Tributes To Tigger

From Tigger's Forever Mom

From Tigger's Foster Mom

From Marcia Garzolini, Tigger's Forever Mom

I look back on the short time I had with Tigger and wonder how did he become such a beloved dog.

Was it the beautiful brown eyes , or cutest little expression when he gave you the puppy look or was it that cute little butt with the nub tail that had that jaunty little wiggle when he was trotting off to check things out. Maybe it was the greeting with the wiggly butt and happy dance, when he woke up or when you came in the door that said I am soooo happy to see you! It made you hug him and smother him with kisses.
Oh my Tigger, you were all that I hoped for and more.               

Our first bath -not knowing how things would work out, I donned my bathing suit and headed for the shower with Tigger, only to have him plant his hind feet and say “No way Jose” – baths are more my style!
Once in the tub, he stood forever.
He loved to be brushed and groomed and his coat began to gleem. All his bare crate sore areas began to grow hair. I would moisturize all his bare patches.
I dried his paws when  it was snowy or rainy out and toweled him thoroughly. I think he liked it.
He got a splinter on one of our outings, and let me put hot compresses on his pad to ease the discomfort.
He always knew I think that I only wanted to take care of him and give him a happy life.
He would get yogurt all over his face, but enjoyed getting a warm washcloth to freshen up with.
He loved to hear you laugh! He would go crazy over the sound of it and would get so excited.
And he loved his squeaky toys! 

Sometimes you could be sitting on the floor with him and watching TV, and pause in your petting, and Tigger would gently remind you with his paw that he did not want you to stop yet.
He felt it his duty to accompany you to the bathroom and I figured it was only fair.
We went for walks on the local walking/bike path.  Everyone commented on what a good heeler he was, what a handsome dog, and he loved meeting new people and dogs every day. We practiced at every crosswalk to sit and look.  And talk about obedience – he did a sit and down like you have never seen the likes of.

He was a mature, mannerly dog. He settled in very easily and quickly.  I baked him special dog cookies from scratch. We went to Petco as our first big outing, he was the best behaved dog in the store and checkout lines. The NUTRO food rep wanted to offer him a cookie, and Tigger spit it out. It felt good to know Tigger liked my baking over anyone elses.
Tigger could be fast asleep in the living room, but let the kitchen frig door open and I could hear the tags jingle and here he comes! Puts his head around the corner of the frig as if to say, ‘Did you say my name?’, ‘Could there be something for me in there?’.

Tigger’s seizure and fainting episodes both happened when I had come home from work early , and caused such excitement that it overwhelmed his heart.  The experiences that followed are those I would not wish on anyone. After researching the suspected diagnosis and then being confirmed by specialists and given a very poor prognosis and told he will die any day, no amount of medications and rest provided ,could overcome this fatal disease and I watched this kind, gentle, loving soul suffer and finally pass.

  You were with me physically for a very short time, but you touched my heart and will remain there forever Tigger.  I truly miss you. Thank you for all you gave to me.


From Tigger's Foster Mom

I still remember the first day he came to my home at 9:00
P.M. with Paul T., he had the silly E collar on a swollen
face, large swollen sore feet, a hugely bruised "manlihood"
neuter area, and the most loving and grateful eyes.

He came into our home as if he had always lived here,
making the rounds and within 5 minutes playing with Heaven
& Dozer, Arissa and Nara.  He melted my heart instantly and
I felt an immediate sense of urgency in this dog that he
know how much I would love him while he was here! 

He had such a sense of pride about him!  Dignified,
intelligent and SOOO loving.  This was the kind of dog that
people would dream of owning.

While here, due to prior surgery, he came down with kennel
cough, and I nursed him like one of my children, sleeping
on the floor near him, making sure that he had a vaporizer,
cough medicine, and immediate medical attention as would be
determined necessary.  He loved when I would snuggle him
and say give mommy some kisses - immediately he would
oblige me like ...hey lady what took you so long to ask!

My children as well as my husband and I felt like the was
the perfect animal, he watched my kids like Nana the dog in
Peter Pan, snuggled with me and Matt, loved the huge dog
bed I made him, and never got into trouble when here.

Somehow I felt that my "soulmate" was Tigger!  He knew what
I was thinking and saying even before I did!  If he saw a
leash he would do the biggest bean dance!  He would hear
someone in the kitchen and come around the corner, arch his
head and one ear would perk up and give me the face like
.... what do you got for me? 

He used to love to sprawl out in the living room, never
crated, and just observe.  Somehow I always will think that
he was amazed at how fortunate he was to get the love and
attention that he probably never knew was waiting for him

Eventually the swelling went away, cough calmed down, feet
smelled and looked better, and his poise was one of
regalness!!  He knew he was loved and when he was adopted I
was traumatized, yet his new mom - Marcia was great, she
lived not far away, was gracious to "share" him with our
family after seeing how much he loved being here, and we
got him to visit quite frequently! 

Despite his sudden health decline, he remained gracious,
tender and loving.  He knew that Marcia and I would always
do right by him, and I think he thought how lucky he was to
have TWO moms who loved him beyond words!

When his health was declining, he never waived his
proudness, and sometimes I felt was embarassed with small
accidents, or his lack of energy.  We saw Tiggs the night
prior to his passing and in true Tigger style he gave the
girls kisses, snuggled with my dogs and my current foster,
and kind of nurtured them.  He and I took a walk and sat in
a field and just did not need to say words, it was like a
silent understanding that I would need to be there for his
mom and remain strong - he would accept no less.

The next morning, Marcia called and stated through her
heavy tears that Tigger had passed.  With her permission
she and I buried Tigger here at my home under a tree where
the sun rises and sets.  It was a perfect spot.  Yesterday
we planted some hostas and both hugged and giggled over his
silly quirks and how we felt he was now running around the
sky with other boxers, pain free and having known true

From then on and for as long as time exists, my children,
husband, furkids and myself will go out at night and look
for his star in the sky and know he will always be in my
heart and guide us through life.  Marcia and I lighted
candles that helped guide his way to the rainbow bridge,
and I prayed to my boxers, Brutus, T.D., and Miss Polly to
take him under their wings and show him the life that he

Tigger, through my tears, I pledge to you that you will
never be forgotten, and you were loved.  I miss you and
hope you know I carry you in my heart forever.  Amen.