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BAR accepts only purebred boxers into rescue, no boxer mixes.

Owner Surrender Request

Thank you for taking the first step in considering your pet's future welfare.  By placing your dog into our foster program, you will be ensured that your dog will be provided the best care given by one of our selected, pre-screened, volunteer foster families. Once your dog has been placed into a foster home, he/she will be evaluated, provided medical care (if necessary), and given the utmost love, care and attention it deserves.  Of course, this will be continued into the new home he/she is placed in since we extensively pre-screen all applicants by phone interviews, reference checks, home visits, and post adoption updates. 

When filling out this form, please be as detailed and honest as possible to your answers so that it allows us to have the most accurate information concerning your dog's temperament, personality, and level of obedience it has currently.  This information will be essential to us and your dog in many ways.  It will allow the foster family the opportunity to focus on any strengths or weakness your pet currently has, routines/commands your pet is familiar with so adjustment time is much easier, allowing us an idea of any issues your dog is experiencing thus allowing the new foster home the opportunity to take the necessary safety measures within their family, and most important, information that will help the new family adopting your pet so we can provide a successful and happy placement.  Feel free to visit your pet's new journey, once surrendered, at under "Available Boxers".  







Home Phone Number:   

Work Phone Number:

Cell Phone Number:

Best number to reach you at and what time of day ? 

Email Address:

Suggested donation fee per each dog surrender is $100.00.  Of course, any additional amount is greatly appreciated.  Are you willing to give our suggested donation? 


Dog's Name:

Age & DOB:   

Primary Color:




If you will be surrendering another boxer, please check here:


Name, address and telephone number of the Pet Shop, breeder or person you got the dog from: 

How long have you owned this dog? 
Years   and/or  Months

Why is the dog being given up? 

What words would you use to describe your dog? 

Has this dog ever been aggressive or vicious with human beings?    

If Yes, please explain the circumstances. 

Has this dog every bitten anyone? 

If Yes, please explain the circumstances in detail so that we may better understand the situation.   

Please provide us with the name and phone number of 2 people who know this dog that we may contact as a reference who are not related to you.

Reference #1 - Name:       Phone Number:  

Reference #2 - Name:       Phone Number:  

Please provide us with the town name of your local Animal Control Officer and their phone number.

Town ACO:                 Phone Number:  


What is the name/address/phone number of the veterinarian who last treated and vaccinated this dog?  Please call the vet and give them permission
to share your information with Boxer Angels Rescue.



Phone Number: 

Is the dog current on vaccinations?  

Please list dates of last given vaccinations.

                 DHLPP:                 Bordatella:              Lyme: 

Any others?

Please list dates of last tests given:

Heartworm:                 Results: 

Fecal Exam For Parasites:                 Results: 

If Positive, was the dog treated?                 Is the dog on heartworm preventative?   

If so, what brand of heartworm medication dog is taking? 
             Date of last pill? 

Is the dog spayed or neutered? 

Approximate weight?  

List any medications the dog is taking? 

If so, what are these medication(s) for? 


Is the dog housetrained?       If partly, please describe when accidents occur: 

Are there any behavior problems that we should be made aware of?  

If so what are they? 

Does the dog get along with other dogs? 


Other animals? 

Does the dog like children? 

If you answered "No" to the dog liking children, why?

Are there children in your home? 

What are their ages?     

What brand of DRY dog food is the dog fed? 

What brand of CANNED dog food is the dog fed? 

If you use both dry and canned, are they mixed together every feeding? 

How much is the dog fed per feeding? 

How many times is the dog fed per day? 

Are there any specific feeding instructions you wish to share with the new owner? 

Where does the dog sleep most of the time?

Is the dog allowed on the furniture? 

Is the dog crate trained? 

Where did the dog stay during the day? 

Where did the dog stay during the night? 

How does the dog react to being left alone? 

Has your dog suffered from separation anxiety in the last year?

Is it afraid of anything in particular? (thunder, men, brooms, etc.) 

If you answered "Yes", please describe what the dog is afraid of: 

Describe any training the dog has had, or tricks it has learned: 

Does the dog have any health problems? 

If yes, please describe: 

Does the dog like riding in the car? 

What is the dogs favorite toy or play thing?           

Favorite pastime? 

What does the dog like? 

What does the dog dislike?

Does the dog jump baby gates or fences? 

If yes, please indicate how high the dog jumps: 

Is the dog a digger? 

Is there anything else you can share that is special, unusual, or endearing about your dog that would help the new owner? 

Are there any additional things you think a new owner ought to be aware of? 

Please send digital pictures of the dog you wish to surrender to

When surrendering the dog please bring the following items if you have them:  Toys, bowls, crate, blankets, beds, food and any other items you may have so it will make it easier for the dog to adjust to his/her new home.


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