Age: 6 Yrs Gender Male Rescued 9/16/2014
Weight: 77lbs Color Brindle Ears Natural
Tail Docked Altered Yes Microchipped Yes
Other Dogs TBD Cats TBD Professional Training Recommended No
Children Under 5 TBD Children Over 5 TBD Foster Location Chester, NY
BAR Number 1278 Rainbow Bridge 10/24/2015

10/24/2015: It is with great sadness that I write this email. Tyson passed away with all the kids by his side tonight at 730 pm. He had been to the vet in mid sept for a year check up and all was good. I had taken him ‎back to the vets thursday for a work up due to him leaking all around the house. The vet had put him on clavamox. The next morning he was up and about going room to room waking up the kids and it looked like he was getting better. I woke up this am and got him outside and he could barely walk and his hind legs gave out multiple times. ‎I carried him to the grass and he stood for about 2 second and fell over. I called the vet and brought him in when they opened up. They tested him for Lyme and that was negative. ‎They took his blood and that was hard to get any. So they took a ex ray and they noticed a cloud like image on it. They called Tufts vet hospital and we went right over. They took blood again. Did a cat scan and said he had a tumor that had ruptured and the cancer had spread and they said he wouldn't make the night. The type of cancer he had was a very agressive form and took him from us way to early. Tyson was the Best dog for my family and he will be missed more than words can ever say. All my kids and my wife and I stayed with him until the very end and then after that we had a hard time leaving him. I can't say how sad we are and we will always hold Tyson ‎very close in our hearts. Our home will not be the same with him not being there when we get home and waiting by the door for us. Or even when we opened the car door and he was always ready to jump in and go pick up the kids after school. Thank you for allowing Tyson to come into our family!!!!

12/17/2014: Ty is pending adoption!

12/6/2014: Greetings to Ty's many fans! We apologize for the extended delay in updating you on this stripey guy. So many things have happened - the niece and nephew visit, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and he did well with all of them. He followed our 12-year-old niece around the house like she was a rock star. Our more shy 10-year-old nephew was uncertain at first (he has always been a little cautious of dogs), but sweet Ty won him over. Ty was the Mayor of PetsMart when we took him a few weeks ago. We try and get him out to socialize in the real world and he is always a big hit. He greets people with a friendly nub wag and enthusiasm. About a month ago, Ty had a bladder infection, which has since cleared up. However, as there were still crystals in his urine, the vet prescribed Royal Canin SO food specifically formulated for urinary tract health. This past week, a follow up urinalysis yielded "perfect" urine, so the vet has prescribed the Royal Canin SO diet for him here on out. We do not give Ty table food, and we limit his treats to high-quality meat. A piece of his Royal Canin kibble is a treat to him now. It's more about the reward than the item! The cats are not interested in playing with him, but Ty still tries to engage them in play every so often. He is inevitably disappointed. Our 12-year-old dog tries to pretend he's still a puppy, and the two of them will wrassle a bit. We think Ty would appreciate having a playmate, either canine or human, who will give him more exercise. He doesn't need a lot of exercise, but he loves being in the yard and playing around. He wouldn't be a good running partner, necessarily, but he does appreciate being able to zoom around in the yard a few times. Ty has a happy home with us for as long as he needs one, but at the same time we wish for him a forever family who will appreciate him and love him for who he is. He's a sweet boy and we're lucky to be his foster family.

