Charlie (aka Mugsy)
Age: 7Yrs Gender Male Rescued 1/10/2015
Weight: 70lbs Color Chocolate Ears Natural
Tail Docked Altered Yes Microchipped Unknown
Other Dogs Yes Cats Unknown Professional Training Recommended No
Children Under 5 Yes Children Over 5 Yes Foster Location Budd Lake
Date Available 1/20/2015
BAR Number 1295 Adoption Donation $300

5/17/2016: It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to dear Charlie. He fought a brave fight, but in the end, the cancer won. He will be missed.

4/17/2015: The snow finally melted and the sun came out! The temp was actually warm enough to enjoy the outside on Sunday so Charlie and I took my daughter to her soccer game. He was immediately greeted by my friend's huge furry St Bernard! I wasn't particulary thrilled by the assumption charlie was friendly with strange dogs, but he proved to be a complete gentleman and greeted him with enthusiam. The two of us walked our pups for a while and found another friend who has a beautiful large rescue dog. She was a bit skittish and nervous but again, Charlie was a complete charmer. He was calm and knew she needed time, so he gave it to her. In the end, the three of us along with the three dogs sat together and watched a great soccer game. I was very proud of Charlie. He walked beautifuly on a leash as well. He continues to be such a joy. When I come home, even if it is after 5 minutes, he is all wiggles and so excited, he kinda sings to me! Its the cutest thing. All he wants is love and affection. Very often he will put his big heavy head on your lap and just press it there to be as close as he can to you. Any one who sees him fall in love with his sweet personality and then his rich sable chocolate color.

3/22/2015: Charlie has enjoyed his first winter with us and learning to deal with a lot of snow, I am sure he will like the grass much better when he finally sees it. He has grown to love his four other fur brothers/sister and seems to be getting younger by the day. He has started trying to play with the other four and can be quite the sneaky guy. We caught him yesterday trying to sneak a whole bag of dog treats out of the closet and onto the deck. He loves to cuddle on the couch when his mommy allows her up on her lap but is just as content with someone sitting on the floor next to him. He is such a good boy and is friendly with everyone he meets.

2/22/2015: Charlie continues to be a pleasure. He still melts my heart with those eyes. And he loves to talk to you, when he wags his tail, it's with his whole body! The other day I took him to the pet store with me and he was so good. There was a training class going on practicing sit and stay. The trainer was bouncing balls, running past and doing things to distract the pups. In the mean time I was reading ingredients on some bones. Charlie sat there, proud as can be in a sit stay, watching everything and ended up being the biggest distraction. It was really funny! It is snowing a lot lately and I am happy to report that Charlie doesn't mind the snow. When it rains, that's another story! He can not walk on water!!! We love having Charlie in our home and I know you will too!

1/28/2015: Charlie continues to be a sweet man. He loves to have moaning conversations with my husband now and again. Still trying to figure out what he is saying. He still gets along great with the other 4 fur babies in the house and he is actually trying to play with them sometimes. He has total respect for their toys so we did issue him a few of his own that he will sleep with or shake now and then but really just loves to be next to you. Charlie's favorite place to rest his head is in your lap! Its soooo sweet. We are still working on trying to get rid of his itchy back. Right now we have only had time to give him 2 baths a week but do use a medicated conditioner every day. It is slowly helping.Charlie is still timid around certain things like stairs and new places in the house, but I find he gains his courage with a leash and some postiive speaking. He is such a joy to have around! He will melt your heart!!

1/19/2015: Hi! My name is Charlie. I am a super sweet senior that will melt you at first sight. I still am not sure how I was left homeless. Maybe it was the thing growing on my shoulder or the ichiness of my skin. I went to this really nice doctor who removed my bump and we are working on the ichy spots. I am sooo happy and friendly. I know how to sit, give both paws and lie down! There is a lot that makes me nervous but all I do is moan and give a big boxer wiggle. My foster mom is patient with me and I have learned a lot already, like going into the laundry room to use the dog door. She also told me it is ok to use the steps. They really make me nervous. All I want at this time in my life is a full belly and a place to rest my head, preferably right next to you as that is the best, a nice warm human.