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WILLY 6/20/03

Rainbow Bridge


Willy's Foster Journey

Thanks Transporters

Pertinent Information
Approx. 4 yr. Old Fawn Male
Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Shelter Surrender
Neutered and UTD
Good with children, dogs and cats
Being Fostered Near Binghamton, NY/Scranton, PA
Adoption Donation $200

6/29/03 - With very heavy heart, but lots of love, tonight I helped Willy find the peace his body would not give him. He was not able to fight off the pneumonitis which was probably secondary to the lyme disease. After a day on iv antibiotics, steriods, liquid nutrition he was not improved and was fighting for every breath. Please keep this very special boy in your heart and hug your babies extra today. Willy deserved better than life gave him and I will remember his funny little face always.

6/23/03 - What a nice boy Willy is! He's settled in here in no time. The only thing he hasn't figured out is the dog door, but I can see that it's only a matter of time before he gets it. Willy's a bit overwhelmed by the great outdoors, being from the city and all. We think that will change too. He's discovered bugs and has the best time trying to catch them! However, with the misalignment of his jaws, we think the bugs are pretty save! It doesn't hurt his eating any, though. Willy LOVES turkey. He needs to gain a few pounds after his stay in the shelter, so we're adding turkey, bananas, peaches, yogurt, and today, a little sour cream to his kibble. Not all at the same time of course, but even boxers like variety in their diet. He'll be vet checked very soon and ready to move to your camp for a little summer vacation. Dogs like this don't come along every day, so get your application in soon.

6/21/03 - Willy arrived to a very soggy camp on Friday. He apparently was dropped off at a shelter by his former (first and only) owners when discovered they were going to have a human child. Go figure! Willy is a very sweet boy who requires very little maintenance at all. Attention, food and a warm, dry spot to curl up in are his only requirements. He is housetrained, doesn't get up on the furniture, good with other dogs and is learning about cats without any problem. He would make a perfect pal for a family that works as he doesn't require constant supervision in the house. He is a bit overwhelmed by the exuberance of the resident pests, although one on one he is learning to play. A think the great outdoors is a bit much for him as well, he isn't quite ready to explore yet. He's quite content to stay close by me. His appetite is improving with the addition of some turkey breast and yogurt with his kibble. He minds extremely well . . . it's scary compared to my own dog! Willy loves to ride in the car, too. So if you want a dog that not too big, not too active, VERY cute . . . Willy is just right for you!

6/20/03 - Willey has been picked up by Liz and is with Jane on his way to his foster Mom.  Thank to Liz, Jane and Robin.  Thanks Jane for picking up an extended leg of the transport.

Robin - Just got home with the new kid at camp, Willy. He's just as cute as my other favorite boy of the same name. Right now he's resting in the large crate with turkey breast on whole wheat. Like most dogs from the shelter the last thing he wanted to do was get in the crate, but he's not going to crazy yet. He's just the cutest little thing. Has a very pronounced undershot jaw and his lower canines make him look like a vampire with his teeth in upside down. And the tip of his tongue peeks out when he's sleeping. And the eyes . . . . oh so soulful.