10/13/2014: At this point we're trying to think of things that we would want to know about Ty if we were his forever family. We continue to crate him when we go out for the sake of our bread -- meaning that the first time Scott tried to leave Ty alone, uncrated, he returned a short while later to find an empty bread wrapper sitting next to Ty's dog bed. He had counter surfed. We haven't caught him in the act when we're around. We wonder if it wasn't just boredom.
Ty has now fallen into our regular routine. Now that our own dog is back home (he stayed with family until Ty's kennel cough cleared up) we have learned more about him and his interaction with other animals. He has adjusted to the cats. He will watch them steadily every so often but he does not go after them or bother them. Ty prefers not to share his food when he is eating, and likes a bit of privacy until he is done.
Ty could win a medal in efficiency when it comes to getting his business done, but he doesn't have a 'tell' that we've noticed yet. You have to ask him if he wants to go outside every now and then. He has not had any accidents in the house. When he's out in the yard he tends to do his business in one particular area. We didn't teach him this.
He enjoys laying in the autumn sun and can be left outside unsupervised for short periods of time (perhaps longer although we haven't done so). We have both a front and a back yard and he does not leave the front of the house when he's out by himself. About a week ago there were perhaps two dozen turkeys in our back yard and Ty was off leash so he took off after them. They had a good head start on him and got away fairly quickly. It took calling him by name perhaps three times before he returned, but he came trotting back. The look on his face was pretty funny. Scott took Ty to work last week and learned that Ty is manageable on leash, but does pull if something interests him. Ty loves people, which also means that sometimes when he first meets them his exuberance causes him to jump up on them. We continue to work on this with him and he has gotten better about it. A colleague took Ty out on several walks along with his own dog (a young lab/coonhound mix), and they did fine together. You may not want to let a young child walk him just in case of unexpected distractions. It should be noted that Ty was loved by all who met him and was "borrowed" on several occasions by other coworkers during the day to hang out with. He did great.
Our niece and nephew will be visiting next week, so soon we'll be able to share how he is with kids. As we write this, Ty is sacked out on his dog bed. In a little while we will tell him it's time for bed and he'll follow us upstairs and go to sleep on his blankets and pillows on the floor. We are very fond of him and we know he'll make a great addition to any family.

9/28/2014: Ty is winning hearts everywhere he goes. We took him to a 100th birthday party this weekend, a mini family reunion, and he had a blast. He behaved very well and soaked up as much attention as he could get. Several people joked that we should be careful, that they would happily put him in their own car and take him home! Speaking of the car, Ty rode very well in the car, crated, for a 3 hour trip. In the hotel there were dogs barking on the floor below that we could hear and he didn't pay any attention to their racket. Now that he's over his kennel cough we are going to bring our own dog back home and make introductions this week. He has made his peace with our two cats, although one of our cats has not entirely made her peace with him.

9/20/2014: Ty has some cute little quirks that we're not sure are a result of his previous upbringing, or his adjustment period with us, or what; but I've never known a dog who doesn't want to get up on the furniture or the bed or the nearest soft spot. You don't have to worry about Ty being up on the furniture! He loves being rubbed and petted but will not come up on the couch to receive attention. He prefers to sit in front of you or if you lay down on the floor with him. He's very sweet and gives you a great greeting at the front door when you come home from work. Ty has adjusted to staying in his crate while we're not home, but we do hear him barking from his crate when we approach the front door (and it's a "hey, I'm in here!" bark, not a Head of Security intruder alert). Not sure how long that goes on. He doesn't bark when you crate him and you're home, though. Ty likes to spend his days near you, snoozing, preferably in a patch of sun. We are going to take him with us to my dad's 70th birthday party this weekend, and will report on that when we return.

9/16/2014: Ty is a big handsome brindley boy whose true personality will emerge once he's recovered from the kennel cough he picked up as a parting gift from the Animal Care & Control. Poor boy. His age is listed at 6 years old, but you would never know that to look at him. Ty is tall and has a beautiful classic boxer stance, with his swooping chest. He knows basic commands and is a pretty good listener. When he feels better we'll be taking him out on excursions - walks, trips to places that allow dogs, etc - but for the moment he's keeping calm and quiet. He loves people and attention and his nubby tail never stops wagging. He is not a voracious eater, but he drinks water like it's his job, and he does it with enthusiasm. Ty has some separation anxiety when we put him in his crate, but we're working on it. We look forward to getting to know the real Ty, so stay tuned.