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Boxer Health


We all feel it at times... stress. Boxers can feel stress too, especially when they come into a new home or they are unsure of something.

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Hot and Cold Weather

Boxers are great dogs, but like any dogs, they are susceptible to hot and cold weather. Read here for tips on handling hot weather situations or cold weather seasons and keep your dog healthy!

Did Your Dog Eat Broken Glass?

What do you do if your puppy (or mischievous older dog) gets into your holiday decorations and eats some of the glass ornaments? This potentially lethal mishap can darken even the brightest holiday season.

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Separation Anxiety

Is your dog just a bad dog, or does he suffer from separation anxiety? Click here to see some good information to help you determine if your dog suffers from Separation Anxiety, and what you can do to help.

How to Treat Separation Anxierty

A good discussion and description of separation anxiety, the behaviors associated with it, and how to work with your dog to alleviate the anxiety.

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Kennel Cough, Parasites and Mange

Or, how many germs can one dog BRING into a home? It seems like we go through up and down cycles of dogs coming into rescue with nasty upper respiratory infections, commonly called kennel cough. People who have fostered for a while know that this is the equivalent of the common cold for dogs and will, generally, run its course without any intervention. Sort of like a cold!

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Degenerative Myelopathy

We cherish every day with our Boxers. Each day you get to spend with your Boxer after he reaches 10 years of age is more of a blessing. We, as their life long caregiv­ers, need to uphold their health, well-being and comfort. Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) is a slow, progressive, wasting disease of the hindquarters, most often seen in German Shepherds but affecting Boxers as well. Too often these dogs are put to sleep even though their minds and front ends are healthy.

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Mange is a parasitic skin disease caused by microscopic mites. Two different mange mites cause skin disease in dogs. One lives just under the surface of the skin ,while the other resides in the hair follicles. Although both mites share some similar characteristics, there are also important differen ces. It is important not to confuse the two types of mange because they have different causes, treatments, and prognoses.

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New Kaopectate® may be harmful to your pets.

Kaopectate®, the diarrhea medication for humans, is also effectively used for cats and dogs. However, Kaopectate's® new formulation contains bismuth subsalicylate, an aspirin derivative that may be harmful to some dogs and deadly to cats. Kaopectate® is sometimes given several times a day for 3 days for symptomatic treatment in cats. If given at the same dose, the amount of aspirin equivalent in the extra-strength Kaopectate® is toxic to some cats.

This new Kaopectate® caplet is scheduled to be shipped no later than April 2004, but the liquid version is already on the retail shelves. The "old" Kaopectate®, containing attapulgite, may still be available for a while. Exercise caution and check the label and/or look for generic formulas containing the attapulgite or kaolin pectin.

Keep in mind that the human "over-the-counter" drugs are exactly that --- for humans. Formulation changes may be beneficial to humans but dangerous to pets. Consult your family veterinarian before giving your pets any non-prescription drugs. Magnolia Animal Hospital


If anyone has had a boxer diagnosed with this illness, and has not been able to get on top of this problem, please ask your vet if they have read the journals about the success of baytril therapy.
BAR has now seen 5 cases of chronic boxer colitis, in 2 of the cases, the pups were declining to the point where there was concern if they would survive, in 3 cases the dogs were being tested and just not being helped. In some cases, thousands of $'s were spent, with no improvement to the dog.
In ALL cases, the colitis was brought under control within weeks of the baytril therapy being started. A true lifesaver, and some have called it a miracle.
So, if your boxer suffers from this terrible condition, please speak to your vet and if he is unaware of this, mention it to him ASAP.

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