'll just sit and look into space, and I just go over and hug him all the time. The vet says he doesn't have diabetes, his prostate is o.k. and his blood work shows only a slight elevation in his liver which is the start of liver problems but it's not enough for his water desire. He feels that either he was left outside and went whenever or didn't get enough water and now that he is, he doesn't know how to control his bladder.  He's starting to greet us with a kidney bean dance which makes us feel good. This boxer baby needs a lot of special TLC and we all love giving it to him. 
We will discontinue updates on Tyson temporarily while we are working with the veterinarians to get a better handle on his medical condition.

2/2/03 - Mom was outside throwing a ball to Axel and another one to Honey and I ran up and got Axel's ball and started playing with it.  Axel just stood there and mom ran over and starting hugging and kissing me.  She then tried to take the ball away and I wouldn't let her, she tried to explain that she would throw it again, but if she did that, Axel may get it.  I ran around the yard awhile with it but then I hit my bad foot on a tree root and dropped the ball and Axel took it from there.  Mom was so happy to see me run and play but she came right over to check up on my foot.  I'm still on meds but I'm feeling better.  I have a nasty scab on my foot, but mom says in time it will get better.   Tonight when mom and dad sat down to eat, I went over and put my head on dad's lap and he asked where that came from.  He didn't realize that I've been watching Axel and Honey and when they do it, he gives them a treat.  It worked for me!  Speaking of treats we got some tasty treats from Aunt Dina and boy do we love them.  She bakes them and gave mom some for us yesterday when they met at a transport.  Dad said they smelt so good he wanted to try some.  I'm still drinking lots and lots of water and sometimes I can't hold it but I think I'm getting better.  I still like to drink from the toilet bowl when there's no more water left in the dishes and mom still scolds me.  I'm trying to do all the things that a family will want in a boxer baby, but it's taking me some time.  I'm very lucky to be here and can't wait til I find my very own family to love and care for me.  Boxer kisses, Tyson.

1/25/03 - We woke up Thursday morning, to Tyson licking his back right paw and he has a runny nose from his upper respiratory infection.  We took him to the doctor Thursday (he went with his brother Trigs) and the vet gave him an antibiotic shot and we got meds.  The poor guy is still drinking out of control, so he has to still go out but he's making due.  I haven't heard on cry, bark or peep out of this precious baby, o.k. except for his snoring.  For all that he's going through this guy is definitely a Trooper!!

1/23/03 - A dog could get spoiled living here and I think I'm in boxer heaven! Sometimes, I have to give my mom and dad a double take to make sure I won't get in trouble for laying on the couch, bed or dogs beds. Tonight, I even jumped on the recliner to get some z's. I was having a problem in the crate when I was in it, so Mom and Dad decided that maybe it was a good idea to leave me out and see. I kept trying to bite my way out and my teeth and gums aren't in such good shape so they would find blood on the floor and on the crate bedding. They gave me this kong thing but I had no use for it, I just wanted out. The first thing I did do, was well you see, they left the garbage can right in the kitchen and I had to investigate. Now they make sure they put the garbage can out of my reach. And, well o.k. I do have this thirst for water and well, I kinda lift up the toilet seat and drink and when mom came home she found that there was hardly any water in the toilet bowl. She thought there was a plumbing problem until she looked at me and I gave myself away. I still have this unquenchable thirst for water but I think it's getting better.  I love to eat and did I tell you I love to drink? I'm the kinda boxer that is very happy just getting hugs and cuddles and I don't have to play with other dogs, I'm fine by myself. As much as I love it here, I would love a family to call my own, maybe you're out there reading up on me and thinking, hey........I'm waiting just for you. Til we meet, boxer hugs, kisses and who says an old guy can't kidney bean dance, Tyson.

1/18/03 - When Tyson was brought to the vet on Thurs, it was to be neutered. After Dr. Wallach examined Tyson, he wanted to hold off on the neuter until he did some tests. We found that there are certain medical issues that we are watching on Tyson but they appear not to be life threatening at this time. We found out that he has hook worm and was put on medication immediately. The reason for his dry skin patches is probably due to being crated most of the time with no comfortable blankets to lie on. He probably spent most of the day on a hard surface. But there is nothing hard about this boys personality! He just loves being around people and other animals. The vet has a live in cat and Tyson had no response when he met him. He is rescheduled for his neuter for next Thursday. While at the vets, the girls nicknamed him Trooper and of course they fell in love with him. What's not to love about this boy. He is so calm and gentle and listens so well. We have had some accidents in the crate because of all of the water this boy is drinking. He can't get enough of it and when he does, if he hears my dogs go to drink, he's right back up there drinking some more. The vet said let him drink all he wants but just remember the more he drinks, the more he has to go out. I'll go out as often as this boy wants because he gives so much love in the little time he's been here. We haven't heard him bark as yet but he does a mean kidney bean dance and loves to give kisses. He doesn't like going into the crate and needs to be pushed in and cries a little but then stops. I have noticed that when he was in my large wire crate, he kept chewing on the wire. He is now in a vari kennel when I'm not home and in the beginning, I did see some blood around the floor but he now concentrates on his kong more than getting out of the crate. Tyson has bad teeth and gums but that doesn't stop him from eating, he's eating very well and even keeps up when the treats are passed out. This boy is a wonderful guest at the Sunrise Angel Haven.

1/14/03 - What a difference 24 hours makes for me! I came out of a shelter in Manhattan yesterday and made my way to the Sunrise Angel Haven. I have 3 foster brothers and a foster sister. The shelter said I have a problem urinating, but my foster mom doesn't see one. I do have a very insatiable quest for water and even tried to lift the toilet bowl seat to get some. Uncle Gary made many phone calls these last days to get me out and finally it paid off. Thank you Uncle Gary! Aunt Jane waited anxiously to get the call to go and get me and when she picked me up I got a beautiful old navy leash and collar. Thank you Aunt Jane! Aunt Jane drove me to Auntie Liz' where I had a wonderful dinner and water and waited for my foster mom to come. Thank you Auntie Liz! And of course thank you all of my angels at Boxer Angel Rescue for going the extra step for me. Mom tried to give me a bath last night to get the shelter smell off of me, but all I wanted to do was drink the water, hey what's a little soap with the water. I understand I'm going to see a friendly doctor on Thursday to check me out and neuter me. I hope that doesn't hurt. Last night I slept in a crate in the bedroom with everyone. I was just happy to be around friendly faces. I'll write more later, boxer hugs and kisses, Tyson.