Age: 11 Yrs Gender Male Rescued 11/24/2014
Weight: 80lbs Color Fawn Ears Natural
Tail Docked Altered No Microchipped Yes
Other Dogs UNK Cats Yes Professional Training Recommended No
Children Under 5 UNK Children Over 5 Yes Foster Location Emigsville, PA
Date Available Immediately
BAR Number 1286 Adoption Fee $175

2/12/2015: A friend came over the other day and made the comment "Well, if you are ever having a bad day all you have to do is visit Chacko and it will get better." This is pretty much how I feel about him too. He brightens my days. If I had to describe Chacko in one word it would be FUN. He loves playing keep away, chasing balls, and catching balls. His tail is always wagging at the speed of lightening. He plays hide and seek with the kids in the house. My daughter says he is a cheater because he always finds the kids first. We had another visit from chacko's boxer friend. They played great together in the house. Chacko was happy to share all of his toys and balls with his new friend.

1/15/2015: Chacko wants to go outside and play.

12/28/2014: Chacko got a new ball for Christmas and he is master at catching it and bringing it back for another try. We had another boxer boy over to visit yesterday and introductions went great! Chacko was very happy to have another dog here and played very nice with him. As Chacko spends more time in our home we are getting to know him better. He is very well behaved when we leave so we no longer crate him. He has free roam of the house, and never does anything he shouldn't. We know that he doesn't like to have his nails cut, so we let the vet take care of that. He listens very well. When I tell him no, he stops in his tracks. When we are leaving the house, I tell him to wait and he knows not to follow. Sometimes I forget to tell him to "drop" his toy before he goes out to do his business. He drops it outside and forgets about it. He comes in and remembers and goes back to the door. When I let him out he grabs his toy and runs back in the house, wagging his tail. He is too cute!

11/29/2014: I'm thinking Chacko should get a gold medal for " best behaved at the vet" for his performance the other night. He was examined for a while and he was very patient through it all. He came home with some ear drops, which he lets me give him with no fuss. Chacko sleeps on a dog bed in my room and is crated while I'm at work. He doesn't like his crate, but calms down quickly once in. He greets my children with enthusiasm when they get home. He is hesitant around strangers at first, but warms up fast. Chacko passed the "cat test." He just sniffs, no chasing. Chacko is very friendly and playful and will be an awesome pet for someone.

11/24/2014: Chacko has arrived in Pennsylvania. We took a short walk first thing and he did very well on the leash. He only pulled at times, but stopped with a quick correction. After that we headed to the dog wash for a much needed bath. All Chacko wanted to do was drink the water and tolerated everything very well. Just looking at Chacko, I can tell he was not very well cared for in his previous home. But despite that he is a very happy boy. He loves playing with his toys. His tail wags so fast you can barely see it, and for no reason at all. He seems happy just to be here.

July, 2018: Chacko has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.