Oscar “Bubba” - At Rainbow Bridge 5/6/2011


We adopted Oscar from Boxer Angel Rescue in June 2005.  Our son was 4 and our daughter was only 22 months old.  We had some hesitation because Oscar was full of energy but knew that we could make this work for our family.  After a few months of consistent training and lots of love, of course, Oscar – soon nicknamed Bubba - turned out to be the perfect addition to our lives.  His favorite pastime was running around in the backyard with the kids with his favorite ball hanging out of his under bite.  Always full of kisses and wiggles, and he always had something to say to us.  He talked boxer to us often with his whines and barks and squeaks.  Quite the character and quirky is what we always called our boy.

Unfortunately, our time together was cut short.  Way too short.  Two months ago Bubba was diagnosed with lymphoma very unexpectedly, and we decided not to go the chemo route, rather steroids, so as to give him better quality of life for the time he had with us.  And our last 60 days together were perfect.  He went back to his usual quirkyness and acted like the Bubba we knew and loved.  We cherished every moment we had with him and spoiled, SPOILED him rotten.  He got more hugs and kisses, more treats and goodies, and hopefully felt our full love for him.  Then on May 4th, 2011, things took a turn for the worse.  Bubba was real slow getting up in the morning and from there, it went downhill.  Within 24 hours, he was having trouble walking.  By that night, we were having to carry him outside and up and down the stairs.  We knew it was time.

We said our goodbyes to our Bubba at 12:30 AM on Friday, May 6, 2011.  As heartbreaking as it was and still is for us, we know he is running around at the Rainbow Bridge, making friends, and wiggling.  He was the perfect dog for our family and will never be forgotten by anybody that met him along the way. 

Rest easy, Bubba.  You’re in our hearts forever.